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20 Of The Best Adult Birthday Party Ideas In Sydney

Guaranteed to make your birthday party the best one, ever!

Birthday coming up, and you’re flat out of birthday party ideas?


Then this is something you’re going to be really excited about: a list of 20 top birthday ideas for adults in Sydney.


From birthday party classics like game night, to DIY birthday celebration ideas (like ‘make your own jewelry), and even a VR Escape Room birthday party in Sydney,

This is probably the last list of birthday party activities for adults in Sydney style="font-weight: 400;"> you’re gonna need to browse...

Before you finalize how you’re going to celebrate your birthday, in Sydney!

What sets these adult birthday party ideas apart? (skip if you just want to check out the party ideas)

As kids, we have tons of great ways we wanted to celebrate our birthdays.


As we grow up, however, the magic of childhood wanes, and the burden of everyday life sets in.


When asked about how they plan on celebrating their birthday, most adults respond with ideas like “Oh, I’ll just have a meetup at the pub”, or, “Catching a movie with friends”.

Gif via giphy.
Gif via giphy.

Here’s the thing: a birthday party is an occasion for us to meet up with our loved ones and celebrate.

Doing everyday things like bar meet or movie is hardly going to make it a memorable celebration.


The birthday celebration ideas that we’ve collated will add that extra spark that’s needed to make your birthday party a truly memorable one.

Adult birthday party idea in Sydney #1: Snazzy cake topper


Adult birthday party idea in Sydney #2: Pop art party


What is pop art?


If you know, great! You already have ideas swimming around in your head on pop art birthday party ideas.

If you don’t, great! Just imagine all kinds of brightly coloured birthday party themes and objects, and start creating them.

Typical Sydney pop art birthday party elements

  • ‘Happy Birthday’ banners.
  • The name of the birthday boy/gal, in multicoloured letters.
  • Coloured napkins.
  • Table decor.
  • Paper cupcakes.
  • An Andy Warhol composite, once again of the birthday boy/gal.
  • …and so on.

Tip: I suggest not abbreviating Pop Arty Party to “PAP” because we all have that one snarky person that’s going to swap the first ‘p’ with ‘f’, just to take the mickey out of you.

Adult birthday party idea in Sydney #3: VR Escape Room birthday party


You might be wondering - why such a specific idea? A Virtual Reality Escape Room birthday party?


Remember that stuff from earlier…about how a birthday party is aimed at bringing your loved ones together for a memorable celebration?


Well, a Sydney VR Escape Room birthday party is an absolutely unique party experience.

What makes the VR Escape Room birthday party unique?

Well, the key element - the VR Escape Rooms - will take partygoers on a real life adventure in Sydney.


It’s an experience that every one of your birthday party guests will feel compelled to take part in.

And it’s an experience that’ll blow their minds, and one that they’ll remember!

VR Escape Room birthday party in Sydney

If you’re celebrating your birthday in Sydney, you may want to check out Sydney’s best VR Escape Room.


You can experience over two hours of virtual reality birthday fun, including VR escape room games, VR arcade games, food and beverages (including the birthday cake), AND group photos!

This is one birthday party in Sydney that nobody’s going to want to miss!

Adult birthday party idea in Sydney #4: Spa day


What better occasion to pamper yourself than your birthday?


Indulge yourself in facials, massages, and mani-pedi’s.


Soak up the serenity while sipping on a drink and binge-watching your favourite movies.

Spa day birthday celebration in Sydney

Sydney has a number of spas offering a variety of services aimed at rejuvenating you, and giving that extra shine that you deserve on your birthday.


You can host your spa birthday party at one of Sydney’s spas, and then you won’t have to worry about setting it up, or about picking up afterwards.

Adult birthday party idea in Sydney #5: Game night!


I bet I can guess what you’re thinking.


What? Playing games in a birthday party? What’s so special about that?

Here’s the deal: we’re not talking about just any game night. We’re talking about Game Night! - Nostalgia Edition.

Game Night! - Nostalgia Edition

You know those photos that pop all over the internet - father and son/daughter: then & now, siblings 20 years later, and so on? Heartwarming, aren’t they?


We think so, too!


That’s why we decided to embed that concept into Game Night.


  • Ask everyone to have clothes reminiscent of earlier times (they can change into those clothes after they arrive at your place).
  • And arrange to have games (typically board games) that you used to play when you were younger.
  • Finally, have bags of goodies for the winner of each game!

Adult birthday party idea in Sydney #6: Partay like it’s 1980, {insert b-word here}!

Gif via giphy.
Gif via giphy.

If you’ve lived through the 1980’s, you know what I’m talking about.


This might sound a wee bit weird in 2021, but a 1980’s themed birthday party can be a groovy experience that’s gonna remain the talk of Instagram for days on end!


Been a while since it was 1980? Can’t quite figure out how to do this? Don’t worry mate, we’ll get you started on…

Awesome Sydney 80’s theme party ideas

  • Rad fashion - think ripped jeans, side ponytails, male earrings, shoulder pads, scrunchies, lace blouses, and so on.
  • Glow in the dark - you can do it with glowing paint, and glow sticks in a darkened room.
  • Neon lighting - do it with your fav movie quote or song line from the 80s. Complement it with strip lights and colour-changing LEDs.
  • Funky contests - Lip-syncing, break-dancing, air guitar, moon-walking and rubik’s cube (great for the nerds).
  • Character cutouts - think the Terminator and Indiana Jones.

Adult birthday party idea in Sydney #7: Mimosa bar party


This is all about the food.


After all, doesn’t matter if you’re an adult or a kid - nothing beats a birthday party where there’s loads of food and drinks for you to enjoy.

Stock your birthday mimosa bar with…

  • Plenty of the chilled and bubbly stuff (this is what separates the adult birthday party from the kids’)
  • Fresh fruit juice.
  • Fresh fruit, preferably chilled.
  • Some other food items (like cheese).

Adult birthday party idea in Sydney #8: Taco themed birthday party


We checked, and there’s no Taco Police that will detain you for having a taco themed party without waiting for Taco Tuesday.


Of course, that isn’t an issue if your birthday falls on a Tuesday!


And this is a birthday party that’ll impress everyone.

Throwing a taco themed birthday party in Sydney

  • Guests and birthday parties vary, but I’d suggest planning for 3-4 tacos per guest, and keeping a few extra, just in case.
  • For the filling, whether you’re planning beef, chicken or pork, they all freeze well.
    • Cook the meat, pack it in airtight (ziplock) bags, and keep them in a freezer. You can do this a few days before the party.
    • The day before your birthday, bring them out of the freezer, and place them in the refrigerator. This will allow them to thaw.
    • Prep the topping and finalize the fillings on the day of the party.
  • For food choices,
    • Ask your guests about dietary restrictions.
    • Have at least one low-carb option, and one vegan option.
  • You can dress up as a taco, if you want to (not something I would do, but we’re all different).

Adult birthday party idea in Sydney #9: Cake exchange


This is one birthday party idea that’s McObvious, isn’t it?


Tell your guests that your preferred birthday party gift is a cake.


And when everyone’s assembled, cakes in tow, decide the rest.


This is going to be one of the frostingest and candiest birthday parties you’ve ever had!

Note: For when it’s someone else’s birthday, and you have to carry along a gift, I have a great Sydney birthday party gift idea for you!

Adult birthday party idea in Sydney #10: Boho backyard birthday brunch


A chic birthday party idea that’s a cinch to arrange.


The Boho backyard birthday brunch.

Dunno what would go into arranging such a birthday party? Don’t worry, I’ll tell you. After all, we do have a habit of hosting group events in Sydney, after all!

Sydney boho birthday party elements

  • Boho table settings.
  • Balloon arch with garlands.
  • Boho florals.
  • Birthday signage in acrylic.
  • Beaded chandelier (if possible).
  • Boho inspired birthday cake.

All of these items can be gotten from suppliers. Have a blast!

Adult birthday party idea in Sydney #11: Candy station


Pro tip: This is a great birthday party idea for those who don’t like getting older. Why?


You can turn salty (at getting older) into sweet. Set up a candy station, and complement it with a hot chocolate station.


And you can think of innovative signs (like this cheeky candy decor) to make it a special occasion.


You can be as creative and over the top, or as minimalistic as you please with the candy buffet decor - after all, it’s YOUR BIRTHDAY!

Adult birthday party idea in Sydney #12: Masterchef birthday event


Here’s an idea: birthday party contest.


The contest: you cook your fav dishes. Ask your guests to taste them.


What’s at stake: The dish that’s to be the Andy Allen/Melissa Leong dish of the evening.


Ready to put your culinary skills to the test?

Adult birthday party idea in Sydney #13: Host a movie night


Rent a theatre at a multiplex nearby, and host movie night.


Ensure that popcorn, fizzy drinks and one or two other savouries are in full flow!

Sydney movie night birthday party

  • Select a particular theme (it can be anything from romcoms to 80s movies to a franchise like the Star Wars films to even movies that you enjoyed as a group when you were kids).
  • Choose movies on that theme, and create your playlist.
  • Arrange for the snacks.
  • You can do this at home to, with a screen (a white sheet will do) and a projector.

Adult birthday party idea in Sydney #14: Wine and cheese event


Yes, this is an ‘event’ rather than a party, aimed at those who aspire to an elegant birthday party.


Ask guests to carry bottles, while you provide the cheese.

Tips for the perfect wine and cheese event in Sydney

  • First, mix flavours and textures of the cheeses.
  • Then, add in a few meats.
  • And finally, go for generous sprinkles of nuts, crackers, dips and fresh herbs.

Adult birthday party idea in Sydney #15: DIY night


Time to roll up the sleeves and get down and dirty.


Get hold of some DIY stuff that isn’t too challenging, and challenge your guess to assemble them.


Who’s gonna win?

Adult birthday party idea in Sydney #16: Store takeover!


You may not know this, but many showrooms and boutiques in Sydney allow birthday parties on-site.


Of course, there needs to be ample buying of stuff!


Select a Sydney store that has what you feel the guests will vibe with.

You can also open a gift registry with them, and make an event out of the guests shopping for gifts!

Adult birthday party idea in Sydney #17: High tea ceremony


Another ‘event’ that’s a bit highbrow.


And I’d recommend holding this at your local hotel. They’ll be able to whip up the best of posh UK tradition far better than you going DIY.

A typical high tea birthday event menu

  • Tea and crumpets.
  • Cucumber sandwiches.
  • Bacon served with lettuce and tomato.
  • Scones (of course!).
  • And a bit of le’ champagne.

Adult birthday party idea in Sydney #18: Disco night at the local skating rink


OK, this is one of those 80s themes that we were talking about, but this happens to be a very special idea, which is why I consider it deserved a mention of its own!


Pick out retro gear from a vintage store or a thrift shop, and have an awesome time!

Adult birthday party idea in Sydney #19: Murder ahoy!

Yep, I got this idea from Dame Agatha Christie.


A murder mystery soiree is one birthday party that’ll keep every guest engaged!


Don’t worry, you don’t have to mastermind the entire game: there are games like this out there already, waiting to be downloaded and played.

If you’re not strictly looking for a murder mystery but just an engaging game, I can refer you to an excellent downloadable, play-at-home birthday party game.

Gif via giphy.
Gif via giphy.

Adult birthday party idea in Sydney #20: Volunteer


This may not be an obvious idea for a birthday party, but volunteering at a local charity can be an endearing way to celebrate your birthday.


You’re helping those less fortunate, which on any day is a good thing to do.


And the fact that you’re celebrating an occasion like your birthday in this manner shows you to be a gentle and caring person.

Planning your birthday party in Sydney: Mix and match themes and ideas


Here’s how you can make the best use of this list of 20 top birthday party ideas in Sydney for adults.


Mix and match different birthday party ideas and themes till you get the party you’re looking for!


This is one example of a Sydney birthday party plan,

  • Start with a light taco bar party at home (with 1 or 2 tacos per guest).
  • Follow that up with a VR Escape Room birthday event, and…
  • Round things up with a spa party at home, so the party will end on a high note, with people feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.




Did our list of Sydney birthday party ideas for adults give you the right inspiration to plan your b-day party?


Have you selected an idea, and started finalizing your birthday party plans?


Let us know in a comment below!


And, Many Happy Returns On Your Special Day from Sydney’s best-loved VR Escape Room !

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