Top Adventure Based Team Building Activities in Sydney

Sydney is a haven for nature lovers and adventure enthusiasts alike. The beautiful city of Sydney has loads of activities to offer for every occasion right from a birthday party to a team building exercise.

So what exactly is a Team Building Activity / Exercise?

Team Building is simply undertaken in corporations or companies to bond offline (in the current work scenario) and to get to know employees and team members outside of work.

It is an ideal activity to get to know each other on a personal level, have fun, and help in creating a better bonding for working together amongst employees and management alike.

A better relationship amongst the team leads to employee satisfaction and more productivity at work and is hence adopted by most companies to bond with the team other than work.

Listed below are my Top Adventure Based Team Building Activities in Sydney based on outcome and fun both:-

Barbecue Event

  • River Rafting
  • Escape Rooms
  • Horse Farm
  • Casino Outing
  • Minute Games
  • Sailing
  • Paintball

Barbecue Event

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So what’s the adventure in a cooking activity, you may ask?

How about when your team members are divided into teams and they have to unleash their culinary skills by cooking up a storm, literally. 

This team building activity is more of fun and jokes, where the members can showcase their skills, delegation, time management and mostly creativity skills to come up with the most delectable and delicious dish.

To make it a competitive event, the management or bosses can judge the best team based on taste, presentation, originality and teamwork and final outcome of the dish. The teams can also taste the rival teams creation and judge it as well.

This takes care of your team luncheon or dinner along with some fun and excitement and yes team bonding as well.

River Rafting

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A river rafting trip is a great team-building exercise and is a great way to encourage growth and rapport within your team members along with being super adventurous and fun.

Done with necessary safety and life jackets, River Rafting is surely an experience for all the members. It allows everyone to forget the stress or work related problems and collectively as a team have a few laughs and thrills.

This activity brings out the natural leaders of the team who can take command and gives you an understanding of how your team works together during a crisis or a problem giving you a valuable insight into your team dynamics and structure.

River Rafting brings out the true team spirit within your team members and encourages new friendships and relationships outside of the work space within the different departments of your company. This experience brings a wonderful feeling of growth and accomplishment amongst everyone.

Escape Rooms

Office escape rooms

An escape room is a great adventure exercise event for your team members. 

Melbourne has some really great escape rooms and the Entermission Sydney – Virtual Reality Escape Rooms is my pick to host your team’s escape room event. 

They offer activities for 30-60 people. It would be an 2.5 hour experience where half of the team is led to Virtual Reality Escape Room whilst the other half enjoys their short Virtual Reaity experience in their reception area. The teams are then inetchanged.

The team activity package offered at Entermission Sydney – Virtual Reality Escape Rooms is the Virtual Reality Team Based Escape Room Adventure (up to 60 minutes).

For more than 30 participants: Party Room and Reception area with Group VR Experience (60 minutes)

Interactive 3D Photo Walls for Team Pictures

Tea, coffee,and lemonade

(Source: Info from their website

This is a really great way to have your teams work under pressure and learn from each other’s strengths and weaknesses.

Horse Farm

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A Horse Farm event Is extremely easy and fun and gets us in touch with our childhood. Its an ideal way to promote team building among members and improve the overall morale of the team.

For the adventurous members they could get trained with the staff and try their hands at horse riding under profession guidance and for the ones who aren’t too keen to be on top of a horse or animal can safely opt to pet and feed them instead.

The Horse Farm exercise can be made into a competitive activity by simply placing bets on the horses to see who emerges the winner or just to see which horse is the fastest eater or can gallop the best.

Teams get to experience how to solve a problem and work together and also strategy and decision making skills. It improves communication and well being amongst all the members and is most of all super fun.

Casino Outing

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Currently a big hit in the team building exercise, casino tables are hired and event organisers give you and your team an actual casino experience without involving any real money.

Professional croupiers entertain your groups and are extremely helpful and friendly. Games such as Vegas, The Great Gatsby, James Bond style Casino Royale etc can be played and teh ambience and lighting, give you a feeling of actually being in a casino.

Virtual or fake money and chips ala Monopoly is handed to each member and they are allowed to try their luck in the various games. Team members can also be divided into teams who will have to work together and plan. They can use their skills like problem solving, money management, negotiation, time management, and risk taking to emerge winners at the casino table.

Minute Games

Team building games 9

Just like the games we played in our childhood or the current  “MINUTE TO WIN IT” game series, each team and their members will have to play games in a minute and emerge winner for their team.

Simple games like stacking cards into a tower, tossing a marble in to a paper cup, bottoms up (gulping down juices or drinks the fastest), threading a needle, the classic spoon and lemon race etc can be played.

Each team has to earn the maximum points over all due of the teamwork of all the members and the team that manages to score the most by the end of the activity is declared the winner. It is a sureshot activity to bring loads of laughter and fun and improves communication skills and helps in understanding each other’s strengths and weaknesses.


Corporate sailing mumbai

Sailing is an adrenaline pumping and exciting team building exercise that will see teams working together in tandem and learning a new skill as well. 

‘Regatta’ as the sailing event is called, comprises the team members to board sailing yachts and this activity is done under the guidance and instructions of the highly qualified and professional skippers. Along with learning new skills and building strong bonds among your team, Sailing is extremely  adventurous and fun and is a non polluting activity.

The Sailing activity is divided into debriefing at the dockside and presentation alongwith serving lunch after the event and is an enjoyable team building activity.


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Paintball is the perfect team building exercise for your members as it provide a thrilling rush and adrenaline surge.

Paintball activities are offered with thick bush battlefield and varied terrain in the outside or within an indoor play area. Paintball is an extremely competitive shooting sport in which team members have to eliminate opponents from the opposite team by shooting them with dye-filled gelatin paintballs that splash and break upon impact, leaving you in all shades of colours. 

The team members are split into groups and have to choose paintball markers.The team that  eliminates maximum players from the opponent team are declared winners. This exercise involves using a lot of strategies and having a plan before each round and is very helpful to build a strong bond amongst the members.

Hope these activities help in building a strong bond between you and your team members. Let us know which ones did you and your team try and enjoy the most.

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