7 Comfortable & Fun First Date Ideas Melbourne

Looking for some first-date ideas with someone you met online? Or just searching for romantic date ideas in Melbourne with your partner? Do not fret! 

Melbourne is Australia’s cultural capital. From trendy coffeehouses to scenic parks, every corner has a possibility of a date. 

But first dates have an inkling of discomfort. That is your cue to pick a date that cannot possibly get awkward. The idea is to do an activity on a date so that it doesn’t get boring after a point of time or force yourself to make conversations. An activity will keep your mind occupied and yet make wholesome conversations. 

Explore below for 7 fun and best date ideas in Melbourne. 

And make sure to make a lasting impression on your first date in the vibrant city! 

1. Ice Skating

Ice Skating allows couples to create memories together. Even if you cannot ice skate, do not worry. Learn on the spot while you fall together to grab the little moments. The activity provides an adrenaline rush that releases endorphins, making a date more energetic and lively. It also makes way for teamwork, coordination and trust. Grab a coffee after the activities and take a stroll while sipping on it. Ice skating is the best first date idea in the Melbourne winter. 

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Date activity ideas to do in melbourne vic

2. Day Out in the City 

If both of you are working professionals and have been saving a date for a long time now, then save a date for a quirky date in the city. Take the entire day to talk, eat, visit places and make memories. You can start with an early brunch at one of the many establishments Melbourne has to provide. Stroll through gardens, visit adventure parks, discover local street art or drive across the city. Catch a matinee show at a local theatre near you or visit the Melbourne Zoo to feed animals. Explore markets or go shopping together for supplies and necessities. End the day with a delicious meal and wine

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Discover free and cool date ideas in Melbourne.

Day out in melbourne city for a date

3. Visit us at Entermission Virtual Reality Escape Rooms Melbourne

At Entermission Virtual Reality Escape Rooms Melbourne, immerse yourself in an interactive virtual reality game. An innovative form of entertainment, it promotes team building, problem-solving skills, and learning each other’s strengths and weaknesses. Your sense of humour will be put to the test. It helps to break the ice and provides a break from the usual movie and dinner date options. A comfortable date idea and an automatic conversation starter to make you feel safe and calm. 

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How escape rooms make awesome date night ideas.

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Entermission virtual reality

4. Board Game Cafe

Board game cafes in Melbourne make a fun date activity. A normal date at a cafe, but adding a board game session makes the atmosphere fun and relaxed, allowing many conversation starters. This opens up opportunities for you to know each other and understand each other’s perspectives. The cafes usually have various games, so choosing one will take time. Choose one that is fun to play and allows a little competition. 

Worried about what to bring on a first date for him or her? Explore the article. 

Board game cafe date ideas melbourne

5. Arcade Gaming

Arcade Games can never go wrong. With a lot of activities to do, arcade gaming provides a fun and energetic atmosphere. It lightens the mood and reduces stress. You get to see each other’s jolly nature, and it allows for a little friendly competition where you get a chance to show off your skills and also provides opportunities to bond over shared meals and drinks. Conversations will be natural, and you do not have to stress yourself out.

Arcade gaming for a second date in melboune australia

6. Cycling Around in the City

For fitness freaks, cycling in Melbourne is a great idea for first-date ideas. A great way to breathe fresh air while exercising and getting to know each other. Cycling is both a silencer and a conversation starter. Discover and appreciate the surroundings in silence while talking about the scenery afterwards. Cycle in the remote parts of Melbourne with less traffic and low pollution. A beach is also an excellent place for cycling enthusiasts.

Cycling date ideas melbourne city

7. Brewery Tours

For the couple who loves a good brew, a brewery tour is especially for you – a great date night in Melbourne. Break the ice with drinks and cheese and make memories right from the beginning. Make sure to be in conduct and maybe drink less than usual. Can you imagine how many conversations the two of you will have?! 

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For couples looking for day date ideas in Melbourne.

Brewery tour date ideas melbourne

In conclusion, your first date idea should be comfortable and peaceful to allow no scope for extra stress and worries. Break the ice by getting active and doing an activity instead of simply strolling through the roads aimlessly. 

Crack jokes, keep the conversations light-hearted and be mindful. The rest will be taken care of. 

Fun first date ideas melbourne

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