15 Easy Beginner Escape Room Games in Sydney

Escape rooms are quickly becoming a popular form of entertainment in recent years, offering an exciting and challenging experience for participants to bond with themselves and their teams. 

If you are new to the escape room universe (Yes! That’s right), we suggest you start with beginner-friendly escape rooms to understand the game. These games offer you just the right difficulty level without overwhelming you with too many puzzles or difficulty levels. 

Explore below for 15 easy beginner escape room games in Sydney. 

Please Note – All the below games require a minimum of 2 people to start the game and depending on the escape room facility, you can increase your players to 8 and above. The game time is 60 minutes to find and solve puzzles while carefully eluding the traps. You are also accompanied by a game master or host throughout the game. 

1. Christmas by Entermission Sydney

Based on the holiday theme, Christmas is an easy virtual reality escape game room by Entermission Sydney that is perfect for beginners and kids. 

Santa got caught in a heavy blizzard, losing all his presents and cannot find his way back. You have to venture to the North Pole to save Santa and Christmas. Can you make it? 

Head here for escape room board games.

Christmas by entermission

This image has been taken from the Devon Live website – https://www.devonlive.com/whats-on/family-kids/devons-epic-christmas-themed-escape-7925129 

2. Secret Service Mission by Escape Hunt 

Your Prime Minister has disappeared. You are appointed as a Secret Service Agent and have 60 minutes to talk to your informant, gather intel and track down the Prime Minister. But beware! Your enemy agents are also behind you. 

Secret Service Mission by Escape Hunt is a real-life escape game using high technology. 

Explore this article for escape room tips and tricks.

Secret service mission

This image has been taken from the Escape Hunt website – https://escapehunt.com/au/sydney/games/secret-service-mission/ 

3. Smash Point by Entermission Sydney 

Smash Point is a competitive group virtual reality escape room experience where you can choose from 12 different characters and battle against your team to win! 

How to beat any escape room. A Beginner’s Guide to escaping an escape room.

Smash point

This image has been taken from the Smash Point VR Trailer thumbnail on YouTube – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WcXN6iVsM40 

4. Jungle Quest by Entermission Sydney 

You are transported to an alternate world containing flying islands and mysterious animals. But you have to get back home in 60 minutes! A VR escape game room by Entermission Sydney. 

Jungle Quest is a great way to introduce kids and makes a great escape room for beginners. 

How to play VR Escape Room Games.

Jungle quest

This image has been taken from the Virtual Escape website – https://www.virtual-escape.at/vr-escape-rooms/Jungle-Quest 

5. Alice in Puzzleland by Escape Hunt 

The Mad Hatter has been accused of stealing the Queen’s Tarts, and Alice is nowhere to be found. You have to fill in her shoes to find the Queen’s lost belongings and save Hatter his head. Will you be able to FIND and RETURN the missing items? 

Alice in Puzzleland by Escape Hunt is family-friendly and makes good beginner escape rooms. 

Escape rooms make great date ideas. Here is why.

Alice in puzzleland

This image has been taken from the Escape Hunt website – https://escapehunt.com/uk/oxford/games/alice-in-puzzleland/ 

6. Mission Sigma by Entermision Sydney 

Mission Sigma is a virtual reality escape game room where you and your team are tasked with saving the world from a group of terrorists. You must find chemical bombs and figure out a way to uninstall them. Can you be our HERO? 

Know someone who loves puzzles or builds puzzles in their free time? Gift them an Entermission Gift Card for a game of pure thrill! 

Mission sigma

7. Toy Rescue by Scram Escape Rooms 

Your motive is to bring back your kid’s birthday gift from your mean neighbour’s place. Your only time is when he isn’t at home and to get the gift before he returns. Can you make it? 

Toy Rescue by Scram Escape Rooms is available in both friendly and scary themes. Revolving around the same plot but except for a human neighbour, he is a monster, and the atmosphere is cold, creepy, and scary. The scares can be toned down accordingly. 

Toy Rescue is a real-life escape game room.

Scram escape rooms

This image has been taken from the Scram Escape Rooms website – https://www.scramescaperooms.com.au/games-gallery 

8. Space Heroes by Entermission Sydney 

A bigger mission. The black hole is nearing our planet. You and your team are teleported to the Eden Space Station, which is fully equipped with oxygen, food, and other supplies. Can you SAVE OUR PLANET? 

Fly in zero gravity, destroy enemies and use telekinesis to stop the black hole from engulfing our planet! Book your VR escape game room tickets for Space Heroes!

Check out our other space station game – Space Station Triberia, where you must stop a meteor from destroying the Earth!

Explore Runaway Train by Entermission Sydney.

Entermission sydney

9. House of Fear by Entermission Sydney 

In this horror virtual reality escape game room, you are tasked with freeing dead souls locked inside a house. The dead need the living to save them. Are you ready to free their curse? 

House of Fear is best suited for kids above 15 years of age and beginners looking for scary and horror escape rooms. The scares can be turned down if requested. 

House of fear

This image has been taken from the GetUnreal website – https://get.unreal.today/product/house-of-fear 

10. Espionage by The Cipher Room

The year is 1945. You are working as a spy. A message has come – you need to meet another spy at a safe house, but when you reach, she is nowhere to be found. Can you solve clues to figure out her secret location? 

Espionage by The Cipher Room is a family-friendly escape game room and requires a minimum of 4 players.

Cipher room

This image has been taken from the Clue Chase website – https://cluechase.com/lost-spy-escape/ 

11. Survival by Entermission Sydney 

During an unforgettable vacation with your friends, lightning causes your plane to crash into an uninhabited island. There are no supplies, standing in the middle of the wilderness. Can you SURVIVE in THE WILD? 

You can book Survival as a multiple-room game and get competitive!


This image has been taken from the World of Escapes website – https://worldofescapes.co.uk/reading 

12. Intruders by Mission Escape 

An abandoned hospital is ordered to be demolished. People walking by the hospital have heard creepy sounds, screams, and alarms. You team up with a YouTube video director to investigate and analyze the paranormal activity. Can you make it before the demolishing team arrives? 

Intruders by Mission Escape is an 80-minute horror real-life escape game with live action. 


This image has been taken from the Haunting website – https://www.haunting.net/weeping-witch/ 

13. Chornobyl by Entermission Sydney 

Are you curious about the Chornobyl disaster? Then this is the time when you time travel back in time to understand what exactly went wrong. Find out answers that the world doesn’t know, the secret stories we need to know, and the hidden truth that still affects our lives! 

Chornobyl is best suited for kids above 15 years of age and also for people looking for easy beginner friendly escape games. 


The image has been taken from the World of Escapes website – https://worldofescapes.com/los-angeles/quests/escape-room-games-chernob

14. CR – 18 by Scram Escape Rooms 

The CR-18 mission is in jeopardy. The astronauts have lost contact with the control room, and you are called in with your team as a special relief mission team. Can you save the astronauts before your oxygen runs out? 

CR-18 by Scram Escape Rooms is a real-life escape room game suited for all ages. 


This image has been taken from the Triphock website – https://triphock.com/place/scram-escape-rooms/ 

15. Mad Mind by Entermission Sydney 

A madman has kidnapped a child. He slipped into a coma after he contracted a deadly brain disease. You are provided with a team of cyber detectives to enter his mind and find a key memory of the child. Can you SAVE THE CHILD? 

Mad Mind is a virtual reality game by Entermission Sydney. Best suited for kids and adults looking to try fun escape room games for the first time. 

Mad mind

This image has been taken from the Quest Factor website – https://questfactor.us/blog/mind-escape-rooms/ 

Apart from VR, at Entermission Virtual Reality Game Rooms Sydney, we also offer easy online escape rooms. Our rooms make great team building activities for corporates and families. We also provide party rooms for you to chill after your games, celebrate birthday parties, or any special event

So what are you waiting for? Book your game today to challenge yourself and see if you have what it takes to escape! Check out our Sydney location or drop by and say ‘hi’! 

Head here for more adrenaline-rushing games in Sydney. Explore more escape rooms in Sydney. Cheers!

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