7 Quirky Things to do on Your Birthday in Melbourne 

The same old same old restaurant, arcade gaming, and partying have become way too monotonous for you? Looking for something different? 

We are of the same opinion too! To celebrate your birthday in a quirky style this year! And if you can find the time and energy this year, why waste on the opportunity?! 

Explore below for 7 quirky things to do on your birthday in Melbourne! 

Dig in to find what experiences Melbourne has to offer! 

1. Learn an Adventure Sport

Conquer your fear with adventure sports, tick off learning a new skill or hobby, and try one adventure sport on your birthday. 

And Melbourne is filled with adventure sports! Rock climbing, skydiving, whitewater rafting, horseback riding, surfing, stand-up paddle boarding, abseiling, and shooting, among many more. 

Most of these activities require a lot of training and practice and are not actually a one-day affair. But a definite skill has been added to your list! 

For teenagers, young adults, and adults, this can be your one quirky thing to do on your birthday in Melbourne. Head here for adventurous things to do in Melbourne

For birthday gift ideas, head here. 

Learn an adventure sport

2. Go on that Ghost Tour

Nothing like a ghost tour around the city! This is also a fun activity for couples looking for fun things to do in Melbourne.

The most fun thing to do in Melbourne on your birthday is to go on one of those ghost tours Melbourne has to offer. Several companies in the city offer guided ghost tours that take you around haunted locations and tell you all about the history and legends surrounding them.

Take your friends and family on a guided ghost tour to have a spooky and safe birthday party.

Head here, if you are looking for places for birthday party ideas in Melbourne.

Go on that ghost tour

3. Entermission Virtual Reality Escape Rooms Melbourne

A fun and immersive birthday celebration in Melbourne. At Entermission VR Escape Rooms, you must put on your VR headsets to enter an alternate reality where you find yourself locked along with your team. 

You are faced with certain challenges that you have to solve to escape the locked reality room within a particular time limit. You will have a game host to guide you throughout and help you if you are stuck. 

We also provide party rooms and different birthday party packages of your choice. Our friendly staff and event planners are open to customization and decorating your rooms on your behalf. We also take special requests but do contact us prior to your birthday! 

Our facility makes great birthday party venues for kids, teenagers, and adults alike, as we are family friendly! Among all the indoor things to do in Melbourne, escape rooms will prove to be the best! 

At Entermission Melbourne, you can explore a variety of games like Runaway Train, Manor of Escape, Space Station Triberia, Dragon Tower, Mission Sigma, Quest of Thrones, Christmas, Chernobyl, and numerous other thrilling VR adventures.

Are you ready to put on your headset to have a blast on your birthday?! Book your tickets online

Note: Alcohol drinking is prohibited inside the premises. Read more on how alcohol impacts your escape room adventure.

Head here if you are looking for ways to decorate your birthday party venue

Entermission virtual reality escape rooms melbourne

4. Get Artistic

Whether you are an artist or not,  get ready to view some art this birthday! 

Melbourne has a lot of modern and contemporary street art, galleries, and world-class art museums. Take the day to explore, soak in the city’s rich art scene, and see some inspiring works by local and international artists. 

You could try a paint-and-sip class where you can draw anything or if the studio has a theme while sipping wine. You can also create art in a park or any public place, depending on what you want to create!

You can also check for exhibitions and attend art events or workshops happening on your d-day. 

Here are things to consider when choosing a birthday party venue

Get artistic

5. Take a Brewery Tour

For young adults and adults who love to sip on a fresh brew, take a brewery tour on your birthday in Melbourne. 

Melbourne is a city that is home to a thriving craft beer scene, and many breweries offer tours and tastings too. Specific companies take you around multiple breweries, informing you about the history and culture of brewing in Melbourne

Drink responsibly! 

Head here if you are looking for a live music scene in Melbourne

Take a brewery tour

6. Volunteer or Start your own Charity Event

Volunteering is the best way to give back to the community. And it definitely gives chills when you do it on your own birthday for a cause you are passionate about.

Many volunteering activities are available in Melbourne. You will be asked to donate your time and skills to a specific organization when you choose to volunteer for it. If it is your first time, you can involve yourself at the nearest soup kitchen.

You may also choose to start your own charity. You can opt for a food packet or recycle your clothes and distribute them from place to place.

This a great thing to do on your birthday! For teenage birthday party venues in Melbourne, head here.

Volunteer or start your own charity event

7. Take a One-Day Trip

Among outdoor things to do in Melbourne on your birthday – taking a one-day trip is the most fun! 

For adults trying to take a trip for a long time now and unable to make it, take that trip on your birthday! 

Spend the day exploring a new location and rejuvenate yourself. Take your friends along if you feel like or otherwise, go solo! Melbourne is a city safe for woman travellers. 

Book a tour with a local company or take a long drive close to the city. End the day by blowing candles on your cake! 

Take a one day trip

Birthdays come in every year, and you are left thinking about what to do every year. Well, I hope with these 7 activities to do in Melbourne, your next 7 birthdays are on the safe side! 

Other things to do in Melbourne for your birthday are – visit Philip Island, Peninsula Hot Springs, Luna Park, Holey Moley, Mini Golf, Great Ocean Road, Board Game Cafes, Comedy festivals and National Parks, among many more. 

Explore this article if you are looking for more unique things to do on your birthday.

Tell us what you did and if you found more quirky ways to add colours to your birthday! 

And from all of us at Entermission VR Escape Rooms, we wish you a very happy birthday! 

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