Get the Team Bonding Going with Fun Indoor Team Building Games in Sydney

Team-building is essential for the success of every organisation and the sooner you realise it the better. The best team-building activities encourage peers to communicate, collaborate, and interact outside the office. And this helps build rapport, analyse people’s strengths and weaknesses, and allows co-workers to get comfortable around each other.

Exciting team-building activities can remove the professional barrier between peers and encourage them to interact socially. And if done right, team-building events can generate trust, build natural relationships, and create a professional environment conducive to growth. Hence, hosting corporate team-building activities regularly can drastically improve ROI.

If you are looking for inspiration, we have shortlisted the best indoor team-building games Sydney for you to explore. They will help your team get better at collaborating, critical thinking, communicating, and planning. So, stick around till the end for some fantastic indoor team-building games.

20+ Fun Corporate Indoor Team-Building Games

These are our top 20 indoor team-building games to help you engage with peers. For details on how indoor corporate team-building activities maximises performance at the workplace, click here.

1. Try an Escape Room

Escape rooms are perfect for team building as they offer immersive, challenging, and goal-oriented experiences that demand high levels of cooperation and seamless communication. They are epic indoor activities that encourage teammates to interact and put their heads together to find clues, arrange resources, solve puzzles, and exit the room before time runs out.

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Can you make it out of a dragon tower?


2. Go Bowling

Bowling isn’t just the perfect way to relax at the end of a busy week, it’s great for interacting with colleagues and making friends along the way. So, if you are in the mood to step back from a monotonous routine and have fun with your peers in a laid-back setting, go bowling!

Not only is bowling refreshing, but there are also several popular bowling alleys in Sydney, which makes it super accessible and fun for large groups. The best part is you don’t need prior experience or skill to have fun. Simply chill with your team or challenge them to a friendly match. A little friendly competition never fails to make things a little more interesting.

3. Host a Board Game Tournament

Board games are the ultimate indoor team-building tool. Not only are they fun to play, but they also encourage players to interact and put their heads together. There are hundreds of exciting board games to choose from. We love Codenames, Scattergories, and Apples to Apples, if you’re looking for recommendations.

Find games that can accommodate more players, as the goal is to encourage social bonding. Choosing games that move quickly is a great idea as it keeps people entertained. You should also switch games and teams frequently to get participants to interact with the entire group and accentuate the bonding experience.


4. Plan an Indoor Scavenger Hunt

Scavenger hunts are an excellent team game that encourages participants to collaborate and think on their feet to accomplish a set of goals. Split the group into teams and give each one a list of clues, instructions, and a time limit. Count the number of objects every team retrieves at the end of the game and allot points accordingly. The team with the most points wins.

Remember to switch teams at the end of every round. This will help break the ice quickly. Keep the activities fun and engaging and make sure everyone participates. If you need help hosting an indoor scavenger hunt, read this blog. You can also host an online scavenger hunt using these fantastic scavenger hunt apps.

5. Visit a Climbing Gym

If you are into sports and fitness and love to push yourself to the limit, spend a day at an indoor climbing gym. Climbing isn’t just a great way to get your blood pumping, it’s also perfect for interacting with your peers. Sign up for a group training session at one of Sydney’s top climbing gyms and challenge your co-workers to go beyond their comfort zones.

Teammates can give each other pep talks before each climbing session. It’s an excellent way to test your fitness level and hone your skills. And who knows, maybe you will find a new hobby! Most climbing gyms have several challenges for various fitness levels. Start from the bottom and gradually increase the difficulty level.


6. Organise a Cooking/Baking Challenge

Cook-offs are as delicious as they are challenging and are perfect for team building. Split the group into teams of two and set a timer for two hours. You can specify the menu or set a maximum budget to make things more interesting. Invite colleagues to do a taste test and vote for their favourite dishes. The team with the most votes wins.

The best part about hosting a cooking challenge is you can do it at the office. Having the staff vote on the food gets everybody excited and on board. Plus, it highlights your peers’ hidden talents and brews healthy competition. The key is to keep things simple and not overcomplicate the challenge by introducing too many rules.

7. Host a Movie Night

Movie nights are fun, especially if you work in an office full of film buffs! Hunt for team members with a big TV and Netflix subscription, and MOST IMPORTANTLY willing to host the event. Pick an exciting movie that everyone loves and keep the snacks and beverages flowing. You can post a survey a week ahead to figure out the individual preferences.

Try and accommodate as many requests as you can to make things fun for everyone. You can also throw in a few rounds of board games to get the evening sorted and enhance the atmosphere with a theme. For large corporate groups, you can rent a theatre for a private event. Most venues provide catering and bar services too.


8. Solve a Murder Mystery

Murder mysteries are highly engaging, immersive, and entertaining team-building games that are perfect for creating memories with co-workers. The challenge is pretty similar to an escape room but with a slight twist. Here each participant slips into a character’s shoes and must play their part to proceed through the plot.

Murder Mysteries involve part problem-solving and part role-play and are quite thrilling. Players must constantly search for clues and interact with one another to try and identify the real killer. Players can get dressed in the proper attire and use real props to get in character and accentuate the experience.

9. Blow Off Steam at Smash and Rage Rooms

Has your team been under a lot of stress lately? Do you want to blow off some stream? Then go nuts at a local smash and rage room. Also called smash room or anger room, this is the perfect place to destroy random objects and vent your anger and pent-up frustrations. Channel your inner Hulk and go smash with your teammates in tow.

Rage rooms are an amazing stressbuster and the perfect venue for creating fantastic memories with your peers. Go all in with sledgehammers, baseball bats, and a range of the choicest weapons and obliterate random objects like monitors, crockery, TVs, etc., strewn randomly in your path.


This image has been taken from the Timeout website.

10. Throw an Art and Craft Party

Arts and crafts are the ideal corporate team-building activity as they encourage teamwork and unleash creative instincts. You don’t need much space to host an arts and crafts party, and the materials are cheap and easy to procure. And that’s all you could ask for when organising a group event.

You can throw an arts and crafts party at the office. And it’s as entertaining as it’s versatile. Let your creative juices flow as you try your hand at origami, tie-dyeing t-shirts, creating art murals, making paper flowers, or any other project that you desire. You are only limited by your imagination.

11. Play Laser Tag

Laser tag is the indoor equivalent of paintball and is perfect for team-building events. Participants run around with laser guns wearing special gear that “pings” every time they are tagged. You must split up into teams and navigate the obstacles to try and “neutralise” the opposition painlessly.

The goal is to work together and tag the opposition with laser guns. Put your heads together and outsmart the other team using intelligent strategies and coordinated attacks. Laser tag is one of the most exciting indoor team-building games. Here is the complete list of venues for hosting your next corporate party in Sydney.


This image has been taken from the Underworld Laser website.

12. Plan a Wine/Beer Tasting Session

There is no better way to unwind and interact with co-workers than a relaxing wine/beer tasting session. Take a tour of a local winery/brewery with your colleagues and sip on their signature brews while debating on your favourite drink. You can also ask a vintner or brewer to host a sampling session at the office!

You can even organise a DIY tasting session after work. Bring crates of your favourite brews and lead the team as you taste the beverages together. Don’t forget to bring sufficient snacks to satiate the gluttons. As responsible hosts, we advise arranging safe transportation for the team and avoiding driving under the influence.

13. Try Your Hand at Axe Throwing

If you have always wanted to fling tomahawks at a target, here is your chance! Axe throwing is an excellent stress buster and a great way to bond with colleagues after work. So, if you are looking for exciting team-building games, this one ticks all the right boxes. Axe throwing isn’t just unique, it’s extremely therapeutic. Hence, it’s the perfect way to relax at the end of a busy week.

Several axe-throwing venues in Sydney offer corporate team-building packages. Check out this list to find the top places near you. Cheer your peers on as you learn a new skill and challenge your colleagues to a friendly competition in a safe environment. Packages include guidance from an experienced mentor/coach and access to gear and amenities. Happy hurling!


14. Play Human Chess

Human chess is exactly what it sounds like! Instead of facing an opponent on the board, players become chess pieces in this active take on a classic game. You must first build the board by placing squares on the floor. Traditional chess boards have 64 squares in an 8×8 layout. Hence, you need sufficient real estate to recreate the layout.

Randomly assign each participant and send them to the appropriate starting position. Teams decide on a move at the end of each round and a player walks to the appropriate square. Human chess is a game of intense strategies and critical thinking. It’s one of the best team-building games and improves communication and improvisation skills.

15. Organise a Paint and Sip Session

Paint and sips are amazing indoor team-building games where an artist teaches participants how to paint a picture in simple steps, all while enjoying their favourite beverages. You don’t need prior experience to attend a paint-and-sip session. The teacher breaks down the entire process for convenience.

Paint-and-sip sessions are an excellent way to learn a new skill, explore your creative side, and unwind with your peers over a glass of wine. Participants don’t need to interact much, making it the perfect group activity for introverts. You can check out the top paint and sip studios in Sydney here.


16. Host an Improv Show

Improv shows are ideal for breaking the ice among co-workers and helping people overcome stage fright. Improv exercises can help people think on their feet, improve reaction times, and hone their creative talents. Improv skits often include inside jokes that make it all the more interesting for people in the know.

To host an improv show, you first need to frame the guidelines and explain the set to the participants at the beginning of every round. You can ask for volunteers or randomly choose participants from the audience. You don’t have to go overboard with the preparations. The key is to think on your feet and put on your game face.

17. Minefield

One of the best team-building games for initiating trust and communication between players, Minefield is short, sweet, and timeless. You will need open floor space to host the game. So, start by removing tripping hazards like wires and items from the floor. You must create a minefield by placing random objects on the floor.

Create teams of two and blindfold one person. The partner must guide whoever is blinded across the room while avoiding mines along the way. Each player gets 5 minutes to navigate the maze, after which, they must switch roles with their partner and continue playing. Minefield is an exciting team-building activity and can be hosted at the office.


This image has been taken from Guideinc website.

18. Play Truth or Dare

Truth or Dare isn’t only a kids’ sleepover favourite but an excellent team-building game. All you have to do is frame the questions to serve your purpose. Popular choices include ice-breakers and activities that reveal personality traits, anecdotes, and trivia. And remember to keep the questions simple, sober, and fun for everyone.

All questions and tasks must be appropriate for the workplace. And we advise refraining from asking overly personal questions or requesting awkward tasks. Keep the environment comfortable and conducive for sharing personal stories. Here is an extensive Truth or Dare questionnaire for the office.

19. Organise a Team Meal

Similar to post-work drinks at the bar, team meals are easy to organise and tend to sit well with employees. The promise of good food in a relaxing environment with great company is hard to decline, especially when the employer is picking the check.

Team meals are an exciting team-building activity and they encourage conversation and camaraderie. it doesn’t matter whether you make a reservation at a fancy restaurant, buy takeout, or arrange for catering at the office, team meals are fun and effective.


20. The Human Knot

Here’s another fascinating indoor team-building game you can play in the office. The Human Knot is entertaining, engaging, and brings people closer, quite literally! You need at least six people to play the game, although the more participants, the better. It’s a great conversation starter and doesn’t need many props to host.

The participants must form a circle, extend their right hand to the centre, and hold the person standing on the opposite end. With the left hand, hold the person next to them until you form a human knot. Now here comes the fun part! You must try to unravel yourselves from the knot without losing your grip. Throw in a timer to make things interesting!

21. Play Mini Golf

Indoor mini-golf is an excellent corporate team-building game and one that you can enjoy irrespective of skill or experience. You can play individually or in teams as you try to put a hole in one. Cheer and tease your peers as they attempt to putt and spend some quality time bonding with co-workers.

While you can host a mini-golf session at the office, there are several mini-golf venues in Sydney. Browse the list to find your ideal corporate package. Having said that, pulling off a DIY mini-golf tournament is fun. Use old tennis balls, empty tin cans, milk bottles, and hiking poles as props. Designing and building a mini-golf course is fun and a great team-building activity itself.


Are You Ready to Try These Awesome Team-Building Games?

Indoor team-building games are perfect for spending quality time with your peers outside work. These fascinating activities bolster relationships by encouraging peers to interact socially and get comfortable around each other. We recommend spending more time with co-workers outside the office to bridge communication gaps and bolster friendships. And playing team-building games frequently is an effective solution.

If you’re searching for the most creative indoor team-building games Sydney, we have your back. Plan your next team-building event at Entermission for a thrilling and immersive VR experience. Check out our awesome gaming lobby and challenge your mates to an action-packed adventure. Call us today for details.

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