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4 Lockdown Activities For VR Escape Room Fans

4 thrilling team-based activities that will attract wholehearted participation from fans of VR escape rooms

Lockdowns continue to be a (undoubtedly necessary) drag on our lives.

Following adverse reports, lockdowns are being extended (in some cases reimposed), and limits being imposed on the activities that are allowed.

For people who like stepping out, the wait to resume nights out on the town becomes longer.

Whether it's congregating at restaurants for dinner, competing at the bowling alley, or teaming up for space station missions at VR escape rooms, for a lot of people, all of that is off bounds.

However, that is no reason for you not to be able to take part in thrilling activities at home, even if there's a lockdown in effect where you live.

Here are 4 lockdown activities for VR escape room fans.

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    Take up VR video games

    vr video game lockdown
    Looks boring? Try it out and see for yourself!

    If you have access to equipment and reliable internet access, then Virtual Reality video gaming is a good option.

    Think of it as a living room version of a VR escape room.

    Set up the equipment, choose your poison (a game) and get started!

    Prepare to lose yourself in unimaginable worlds and places from your wildest dreams and fantasies.

    Be it your favorite film franchise or a novel scenario like staging a jailbreak, floating through a space tube in zero gravity or climbing Mount Everest, virtual reality video games have it.

    Many VR video games place you in a "solve it" or "find your way out" situation, much like with a VR escape room.

    And since the advent of virtual reality gaming years back, the games have simply gotten more realistic and cutting edge.

    If you can imagine watching your favorite film, virtual reality allows you to be experience it by being part of it.

    Can you team up to play VR video games?


    With the coronavirus lockdown tying down the whole family, this is an activity the whole household can get into.

    VR video games allow you to play with other people, so you can rope in your equally-quarantined friends.

    This works for strangers too, as long as they are online whenever you log on.

    People have made lifelong game buddies this way; others have formed friendships.

    What equipment do you need to play VR video games?

    • Internet access
    • Gaming console/laptop to run the game on
    • Peripherals like VR headset, haptic gloves, and controllers

    Miniature scavenger games

    The second lockdown activity for VR escape room fans is miniature scavenger games.

    They can be customized perfectly for your family, especially if you have little pre-teen kids, whose tastes may be wildly different from your own.

    Traditional scavenger hunts

    In traditional scavenger hunts, items or clues are hidden in and around different places, such as the garden or in nearby parks and stores.

    The participants are grouped into teams, and compete to see who can trace the ultimate prize first.

    Miniature scavenger games - lockdown version

    You as organizer can hide the clues and the eventual prize within the house and the yard.

    Plan the game in advance to make it as challenging as possible.

    You can read Google ideas or draw inspiration from your favorite films.

    Choose an old timey sci-fi or thriller that other participants have never seen or are likely to overlook.

    Add a few clues that the players can follow to find the hidden prize or other clues.

    Surprise scavenger hunt mission

    The family can come back from purchasing groceries to find a mysterious note that sends them on the quest.

    Precautions you should take

    Hide your clues where they are not going to be destroyed by the rain, faded by the sun or blown away by the wind.

    If some of the clues are hidden outside, remind players to wear a face mask and gloves for their own safety.

    Good ol’ board games

    board games lockdown activities
    Your move!

    If you're looking for activities that especially require strategizing, you can't go wrong with good old board games.

    Chess, Checkers, Scrabble and Monopoly are the popular types of board games; others are a little more obscure or territorial.

    The draw of board games

    Each comes with its own tests and fun requirements.

    Some will test your concentration and strategy, while others will analyze your mastery of language.

    Some, meanwhile, may be tilted more towards being wild, meaningless romps.

    And perhaps the best thing about board games is that you can’t play them alone.

    Friendly competition

    Most board games will allow for some kind of competition between players.

    Divide up the family into teams to encourage friendly competition and strategic thinking.

    Dungeons and dragons

    VR escape room fans will especially like the game Dungeons and Dragons.

    This board and card game is set in an imaginary world where magic and wizards take center stage, with taverns in the middle of nowhere, elves, ancient stones and tree creatures.

    Players get to visit different positions on the board by playing a card.

    Strategy is required to win, recalling memories of escape rooms and the need to plan within limited time spans.

    Games like Dungeons and Dragons will give you your daily dose of mythical realism right within your home!

    Multi-choice graphic novels

    graphic novels lockdown activities
    Which way do you want to proceed?

    If you'd rather spend some time reading, rather than moving around, take up a graphic novel.

    Just like VR video games and board games, these novels will allow you to escape reality for a magical world. I would say in today's world that's a blessing.

    What's a MULTICHOICE graphic novel?

    It's a chance for you to set the narrative.

    Most novels have a straightforward plot. You read one page, then turn to the next page, till you reach the end.

    In a multi-choice graphic novel, you are given forks in the road..err, in the novel, where YOU can choose how to proceed.

    You'll be given several options, and, depending on which option you choose, told to turn to a specific page, to continue reading.

    Is this a team activity?

    Not really, in the sense that we commonly associate 'team activity' with.

    That being said, you CAN make a group activity out of it, simply by organizing a reading session with your family, and you can all discuss how you feel about the way the novel is progressing, what's coming next, and so on.

    Brainstorming over which option to take at the forks in the novel can prove very interesting.

    Who's fixated on a particular character?

    Who just wants to avoid danger?

    Who is getting bored, and wants some action?

    Debating over all these, and agreeing on which option to proceed with can make for a pretty stimulating afternoon.

    Popcorn and fizzy drinks would be a good addition here.

    What makes these activities ones that fans of VR escape rooms will like?

    Well, I chose activities that are:

    • Team-based
    • Need logical thinking
    • Easy to organize

    All of which are features of a VR escape room game.

    Jazz up the party by playing along with your family and nearby friends if possible.

    Have a good time at home with these activities as we wait for the age of lockdowns to end, and for things to get back to normal.

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