5 Things You Should Do In Lockdown

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, or indeed,…

Gif courtesy giphy.

Gif courtesy giphy.

…in the cupboard under the stairs, you’ve heard the news.

Sydney is back under lockdown, and it’s since been joined by Darwin, Perth, Peel…I hear the list has been growing.

Remain calm

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Gif courtesy giphy.

This new descent into lockdowns and warnings of infection clusters may seem alarming, but you need to remain calm.

At this point, we can still hope that things won’t be as bad as they were last year.

Some of the lockdowns are 3-4 day lockdowns (Sydney’s is for two weeks, though).

Follow your local lockdown rules, wear masks when you go out and try to maintain social distancing.

Invest in yourself

Invest in yourself

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Take this as another opportunity to invest in yourself.

Go for self-care.

Do the things you may not have the time to do when Sydney reopens.

Here are the five things that you should do during the lockdown…

Read a book

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Gif courtesy giphy.

There are few things that build you up as a person as reading a book.

And the lockdown can be just the time for you to start reading one.

Seriously, when was the last time you finished reading a new book?

You can pick up one of the classic self help books, like

  • How To Make Friends And Influence People by Dale Carnegie.
  • Rich Dad, Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki.
  • Think And Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill.

Or it could be a book on your line of work.

Are you one of those who got into the stock market while you were stuck at home last year?

Then you can go for The Intelligent Investor by Benjamin Graham.

Take an online course

Take online course

Image courtesy Wes Hicks on Unsplash.

If there ever was a time to learn a new skill, it is now.

The jobs market is poised to undergo a dramatic change in the coming years, and it is high time for us to acquire the skills we need to compete.

An online course in a field you’re passionate about, or feel will offer job opportunities in the coming years, is something that you SHOULD take up during the lockdown.

Go for a staycation

Gif courtesy giphy.

Gif courtesy giphy.

That’s how you can take a vacation during a lockdown.

Just stay put at home, but behave like you’re on vacation.

Here are a few tips on planning your staycation.

Start aromatherapy


Image courtesy Chelsea shapouri on Unsplash.

Aromatherapy is the use of essential oils and some other things to promote wellness.

It’s said to kill stress and help you maintain mental balance and sometimes gain energy.

There are many ways to do it – applying minute amounts of the substance on the skin, inhaling fumes through lava beads, humidifiers and so on.

You can look into it.

Please note that some people report adverse reactions to their skin from essential oils, so you may want to consult your doctor first.

Go for team building exercises with your employees/colleagues

Gif courtesy giphy.

Gif courtesy giphy.

Down times like the lockdown are a great time to go for team building exercises.

As it is, team building exercises increase productivity; plus at this time of lockdowns, they would be great for employee morale.

Of course, it would have to be remote team building, given that so many regions are under lockdown.

Here’s a list of virtual team building activities that remote teams love.

We do offer team building packages, you can book a slot with us.

Gif courtesy giphy.

Gif courtesy giphy.

While the return of lockdowns might seem worrying, don’t tense up unnecessarily.

Stay calm, and focus on investing in yourself.

Do those things that you’ve wanted to do for a long time, or that you feel will be good for you, but you just haven’t had the time to do.

Hope this list of five things to do during the lockdown helps you choose!

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