Top 7 Fun & Cool Touristy Things to do in Melbourne

Firstly, welcome to Melbourne! 

Whether you are into museums, food, entertainment, street art, galleries, cafes, wineries, restaurants, boutiques, or nightlife, activities in Melbourne have the perfect combination of things to do for tourists. 

And if you don’t have the time to visit all the attractions in the city, simply soaking up in the creative vibe that oozes out of every corner of the city is more than enough to make visitors fall deeply in love with this marvelous city. 

Explore below my top 7 cool things to do for tourists in Melbourne.

1. Adventure Sports

For fun things to do in Melbourne for adult groups.

When in Melbourne, you cannot miss out on adventure sporting. Whether you are an adrenaline-rush lover or not, go ahead and try one of the action sports Melbourne has to offer. 

Based on the difficulty level, try out the one you are the most confident in. But worry not, as the activities are performed with proper harnesses, gears, and safety precautions. 

There are multiple adventure sports to choose from – zip lining, abseiling, skydiving, indoor skydiving, climbing, hang gliding, hiking, rock climbing, cliff camping, treetops adventure, mountain biking, skiing, white water rafting, bungee jumping, cliff diving, shark diving, bike racing, swim with dolphins, scuba diving, paddle boarding, and racing simulators! 

Remember, all of the above have difficulty levels. So before you book your adventure, make sure to read the entire website or talk to the experts before diving deep. 

And if everything scares you, catch the sunrise or the sunset from a hot-air balloon ride and gaze in awe at the Melbourne skyline! 

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Adventure sports

2. Melbourne Zoo

If you are with your family and kids, Melbourne Zoo will be a mind-blowing trip! 

The oldest zoo in Melbourne is home to over 320 different kinds of species, including reptiles, marine animals, exotic animals, birds, and plants from Australia and all around the world. 

The zoo exhibits elephants, orangutans, butterflies, kangaroos, zebras, giraffes, predators, and many more. You can also interact with the species. Although, only a selective list of harmless species are only permitted. 

In addition, the zoo also includes restaurants, tells you about the feeding and living habits of the animals, walks amidst animals, and offers close encounters with them. 

While living and breathing around animals, you will lose track of time, and it will prove to be the best time of your life! 

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Melbourne zoo

3. Entermission Virtual Escape Rooms

For a newer and cooler experience, visit us at Entermission Virtual Escape Room Melbourne

The idea is the same as the physical escape rooms – find and solve puzzles to escape the room in a limited time period. The only additional feature is that instead of physical rooms, Entermission provides virtual escape rooms – to put in a VR headset and solve the puzzles virtually to escape the virtual room. 

We provide many different kinds of themes, which you can choose from. You will have your own personal room with your squad where you can party and hang out too! We provide a fun family friendly space. 

When bored in Melbourne, whether alone or with a group, head to our facility. Book your tickets online now! 

Entermission virtual escape rooms

4. Melbourne IceBar

For tourists worldwide, Melbourne City Ice Bars are a blast and are among the top Melbourne tourist attractions, providing you with a unique and fascinating Melbourne experience! With temperatures below -5 degrees, tourists will have the best time cooling off from the hot Australian sun. 

Everything in an Ice Bar is made out of ice. The walls, furniture, glasses, decorations, sculptures, and every intricate thing are carved out of ice. The bars may also provide coats to keep you warm. 

A pro tip – take warm clothes when you visit an ice bar. Although they allow you to stay inside for a limited amount of time of the coldness. 

If you are visiting Melbourne for the first time, be sure to visit an Ice Bar! 

Melbourne icebar

5. Melbourne Food & Wine Tours

When in Melbourne, a tour is incomplete without food and especially a wine tour. 

A guided food and wine tour is a great way to get a taste of the Melbourne culinary scene that includes local food and wines. The knowledgeable guides take you around, providing information on the local food and wine culture. 

They take you on different tasting tours, breweries, wineries, production facilities, cafes, bars, chefs, and winemakers. 

Note that different tours will take you to different great places, but the basic gist consists of the above. 

Melbourne food wine tours

6. Dinner Cruises

For fun things to do in Melbourne for couples, dinner cruises are a type of dining experience where you can enjoy dinner while cruising the waterways.

Through dinner cruises, you get to go around Melbourne’s finest waterways that include a scenic tour surrounding the countryside and its landmarks. You are provided with multi-course meals starting with an entree, a main course, and desserts with wine, brews, or cocktails.

Depending on your cruise, you may also get to watch live entertainment, music, or performances.

If you are with your significant other doing all touristy things in Melbourne, a dinner cruise is a popular choice for celebrating anniversaries, date nights, or any other anniversaries.

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Dinner cruises

7. Galleries & Street-Art

Melbourne is known for its vibrant and diverse art scene. 

The city consists of various galleries and street arts ranging from contemporary to modern and traditional. If you are an artist, your mind will be blown! 

Whether you are looking for abstract art, paintings, sculptures, realistic portraits, or landscapes, Melbourne has got you covered! The galleries also include events and exhibitions regularly. So make sure to check their website before heading to the gallery! 

Themes range from history to culture, the city’s past, and the present! The National Gallery of Victoria is a personal favorite. 

Galleries street art

In case you are already done with the above activities, you can wander through the Melbourne laneways, visit Flinders Street Station, Federation Square, take a walk by the Yarra river, stroll through the Botanic Gardens, have fun at Luna Park, visit the MCG, shop at Queen Victoria Market, gaze in awe at the Royal Exhibition Building, check out the Immigration Museum and head to a casino for a game of luck!

If you are done with the infinite number of things Melbourne offers, take a stroll through the streets to embrace Melbourne. Many companies provide amazing Melbourne walking tours too. 

Melbourne offers the best time while you are in the city! And what were you up to, and what was your best experience? Tell us in the comments below! 

Tell us if you have discovered a hidden Melbourne gem too! 

If you are a tourist visiting while the Australian Open is in session, here are a few things to do while it is not in session.

And if you haven’t already, visit Melbourne asap! If you are puzzled about where to go, get in touch with us for a fun-filled Melbourne itinerary. 

Cheers! To travelling and beyond! 

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