Top 35 Wet Weather Activities in Sydney

Don’t let a little rain spoil your day!

Let’s face it! There is no shortage of fun things to do in Sydney when the weather is bright and sunny. But when the rain gods have other plans, it’s time to rethink your schedule. When it rains in Sydney, it pours cats and dogs. As the roads flood within an hour, the list of outdoor activities around town suddenly loses its charm.

On that note, we’ve compiled the top 35 things to do in Sydney when the weather is damp and gloomy. Stay with us till the end for some fantastic ideas!

35 Amazing Things to do in Sydney in the Rains

In this blog, we’ll share our top 20 rainy day activities in Sydney. We hope it inspires you to get out of bed and spend a crazy day nonetheless!

Sit By the Fireplace at a Proper English Pub

The Duke of Clarence in the Sydney CBD is the perfect place to head out to on a damp and cold Sydney day. This fantastic English pub was dismantled in England, shipped, and rebuilt in its current location. It doesn’t get any more authentic!

Pick a sofa by the fire and get comfortable. Don’t forget to order the special British Sunday Roast if you’re visiting on Sundays. The cocktails are excellent too. You could also grab a pint to wash the food down.


Grab the Best Coffee in Town

If you’re a caffeine addict, Sydney has some of the best brews in town. From purple lattes to seasonal blends like Sweet Lady, you’ll find it all in Sydney. If you’re looking for recommendations, The Fine Food Store, Industry Beans, and Gumption by Coffee Alchemy are our top three picks.


Get Sloshed with Your Mates

There’s no better way to spend a gloomy day than getting drunk with a couple of your best mates. You don’t have to drive all the way down to Hunter Valley to taste the best local brew. Sydney’s Urban Winery hosts a popular wine tasting tour with a complimentary cheese platter.

You’ll forget all about the rain once you’ve downed a good six glasses of wine! The tour is perfect for date nights or if you want to spend time indoors with friends when the weather outside is unforgiving.

Explore escape rooms as a date night.

Dive into the Christmas spirit with exciting things to do in Sydney.


Explore an Antique Centre

Mitchell Road Antique Centre in Alexandria is the perfect place to wander around for hours if you love dabbling in history. It’s one of the best monsoon activities in Sydney if you ask us! And we can spend hours exploring the intricacies of the market, home to one of the most eccentric antique shops in the country.

The place is housed in a warehouse and is protected from the elements. So, come rain, snow, hail, or fire, you can spend hours at a stretch wandering through the market’s narrow by-lines.


Try Your Hands at Art

Paint & Sip classes are extremely popular in Sydney and are an excellent way to meet new people. If you’re travelling solo and need company, attend a painting session to meet like-minded individuals.

You could also attend with friends and bond over your favourite wine as you let your creative instincts flow. Paint & Sip classes are held at several locations in and around Sydney. Our top picks are Bondi Paint Club, Boozy Finger Painting in Redfern and Paint & Sip in Balmain and Chatswood.


Attend a Pottery Class

If you’re bored on a wet and cold Sydney morning, find new hobbies to stay occupied. Pottery classes are an excellent way of fighting the blues and picking up a new skill simultaneously. Join a popular session and learn how to make mugs, glasses, vases, bowls, plates, etc. It’s a rewarding experience and can help calm your nerves.


Quell Your Shopping Urge

If you’re near Redfern, drop by the Redfern Convenience Store for a fantastic experience. Dubbed “The Great Convenient Store in the World,” the shop sells rare treats from around the world.

The owner is sweet and regularly interacts with customers. And if you’re lucky, you might become the Customer of the Day and get your photograph shared on the store’s Instagram handle, with over 25k followers!

Shopping sydney

Stir up a Cocktail

If you’ve always wanted to learn the art of making cocktails, Salts Meat Cheese offers the perfect opportunity. Learn about the secret ingredients behind your favourite drinks and start mixing in the right proportions to stir up a killer concoction. That’s not all! Enjoy all you can eat pizza while you work on your drink and spend a fabulous evening.


Learn to Build a Terrarium

Wet Sydney days are an excellent opportunity to learn a new skill. Use this opportunity to build a hobby or explore new activities. Terrarium workshops are quite popular in Sydney and are the perfect place to hang out when the weather isn’t ideal for outdoor excursions.

The best part about learning to make a terrarium is you’ll be able to gift them to friends and colleagues when you’re stuck with gift ideas. They’re easy to make, don’t require much maintenance, and everyone loves them! Terrariums are an excellent way to keep plants at home without worrying about killing them.


Have Fun at Holey Moley

Sydney is home to several fun putt-putt bars, and Holey Moley takes the cake! Located in Darlinghurst and Newtown, the place offers a ton of exciting activities for guests of all ages. Celebrate a birthday or simply drop in with your mates for the time of your lives!

Holey moley

Visit an Art Gallery

Sydney is home to several fascinating art galleries like the MCA, the world’s largest Chinese art collection at White Rabbit, and the Art Gallery of NSW. Brett Whitley’s Studio in Surry Hills is an excellent destination if you’re into modern art. The studio provides an exciting insight into the artist’s life and his latest inspirations.

Art galleries are best explored when the weather is rough. So, if you find yourself stuck in Sydney on a gloomy day, it’s the perfect way to lift your spirits. If you’re tired from all the exploring, drop by a local café for a delicious treat and strong coffee!

Art gallery

Taste the Best Yum Cha

Sydney has several authentic Chinese restaurants serving Yum Cha. But Marigold Yum Cha in Chinatown is one of the OGs. This cheap Chinese joint serves some of the most delicious Chinese food you’ve ever tasted, and their Yum Cha deserves an honorary mention.

Expect to pay around $35pp for an eight-course meal but don’t expect a fancy fine-dining experience. Marigold serves the best Yum Cha in town, and you must drop in if you enjoy Chinese food.

Yum cha

Treat Yourself to Spa Day

There’s no better way of taking advantage of a day in Sydney when the weather outside is gloomy. Sydney has some of the best spas in this part of the world. You must visit Gillian Adams Spa or Bath Houses for the best experience.

Bath Houses recommends starting your day with their famous baths. Expect to pay around $31 for a 30-minute session that will leave you relaxed and begging for more. They offer several natural treatments and therapies apart from several activities like massages, tarot card reading, and more. Book a session at your nearest location to unwind.

Relaxing spa

Discover the Best Restaurants in Bondi

If you like the idea of spending a day eating a long lunch, Bondi has several restaurants to fill your cravings. Spend a day exploring Bondi and its fine collection of hidden cafes. Don’t worry about visiting some of the underrated places too. Maybe you’ll find your new favourite restaurant while you’re at it!

Among the several hidden gems in Bondi, Birichina Café, Harrys Bondi, and The Good One are our top three picks. We strongly recommend venturing out on your own to discover new places!

Restaurants in bondi

Treat Yourself to Vegan Fare

If you hate junk food, this one’s right up your alley! Explore the local food scene and try some of Sydney’s finest vegan cuisine. So, prepare to get spoilt for choice! Our top picks are Lentil as Anything, Speedo’s Café, and Bodhi Vegan Yum Cha.

Vegan fare

Go Indoor Skydiving

If you’re in the mood for some high-flying adrenaline, Indoor Skydiving at iFly Penrith offers an instant rush. It’s one of the most exciting indoor activities in Sydney for kids and adults and the perfect venue for hanging out with your mates or date nights!

Indoor skydiving sydney

Check Out the Best Bookshops

If you love reading, nothing beats curling up with a good book over coffee while it pours outside. Sydney has some of the best bookshops in this part of the world. Drop by the excellent Ampersand Café & Bookstore in Paddington and nerd over three floors of aisles packed with bestsellers from around the world.

Order your favourite snacks and some delicious coffee as you kick back and enjoy several hours of solitude. You could also head over to Sappho Bookshop in Glebe and check out their hidden café or drop by the iconic Gertrude & Alice Bookstore in Bondi if you’re in the area.


Wander Through Sydney’s Famous Antique Stores

If you love exploring history as much as we do, don’t forget to check out Design Ark in Randwick. This vintage shop is packed with some of the most intricately-designed antique artwork you’ll find in the city. From mid-century homewares to vintage pieces, you’ll want to take the entire shop home.


Hit the Pub

The pubs in Newtown are charming and offer the ideal setting for a gloomy rainy day. Sydney’s hipster suburb is home to some of the city’s best small bars. Take a stroll along Enmore Road, a few minutes from the Newtown Train Station, and you’ll soon come across numerous pubs on both sides of the street.

Most of the establishments offer reasonably priced drinks and a wide assortment of finger foods. Our top picks include Blue Fig Bar, Midnight Special, Fortunate Son, and Young Henry’s Brewery. Check out a few local pubs in a night for the best experience.


Unwind Over a Relaxing Massage

Magic Massage in Sydney is the place to visit if you enjoy a relaxing massage. Located in Chatswood, Westfield, Magic Massage delivers a magical experience! While you might find those massage parlours in shopping malls dodgy, this place is different, and we mean it. With prices starting at $35 for a 30-minute session, you can’t go wrong here.


Watch a Movie

The Hayden Orpheum in Cremorne is one of Sydney’s finest cinemas and offers an amazing Art Deco environment. The beautifully-designed theatre is a sight to behold and premieres cult classics every Friday.

If you love watching movies with family, prepare to have a fantastic time. Drop by Radio Cairo, a popular North African restaurant, later for a full-course meal. There is no better way to end your day!

People watching movies

Drop by a Vintage Designer Shop

There are several hidden designer vintage shops in Sydney. You just have to look harder. Walk along the streets of Paddington, and you’ll be pleasantly surprised. Most of the shops here have an eclectic collection of kitsch jewellery and beautiful men’s and women’s fashionwear. Better yet, everything is reasonably priced and won’t make you feel like you’re being ripped off!

Experience an Authentic Chinese Tea House

Zensation Tea is one of Sydney’s little hidden gems. Located in Surry Hills, this incredible teahouse offers loads of different brews to experiment with. From green tea to unique herbal teas, prepare to get spoilt for choice.

The place serves some of the most amazing Chinese food you’ve ever had. Order a plate of their delicious dumplings or your favourite snacks from the menu. Don’t binge on too much tea, or you’ll spend the night tripping on caffeine!


Check Out an Amazing Asian Homeware Shop

Sydney has several authentic Indian and Chinese homeware shops that are a must-visit if you love exploring different cultures. Water Tiger in St Peter is the best example of Asian woodworking. The place exhibits some of the best Asian furniture and homeware. And even if you aren’t in the mood for splurging, it’s the perfect location for clicking Insta-worthy pictures.

Hone Your Axe Throwing Skills

If you like the idea of getting drunk and throwing axes at the range, Maniax in St Peter is a must-visit! Located close to the Water Tiger antique shop, this axe throwing range cum brewery offers a ton of fun things to do with your mates.

The place is ideal for celebrating birthdays, hosting team-building events, or chilling with friends. But you don’t have to wait for an occasion to visit Maniax. They have regular sessions for date nights, single people, and so much more.

Axe throwing

Enjoy a High Tea

If you’re addicted to tea, drop by The Tea Cosy for a fantastic experience. The small café is at par with most British tearooms from back in the day and offers an authentic experience. The owners are a lovely Irish couple who love to mingle with guests. And if you love meeting people and making memories, this place is a must-visit!


Try Your Hands at Acrobatics

If you’ve ever fancied trying your hands at trapeze, Sydney presents the perfect opportunity. Head down to the Sydney Trapeze School and enrol for a beginner course at just $70 per class. If you’re looking for the best birthday party venues in Sydney, this is it!

Located in St Peter, the Sydney Trapeze School hosts corporate team-building events, reunions, and other events. It’s the perfect place to hang out with kids when the weather is dark and gloomy.


Enjoy a Proper British Sunday Roast

When the weather is moist and cold, lift your spirits with a British Sunday roast. The Lord Dudley Hotel in Woollahra serves an authentic fare at par with what you’ll find in England. The place offers an authentic British charm thanks to the intricate décor and food. And don’t forget to order a pint of beer to complement lunch.

Try Indoor Rock Climbing

There is no shortage of exciting things to do in Sydney. If you’re in town on a wet and gloomy day, visit Climb Fit in St Leonards for an adrenaline rush. The place is the largest climbing gym in the city and offers a range of challenges for different skill and fitness levels.

It doesn’t matter if you’re visiting alone as you’ll soon find a group of like-minded individuals. The entry fee is $30 and includes a harness to get you started.


Find an Indoor Pool

If you’re a fitness freak and need your daily dose of exercise, find an indoor swimming pool to burn the calories. Sydney has several amazing indoor pools that are accessible to all. Two of our top picks include the Ian Thorpe Aquatic Centre near the Power House Museum and Cook & Philip next to Hyde Park.

Take a Rock and Roll Dance Class

If you’ve always wanted to learn how to dance, Swingtime Dance School in Marrickville, Sydney, offers the perfect opportunity. The school offers beginner, intermediate, and advanced level courses on rock and roll and balboa. And it’s an excellent place to meet like-minded individuals.

Swingtime Dance School offers several popular courses all around Sydney’s Inner West. It’s an excellent place to hone your skills or pick up new moves. So, if you’re in the mood for some fun, don’t let the weather be a spoilsport!

Drop by a Portuguese Wine Shop in Marrickville

Luso Liquors in Marrickville is an excellent place to spend a quiet evening with loved ones. A Portuguese couple runs the wine shop, and they’re delightful to talk to. The owners import directly from Portugal and are familiar with their trade. And we’ll be surprised if you don’t enjoy a hearty laugh when you meet them!

The amazing Faversham Laneway is located right opposite Luso Liquors. And the street has some of the best street art by celebrated British artist Stuart Sale. Don’t forget to drop in and marvel at his creations when you visit this part of town.


Try Your Hands at Indoor Ice Skating

Drop by one of Sydney’s several ice-skating rinks for an authentic winter experience throughout the year. Ice skating is a fun activity for the entire family, and there are several proper locations in Sydney.

If you’ve never skated before, it can be a little daunting at first. However, once you spend a few minutes familiarizing yourself with the slippery surface, you’ll realise why the sport is addictive.


Experience an Escape Room

Escape rooms are an excellent activity for the entire family and if you’re in Sydney, visit Entermission, the best escape room in the city! We offer a wide range of addictive escape games from sci-fi to mystery and more. So, drop in with your mates for an unforgettable experience.

If you’ve never played an escape game before, this is the perfect excuse! So, what are you waiting for? Book your slots today!

Entermission escape room sydney

Are You Ready for an Epic Sydney Staycation?

If you’re planning to explore Sydney during the monsoon, there are several exciting things to try! We’ve covered the top activities in town to keep you busy. We hope that’s sufficient to get you started on the right foot.

If you want our recommendation, we strongly suggest dropping by Entermission for a one-in-a-lifetime experience. It’s the best way to fight the blues when the weather gods decide to have a little fun with your plans!

If you’re looking for Covid-safe birthday ideas, Entermission is the perfect venue. We also host corporate team-building events, reunions, bucks or hens’ parties and more. Visit our website for group bookings.

If you enjoyed this blog and would love to read more, bookmark our blogs page for the latest content. And don’t forget to let us know what you think.

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