7 Valentine’s Day Things To Do in Sydney

On Valentine’s Day, Sydney transforms into a canvas of love and romance. And you couldn’t wish to be in a more romantic city than Sydney.

Imagine strolling hand-in-hand along the glittering harbour, the Opera House standing as a testament to timeless love, and hidden gems waiting to be discovered in this sprawling metropolis. 

Whether you’re a hopeless romantic seeking an intimate dinner under the stars, an adventure-loving couple ready to sail the azure waters, or someone looking to surprise your significant other with a unique experience, Sydney offers a mesmerising array of activities. 

And since Valentine’s Day falls on a weekday, you might want to do something around the city. But we also have options that take you away from the city. 

So dive into our guide to the top Valentine’s Day escapades in Sydney, where every corner whispers a love story, and every experience promises to strengthen the bonds of affection. 

#1 A Walk to Remember in the City

Imagine a Valentine’s Day in Sydney where you and your loved one play tourists in your own city, crafting ‘A Walk to Remember’ through its vibrant streets. Start your day with a scenic bike ride, feeling the gentle breeze and soaking in the picturesque views. 

As laughter fills the air, challenge each other in playful arcade games, igniting a spark of youthful joy. Next, indulge in relaxation with a couple’s spa experience or clink glasses in a cozy bar, savouring fine drinks and intimate conversations. 

As the afternoon unfolds, walk through lush parks, eventually finding yourselves beside a serene lake, a perfect spot for nostalgic reflection and heartfelt talks. 

End the day with a delicious dinner at a top-notch restaurant or an enchanting outdoor cinema date under the stars. Add an extra layer of romance by revisiting old romantic spots, capturing moments in ‘year apart’ pictures, a beautiful testament to your enduring love. 

This Valentine’s Day, let Sydney be the backdrop to your love story, creating memories that will be cherished forever.


#2 Entermission VR Escape Rooms 

Immerse yourselves in a world of virtual reality escape rooms, where you can choose from 20 escape room games. Each game, like “Depths of Osiris” or “Dragon Tower,” offers a unique challenge with varying difficulty levels, ensuring a thrilling and suitable experience for you and your partner.

The beauty of this experience lies in its blend of challenge, collaboration, and the sheer joy of shared achievement. As you navigate through puzzles and riddles, you’ll test your problem-solving skills and strengthen your bond as a couple. 

The VR technology adds an extra layer of excitement, making you feel like you’re truly inside the game. Whether battling pirates, solving mysteries in a manor, or travelling through time, each scenario uniquely celebrates your love and teamwork.

Moreover, Entermission Sydney provides a comfortable and safe environment with standing free-roam arenas and seated VR experiences. This ensures that every couple can enjoy an unforgettable adventure with physical activity regardless of their preference or comfort level.

So, why not step into a new dimension of love and adventure this Valentine’s Day? Entermission Sydney promises a date that’s not just about dining and flowers but about creating lasting memories in a world of virtual wonder.

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#3 Go Picnicking 

Plan a serene escape into a picturesque picnic in Sydney this Valentine’s Day. 

Whether you decide to slip away after work or indulge in a leisurely half-day, a thoughtfully packed basket brimming with an assortment of snacks, tempting munchies, fresh fruits, and refreshing drinks sets the tone for a delightful day. 

Choose a scenic park as your destination and enjoy a leisurely drive there with your partner. Spend the evening under the soft glow of the setting sun, nestled on a cozy blanket. 

This provides an opportunity for heartfelt conversations, where you can stroll down the memory lane or dream about your future together. 

Add an extra layer of romantic ambience by selecting a park with a tranquil lake.


#4 Hot Air Balloon Rides 

Float gently above the picturesque skyline of Sydney in a hot air balloon ride this Valentine’s Day. 

As dawn breaks, the sky blushes in hues of pink and gold, creating a romantic backdrop for an unforgettable journey. The serene ascent offers a unique perspective of the city’s landmarks, from the iconic Opera House to the sprawling Harbour Bridge, while the world below awakens. 

Cocooned in the tranquillity of the skies, you will find yourself in a magical bubble of intimacy, sharing whispered conversations and tender moments high above the ordinary world. 

This extraordinary experience promises a breathtaking view and a chance to create cherished memories suspended in the air and in time on the most romantic day of the year.

You can also choose dusk for the ride. Just check in beforehand and book your seats now because slots will fill quickly.

#5 Cosy Cabins 

Cosy cabins, lit by the soft glow of lanterns, promise a retreat from the world’s hustle. Inside, the warmth of a crackling fireplace mingles with the sweet scent of pine, creating an ambience of rustic charm and intimate comfort.

The decor, a blend of plush reds and soothing earth tones, speaks to the heart’s deepest desires. 

Each cabin holds its secret, a magical element not found in the others, waiting to be discovered by those who dare to explore the depths of love and the wonders hidden in this secluded lovers’ paradise.

Instead of spending the day inside your bedroom, do the same in a cosy cabin to reignite the warmth and intimacy in your relationship.

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#6 Stargazing in the Blue Mountains 

There’s something truly magical about spending Valentine’s Day stargazing in the Blue Mountains. Picture this: you and your significant other set off from the lively streets of Sydney, ready for a day’s adventure. 

Hike the stunning Blue Mountains until you reach the base camp. With every step you take, you move further away from the everyday hustle and into nature’s embrace. And then, as the evening creeps in and the sky turns into a canvas of deep blues and purples, the real show begins.

You’re cuddled together at your campsite, far from the city lights, under a blanket of stars. It’s just the two of you and the twinkling cosmos. 

There’s a kind of magic in that moment, sharing whispers and dreams under the vast, starlit sky. It’s not just about celebrating Valentine’s Day; it’s about connecting with each other in a way that’s as simple as it is profound. 

You could try pointing out constellations to each other! 

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#7 Visiting Wineries 

Apart from escape rooms, you can escape to the serene wineries just outside Sydney. It’s not just about the wine – which, by the way, is spectacular – but it’s the whole experience. 

Last year, my partner and I discovered this little gem of a vineyard nestled in the rolling hills, where the view was as intoxicating as the Shiraz. We laughed over a wine tasting, losing track of time as we chatted with the winemaker, a charming fellow with stories as rich as his Merlot. 

We ended our day with a picnic under an old oak tree, the sunset turning the sky into a canvas of pinks and oranges. It was simple yet incredibly romantic. 

That’s the beauty of these wineries around Sydney; they offer a quiet retreat to enjoy each other’s company, away from the buzz of the city. Trust me, it’s an experience that lingers in your heart, just like the lingering finish of a good Australian Cabernet.


As our journey through Sydney’s Valentine’s Day wonders comes to a close, remember that the magic of love in this vibrant city goes far beyond a single day. 

Whether you’re a local in love or a traveller swept up in the city’s charm, Sydney’s enchanting blend of natural beauty and urban allure is a testament to how love can be celebrated. 

So, let your heart lead the way and discover Sydney’s endless romantic possibilities, not just on Valentine’s Day but every day.

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Until then, cheers!

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