Discover the 7 Best Escape Rooms in Sydney

Sydney offers unique and thrilling escape room adventures for its visitors and locals alike. 

And with various themes, puzzles, and challenges, these escape room venues are perfect for group outings, date nights and corporate team building events. 

And whether you are an expert, an enthusiast or a beginner, these escape rooms in Sydney will test your skills and keep you thoroughly entertained. 

So explore below for the best escape rooms in Sydney!

1. Scram Escape Rooms 

One of the best escape rooms in Sydney, located in Parramatta, Scram Escape Rooms are open every day. The escape room centre consists of 8 themed escape rooms divided between 2 O’Connell Street and 240 Church Street. Suitable for all age groups and all group sizes, gather your mates and try escaping! You have 60 minutes on the clock to decode codes and escape alive. Can you make it? 

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Scram escape rooms

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2. Entermission Virtual Reality Escape Rooms Sydney

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At Entermission VR Escape Rooms, we offer a twist by mixing classic escape room adventures with modern VR technology. With VR hand tracking, special effects, multi sensory virtual reality technology, we offer several themes to choose from. We also host special parties, birthday celebrations, corporate events, team building events or any family friendly occasions

Additionally, we also offer hosted and unhosted online virtual reality experiences as well! Head to our website to explore the different possibilities in an alternate world! 

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Entermission virtual reality

3. Expedition Sydney

One of the best escape rooms in Sydney, located in Redfern, Expedition Sydney offers many awesome themes, including story-driven puzzles and set design with a particular focus on detail. Open on Saturdays and Sundays, from 10 am to 10 pm, the escape room centre is open to all group sizes and people of all ages. Each escape room is about 60 minutes, and a minimum of 2 players are needed to play the game and a maximum of 6. If your team has more players, get in touch with the facility for your booking. They also have a centre at Gladsville. 

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Expedition sydney

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4. Narrow Escape Rooms

Located in Penrith, Narrow Escape Rooms are a small family-run escape room venue in Sydney that consists of different but traditional escape room themes with a modern twist of high technology props. Stop an alien invasion, claim your inheritance, or leave a high facility totally undetected. Do you have what it takes?

Narrow escape rooms

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5. Next Level Escape

Located on O’Connell Street, Next Level Escape takes you to the next level game of escape! The games consist of tricky puzzles and immersive set designs and makes you the hero of every escape game theme. Be a literary hero, investigate an alien artefact, or compete for fame and riches. Can you do it in under 60 minutes with your team? 

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Next level escape

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6. Labyrinth Escape Rooms

Located in Parramatta, Labyrinth Escape Rooms will provide you with a thrilling experience. Save the world from a virus outbreak, solve the mystery of a missing patient from an insane asylum, or save your men from a rival Mexican Cartel. Choose your squad wisely or fail to escape in 60 minutes. Open on all days, a minimum of 4 players are required to book a room on weekends or any public holidays. 

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Labyrinth escape rooms

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7. PANiQ Room

Located in The Rocks, Paniq Room provides an intense escape room experience through themes from popular movie classics. Themes include Supercell 117, Senses, Godfather, and House of Jumanji. You will find yourself blindfolded, handcuffed, inside a prison cell, or maybe something a little less intense. The escape room facility is open on all days and makes great night-out sessions. Are you prepared to take in the challenge? 

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Paniq room

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If you are bored with typical weekend activities, get ready to experience something new and exhilarating in Sydney. Head to the nearest escape room with your squad and make the most of it! 

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Also, tell us what you did in the comments below and where you went! 

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Until then, cheers!

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