Volunteering for 7 Fun & Rewarding Charity Team Building Activities Sydney

Are you looking to energise your corporate and boost team building spirit through a fun charity activity? 

Or are you looking for ways to give back to the community while strengthening relationships among your employees? 

In this article, I have stated 7 fun and rewarding charity team building events in Sydney. 

Through these group activities, you will not only be able to make an impact on the lives of others, but you and your colleagues will also get a healthy dose of motivation, collaboration and reward! 

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So dig in and find what is in store! 

1. Assemble a Food Package for the Homeless

If you feel socially responsible – assembling a food package for the homeless is a fantastic charity team building activity for your organization. 

You can divide this team event into groups and shortlist a few healthy meals with nutritional benefits. You can also choose to buy ready-made food products but considering their health, a little nutrition will do them good. 

Plus, a cooking session will help create a stronger bond among your members as the team works together, dividing tasks between them. 

Work out a good menu and start getting the needed raw products. Accordingly, start to cook and pack the food after it gets done. Ensure proper measures are taken while cooking and packing. And after everything is done, you can start distributing the packets by visiting specific places. 

You can also choose to sit and eat together. Invite the homeless to a venue and distribute food on a plate. 

Either way, the entire process will enhance team bonding, and you will feel good about yourself by giving back to the community. 

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Assemble a food package for the homeless

2. Teach the Underprivileged

A rewarding and meaningful charity team building activity. 

To start with, you will need a place and a consistent plan. Once a month or every week, depending on the time your office members are willing to donate. You can also join a place that teaches regularly, and team members can go and collaborate with them. 

By giving back to those in need through education, your team will make a difference in the lives of the underprivileged in Sydney and foster a sense of purpose and unity within your organization. 

Remember that this activity needs regular attention, and you should only start if you have the time. 

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Teach the underprivileged

3. Visiting a Retirement Home or an Orphanage

Visiting a retirement home or an orphanage in Sydney to interact and communicate will be a heartwarming and fulfilling charity team building event. 

To start with, plan the logistics of this corporate event. This includes – finding a suitable charity organization or facility, any necessary materials or supplies, and fixing transportation to the facility. 

Kids and old aged people often get bored by living full-time in their facilities. Your team can arrange for special shows or events that include the participation of the people staying in those facilities. Nothing over-the-top, but a little performance from your end will be enough. 

Kids can have engaging drawing or painting classes or anything that would bring about a fun learning session. You can also arrange for lunch or chocolates. Or you can also sit and spend time with them, by chatting or playing games together. 

You can also choose to visit the deaf and dumb communities in Sydney. At the end of the day, it is all about choosing to give back to the community. 

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Visiting a retirement home or an orphanage

4. Planting Trees in the Community

Planting trees in the community can be a fun and environmentally-conscious charity team building activity. 

Start by looking for a spot in the community that will benefit from adding trees. Consider factors including sunlight, soil quality, and utility lines available nearby. The next step is to plan and acquire the necessary trees, seeds, and supplies like gloves, watering cans, and shovels. 

Set a date among your team members and prepare the site. Clear any debris and loosen the soil. Plant your trees and water them daily. 

This way, you can add plants and trees to your community and enhance your team’s performance, communication, and bonds that become stronger. 

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Planting trees in the community

5. Participating in a Beach Clean Up Project

Cleaning up our beaches is the need of the hour. Our beaches need to be cleaned due to the huge number of people coming in and destroying the natural beauty of the place. 

Choose a nice location on the beach to clean, arrange for gloves and waste bags, and transportation. Fix a date and get going with the activity. 

Strengthen your team’s bond and foster a sense of community through these corporate team building activities. 

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Participating in a beach clean up project

6. Helping Out in an Animal Shelter

For employees who love to pet animals, this sounds like the perfect opportunity to help out in an animal shelter in Sydney

Most animal shelters depend on volunteers to help with their tasks. Hence, contact the many animal shelters in Sydney and find out what is required. 

You can also opt to donate supplies such as bedding, food, toys, and cleaning products, among many more. You may even consider adopting a pet from the shelter home. 

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Helping out in an animal shelter

7. Organizing an Event to Raise Funds

The best way to arrange funds is to donate to a cause you and your office members believe in. 

First and foremost, decide on an organization or purpose for which you will raise funds. You can as well raise funds for any of the above-mentioned charity processes. 

Next, prepare what the event is going to be all about. Whether you are putting up a show or asking similar companies for an inter-office league, make sure you plan and organize the event well, as it is raising funds for your corporate charity activities. 

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Skills gained in the process include time management, team collaboration, team development, communication, problem solving skills and team bonding. They also help increase the general team motivation, and due to the life changing factor of charity activities, they can be real eye-openers. 

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Keep in mind that group activities bring many team building challenges that will either get solved through the entire process and strengthen relationships or break bonds that will stay put. Hence, ensure these challenges are met through icebreakers or other team bonding activities. 

Hope you find your soul activity for your team building event. 


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