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3 Movies To Watch While You’re At Home

If you’re in Australia, and reading this, take a moment to clench your fist and punch the air.

You’re probably still at home, and with enough peace of mind to be reading random blogs, suggesting you’re not affected by that damned covid-19.

And, across the nation, lockdowns are starting to be eased, which seems to imply that we’ve passed peak covid, at least for now.

If you’re an essential/emergency worker, who’s hardly had time to catch your breath since this started, my heartiest thanks to you.

Your tireless efforts have not been in vain; your endless toil has certainly had a part to play in this moment we’ve been waiting for, over the past few weeks.

Little Johnny Wants To Play

Yep, that is only to be expected after the nation has been cooped up inside for so long.

However, that’s not what can, or should, happen.

Lockdowns are being eased as part of a phase-out. They are not being lifted at one go.

So, while you certainly can expect fewer restrictions on movement than before, for the most part, you’re going to have to stay indoors for some more time.

To help you pass the time, Sydney’s premier VR escape room has collated a list of the 3 top movies you must catch up on while you remain indoors.


Is it really a surprise that #1 on this list of movies you should watch while stuck indoors to avoid a deadly pandemic is about a deadly pandemic?

Directed by Steven Soderbergh, the film is about a virus that makes its way from…wait for it…alright, I won’t spoil the suspense. All I will say is that the reel virus mirrors the real virus to an astonishing extent.

What is so brilliant about this film is the attention to detail.

Being a film about a medical emergency, it tackles the medical aspect in great detail, featuring

  • An epidemiologist
  • An Epidemic Intelligence Service officer
  • A CDC research scientist, a research scientist from an university, and an uniformed officer from the United States Public Health Service Commissioned Corps

In great detail, allowing the characters to develop and giving them the central role in the fight against the virus (as opposed to the ‘scientist’ being reduced to some nerdy character with 10 minutes of screen time while a member of the armed forces emerges as the ‘real hero’).

In fact, some experts say that watching Contagion could be healthier than watching the news at this time.

Lake Mungo

Spoiler alert, Contagion does offer a resolution of events at the end, offering viewers some relief.

If you’re up for something stronger, you can check out Lake Mungo.

A ‘mockumentary’, this film features the aftermath of 16-year old Alice Palmer’s death while swimming at a dam in Ararat.

A series of strange events take place, resulting in a major revelation about Alice’s life, and a strange encounter she had.

The film is a complex blend of family drama, mystery, and psychological horror.

It seems to achieve an amazingly thrilling feel while minimizing jump scares and gore.

The film does offer a partial resolution at the end; however if you’re a classical ‘whodunnit’ fan, you may not experience complete closure.

I must warn you, the film explores some pretty strong issues; if you live alone, or are depressed, you may consider skipping this film.

Knives Out

Thus far, we’ve seen a medical thriller/‘doomsday’ film, and a psychological horror flick.

Time to move on to a whodunnit, don’t you think?

Sitting patiently throughout the movie, patiently listening to every word, and trying to solve the mystery before the detective in the movie – what could be a better time for that than this, when you’re at home?

Knives Out features familiar whodunnit elements, including

  • A large mansion as the setting
  • The head of the family has been reported to have died a mysterious death
  • A lot of near and distant relatives, played by a star-studded cast, are present at the mansion; and most of them have motive

Detective Benoit Blanc turns up, to try to untangle the mess of clues, and solve the mystery.

Calling James Bond, Halloween, and Captain American fans

Off the top of my head, I can say for sure fans of the James Bond, Halloween, and Captain America franchises can expect good cheer, since Daniel Craig, Jamie Lee Curtis, and Chris Evans star in the film.

Come to think of it, it’s a bit like our very own Mad Mind VR escape game, but in Mad Mind you get to participate in the hunt, while you can only watch the movie.

The film touches many of the whodunnit tropes, and adds a comic element that definitely will provide much needed cheer in these dark days.

What are your list of the 3 top movies to watch while we’re stuck at home?

Tweet your list with the hashtags #EntermissionSydney and #LockdownMovies and let’s get a discussion going!

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