5 Reasons To Host An Escape Room Birthday Party For Your Teen

We all know teens are notoriously difficult to please. If memory serves us right from our own teenage days, their go-to facial expression is to roll their eyes! So what can you do on their special day that they will consider cool enough to invite their friends to? An escape room birthday party, of course!

Immersive, adventurous, unique, interactive and pocket-friendly, an escape room birthday party is the perfect choice for your resident young adult. 

Why, you ask? We could give many reasons – but here are just the top five.

1. It’s a Uniquely Immersive Experience

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We all have certain stories that become a part of our own life story. Whether it’s Harry Potter’s Hogwarts or Sherlock Holmes’s 221B Baker Street, the planet Dagobah from Star Wars or the USS Enterprise from Star Trek – in many senses we grow up in these places as much as we grow up in our own homes.

Now take your child’s favourite story, and imagine that they can actually become a part of it for a bit, living in its world. Think about how amazing that would be! This is possible at an escape room like Entermission Sydney.

Our interactive role-playing games like Jungle Quest, House of Fear, Smash Point, Alice in Wonderland and more, will allow your child to step into their favourite worlds for a bit, with the help of VR technology. Many of them are inspired by actual stories we all know about, from Alice (inspired by the wonderful Alice in Wonderland), to Sanctum, Jungle Quest and Treasure Raiders (very Indiana Jones-esque adventure stories!), to Mission Sigma (for the war junkies out there), to Space Heroes (for the sci-fi fans), to Chernobyl (for the disaster-movie aficionados), and much more! We even have our own original stories. You could save Santa in the Christmas-themed room, or become futuristic detectives in Mad Mind. Each room has its own unique challenges, themes, and backstories. And they all have complex puzzles and riddles to tease even the smartest of brains.

So for an hour, your teen will get to enter and inhabit their favourite fictional world, and role-play their favourite characters in it! How cool is that?

2. It’s A Change of Pace from the Usual Plans

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Who wants yet another formal dinner where everyone is too busy being grown-up to have fun, or an informal get-together where you make small talk with relatives you haven’t met in years, or a trip to the movies during which no one can agree which movie to watch?

At Entermission Sydney, you get stuck into adventure straight away. To solve the puzzles and be released from the escape room, you must get down and dirty, and actively participate! There’s no time for awkward pauses or bored yawns in this race against the clock. If you snooze, you lose – quite literally.

What a great bonding experience for your teen and their friends, huh?

3. It’s Engaging, With Friendly Competition and Fun

The hardest thing to do with teens is to keep them busy as well as entertained. (We want to avoid the eye-rolls, remember?!) Escape rooms are excellent at that.
They harness your teen’s adolescent energy and post-cake sugar high for solving complex puzzles while working as a team with their best friends. That’s one of the best and most productive ways to keep them engaged.

And at the end of it all, they get to walk away with a feeling of great accomplishment and bonding. What better birthday gift can there be?

4. It’s Safe and Inclusive

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Many popular birthday party venues have restrictions on activities. They can depend on mobility or accessibility issues, age, or even height. Not everyone can take part in everything.

But friends of different kinds, with their different skills, make life richer. At Entermission Sydney, everyone can participate in all the activities and get in on the fun.

The rooms are designed to be played in groups, with enough puzzles and activities for everyone. So whether your teen is the brainiac, the athlete or the artist, or something else entirely, there’s room for everyone. They and their friends might even discover a couple of talents they didn’t know they had!

And since it’s virtual reality, many people who may have had accessibility or mobility issues will be able to take part just as much as everyone else. How cool is that?

The best part is that you don’t even need to chaperone the teens! Sure, they are growing up, and yet they can get into quite a lot of mischief anyway. But the escape room is a safe, supervised and enclosed environment in which only their imaginations will run wild. You, the parent, on the other hand, can chill.

5. It’s Budget-Friendly

The cake, the decorations, the music, the games, the drinks and snacks, the venue, the return gifts – a birthday party is expensive. And in wanting to make your child’s day special, you could easily  break the bank. But escape rooms are a great option when you want to host a fun but economical party.

At Entermission Sydney, we provide the whole package, from snacks and drinks, to decorations, to games (both virtual and vintage arcade ones), a host and an ice-cream cake. There are different packages depending on how many people are there in your group. We also have online and printable escape room events, hosted by our team, just in case you can’t make it all the way out here.

Take a look at all our exciting missions here. Make sure to check the timings, the number of people in your group, the security deposit amount and the perks and goodies of the package you’re considering. This will help you choose the right package for your party, so that it’s a blast for all involved.

After years and years of the same old parties, now’s the chance to do something different for your child. Throw them an escape room party – and watch their year get off to the perfect start right in front of your eyes. Book your slots now!

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