7 Thrilling Sydney Team Building Ideas

Is your team slouching? Or lacking motivation? 

The exact monotonous work schedules getting them all worked up? 

It is time you take them out for a thrilling day out. Fun team building activities make your team stronger than before. They will return more motivated with increased communication skills and stronger interpersonal connections with fellow employees. 

Discover below 7 thrilling Sydney team building ideas to get your team motivated. 

Check below! 

1. Shark Tank 

Like the Shark Tank television series, this activity will help employees develop creative thinking, strategic thinking, communication skills and listening. 

Divide your team into groups where each has to devise a start-up idea that is meticulously thought out and planned. They have to pitch their product, initiative, brand, agency or anything they think will be the next big hit. 

Then pitch it to shark tank investors – not the real ones, but the forum can include the top-level managers from your workplace. The pitch should include presentations, diagrams, charts, graphs and everything needed to excite and sell the idea to the investors. 

This can also be a good way to collect ideas, and who knows, something could click! Head to the link to explore a mock Shark Tank presentation

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2. Brewing Workshops 

Brewing workshops are fun and thrilling! They allow team members to get together and communicate about their love for fresh brews. Of course, do check in with your team before booking! 

Workshops range from tasting and brewing to analysis and distillation. Depending on the class chosen, you can bring your own brew for tasting purposes or learn new courses on brewing. The courses are relatively cheap, with free entry for ‘tasting your own brew’. 

This is a fun way to learn something new as well as bond over your love for brews. This helps bring your team members together and helps to develop strong communication skills and interpersonal relationships. 

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3. Entermission VR Escape Rooms Sydney 

For indoor team building activities in Sydney

Team building is essential to any successful business, and Entermission Virtual Reality Escape Rooms, Sydney, offers interactive and immersive ways to strengthen your team. 

Our escape rooms are designed to promote teamwork, communication and problem solving skills, as players will have to work together towards a common goal – to solve a series of puzzles to get out of a locked alternate world within a certain time limit. 

Our team building escape room experience includes 60 minutes of escaping, a private party room, VR headsets, many themes to choose from, and a dedicated game guide to help you throughout your adventure. 

We also offer online escape game rooms. Head to the links to call our event planners and book your slot! 

Here is why VR escape room adventures make the best team building activity

Delve into our Entermission gift cards and gift your loved ones a memorable gaming adventure.


4. Adventure Sports 

For outdoor team building activities in Sydney. The event works best if you are a small workgroup. 

Adventure sports make the best team building games! It helps a team to come together to solve life-changing problems and make decisions on the fly. There are always people to guide you, but an adventure sport has the power to alter your mindset. 

Sydney has a lot of adventure sports – rock climbing, stand-up paddleboarding, hiking and camping, kayaking, canoeing, white-water rafting, shark diving, kite surfing, mountain biking, camel riding, scuba diving, zorbing, cliff camping, bungee jumping and many more to name. 

However, these adventure sports are not any one-day activity, and most of them require medium to rigorous training for a month or more. Do keep this in mind while choosing this team building activity. 

However, you may opt to choose one that is easy and can be done in a day’s time. Kayaking, zorbing, hiking, and indoor skydiving are some accessible and easy adventure sports to do. You can try the rest in your own sweet time.

Choose an adventure sport to boost and improve overall team performance! Head here to discover adventure-based team building ideas in Sydney


5. Beach Activities

The easiest and the simplest team building event everyone will love – a day at the beach

Head over to the nearest beach for a thrilling experience. Take your team to bask in the sun’s rays, play an array of beach activities, and head for water sports and other organized activities. 

Eat, drink and play all day long. If your team agrees, you can get your family together. A day at the beach will strengthen interpersonal relationships and help your team improve communication skills. Plus, the fun is never-ending at the beach! 

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6. Jamming on Music 

Music opens up new avenues for friendships. 

You can choose a venue or do it on your office premises. A setting where you call your office members to join in the music. You can call for professionals to help you with the session, or if you are a music fan, you can choose to do it on your own. 

There must be musicians from your team who play different instruments and possess a good amount of musical knowledge to lead the session. If jamming is too much of an effort, you could turn the event into a talent show – where employees perform independently, and the rest can join in with them. 

Musical nights are a fun way to relax, know each other’s music preferences and bond over them. It helps to know each other; employees who barely talk will start communicating, and it helps develop relationships and increases their motivation to work! 

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7. Sport Tournaments 

Sports tournaments take every one of us back to our childhood days when we used to play actively instead of working for hours. Haha. 

And what better can a corporate team building event do, if not help you to do the things you were most looking forward to? A thrilling team building exercise – sports tournaments help you stay fit, promote teamwork, increase personal bonds, and even get to know each other’s strengths and weaknesses. 

You can choose a sport and play it as a tournament by dividing your team into groups or playing like The Olympics – tournaments including both individual and group games. This will get your team bonding in no time! 

For fun, you can divide your office into major categories which play as a team, and if they win, they score points for their category. This can be done over the weekend, and families and friends can come over to watch them play.

Organize a prize at the end of the tournament – it helps with the sports spirit! Keep scores for each category, and the most-scored team wins the office sports cup! 

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2010 segway challenges

There you go! The above team building ideas in Sydney will get your team laughing and working together in no time. The bonding is only a team building event away! 

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Other places for team building exercises in Sydney include – laser tags, climbing the Sydney Harbour Bridge, Brewery Tours, Scavenger Hunts, Cycling Tours, Hiking the Blue Mountains, Cooking Classes, Sydney Olympic Park, Charity Events, Painting Canvases, Amusement Parks, Restaurants, Wine Tours, among many others. 

More research will confuse you, so pick one, keeping in mind your team and go ahead with bookings. 

Tell us in the comments below what you did for your corporate event team building activity or if you found any more exciting and fun team bonding ideas in Sydney! 


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