11 Places to Celebrate Birthdays in Melbourne That Both Adults and Kids Will Love

Birthdays are the best AND the worst. They come ’round everywhere to remind you – hey! You survived and thrived! Well done! But they also come with a ton of pressure to celebrate in just the right way.

And they’re especially tough if you have a sibling or a child that you’re sharing your birthday with – what could a kid and a grown-up possibly have in common, right?

Wrong! We’ve put together a whole list of fun activities in Melbourne here that both you and the young person you’re sharing your special day with can both enjoy. But where to celebrate a birthday in Melbourne Vic?

We’ll be honest – even we were surprised at just how many options there were. 

So here are our top 12 best places to celebrate birthdays in Melbourne that both adults and kids can enjoy.

1. Complete a Mission at Entermission Melbourne


Do both you and the young person in your life love a thrill? We have just the answer – a virtual reality escape room like Entermission Melbourne, one of the best indoor places to celebrate kids’ birthdays!

Here at our vr escape room birthday party venue, we help you and your loved ones to take part in various tasks and challenges. The goal is to figure your way out of a safe, supervised, and virtual escape room within a set time limit.

You can take part by either coming into our premises or from the comfort of your own home. That’s because we also have fully online-hosted escape room Melbourne experiences. That’s all the fun of a physical escape room – with all the safety of an online, covid-free environment.

It’s a safe, convenient, accessible and best place for a birthday celebration – especially if you have friends and family in lots of parts of the world. And it’s very affordable! With the help of VR technology, you can have a destination birthday – without even stepping out of the comfort of your own city. 

Venture into the realm of Alice through the looking glass, embark on an expedition in the tropical Jungle Quest, or confront an ingenious supervillain in Mad Mind. For the horror aficionados, delve into the Sanctum, while sci-fi enthusiasts can journey with Space Heroes.

Those who crave military strategy can dive into Mission Sigma. Tailor your experience by selecting a room that aligns with your party’s theme. Each setting comes with a guide to assist if you hit a snag. Remember, you have a mere 60 minutes to decipher the clues and find your escape from the ‘room’!

Take a look at all our exciting missions.

We also have a special birthday party package that includes games, snacks, and, of course, a birthday cake! There are different packages depending on how many people are there in your group.

Schools seeking the right location or activity for their students can find accommodations here.

If you are an adult and looking forward to drinking alcohol while you enjoy, we are sorry to announce that alcohol consumption is prohibited inside our premises.

Apart from birthday events, we entertain all kinds of parties, including team building, corporate events, bucks and hens parties or any other special occasions (50th birthday ideas or 30th birthday ideas).

2. Indulge in all Play and no work


Melbourne has lots of options in which you can just let your inner child out. Spaces that allow trampolining, indoor climbing, arcade games, mini golf and bowling are just a few of the options.

And if you want to add an adult spin to these, why not head for venues that combine these activities with optional bars?

Holey Moley is a mini golf bar with lots of outlets all over the country, Bartronica is a video game bar that allows you to reserve rooms, and Bounce Inc. will allow both the birthday adult and the birthday kid to bounce on dozens of connected trampolines, all the way to glory!

There’s also Hardrock Climbing and Latitude for climbing walls that both of you can enjoy.

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3. Become Sherlock


Being a private detective is no picnic… or is it? Did you know that there are multiple companies in Melbourne offering mystery picnic tours?

You travel all over the city looking for clues to pick up curated cheeses, fruits, and meats and then enjoy a delicious meal. Honestly, if there’s anything that can get us to travel across the city on our birthday, it’s the promise of delicious food.

If you’re anything like us, we know it’s the same for you and the young person you’re sharing your birthday with as well!

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4. Take a Chocolate Tour


Speaking of food – we present to you Melbourne’s beautiful chocolate tours, among other places to go for your birthday!

The city is famous for its chocolate shops. The tour takes you to many of them, some situated in some pretty famous places, and you can load up on some yummy chocolatey goodness as you go along. 

The birthday adult and the birthday kid can try nearly a dozen different kinds of locally produced chocolates and learn all about the history of chocolate-making in the city. Tea, coffee, and even wine are available. 

5. Go on Some Rides at a Theme Park


This one’s a classic, right? Everyone loves a theme park, and there’s no place more iconic in Melbourne than Luna Park in St Kilda.

You can ride on the old wooden rollercoaster with beautiful ocean views and head to the games to try and win a stuffed animal – perhaps your gift to the young person? You can even head to the beach from there.

Or you could just go to a waterpark! Adventure Park Geelong Water Park is only one of loads of options.

6. Check Out a Magic Show


Young or old, the wonder of some old-school magic never really fades. Trust us – go to a good show, and you’ll find out how fun it can be to watch the illusions right in front of your eyes!

There are shows in 5-star hotels in the Melbourne CBD and more private, local shows as well. You can head out for a bite to eat afterwards!

7. Take a spooky tour around the city


What’s a city without a few good haunted houses? Apparently, Melbourne has quite a few of them, and you can go visit them on a Ghost Tour.

The guide will tell you all about the history of the place, and maybe you’ll even see some spectres! What better way to bond with the birthday co-celebrator than to be frightened together?

8. Drive a supercar!


Okay, maybe one of you will be driving, and the other one will be in the passenger streets – but who cares? You’ll both still feel the thrill of zooming along in a powerful car – an experience that people only dream of!

Head to the Sandown Raceway for a ride on a race car. You can drive yourself or choose The Apex experience, in which you sit pretty while an expert takes you around the course! (That’s the one we’d recommend for the young people, by the way.)

This is one of the best places to celebrate birthdays for adults!

9. Buzz off on a Helicopter Ride


Who doesn’t want to go on a chopper ride at least once in their lives, James Bond-style? Melbourne offers over 10 different kinds of helicopter rides, and we can promise you that everyone, from 8 to 80, will enjoy them!

You could choose whichever scene you prefer – cityscape, or ocean views, or mountain views. There’s even one that goes over Phillip Island, San Remo, and the MotoGP Circuit. How cool is that?! 

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10. Escape to the Country


A day or weekend trip is always a good idea for people of all ages. It helps to break the monotony of everyday life – and it doesn’t even need to be expensive.

Why not head for a unique cabin experience at a campground or a cabin with a hot house or even a tiny house? You could head to Mornington Peninsula, Great Ocean Road, Yarra Valley, and the Dandenongs, and both of you can spend some time with nature and your loved ones.

Soak in the peninsula’s hot springs, or go for some easy hiking or biking trails so young people can follow along. 

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11. Say hello to some sharks


Okay, we’ll be honest – we put this on the list because it’s been on our bucket list for a while. If your young person is especially plucky – and so are you – why not head for a meeting with a shark?

You’ll need to put on diving gear and then be lowered into the blue depths in a cageless tank. You’ll get up close and personal with the majestic creatures – and, if you’re lucky, other sea creatures such as jellyfish and stingrays.

The best part is that you don’t need diving experience to try it! The minimum age for the activity is 14.

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12. Go Penguin Hunting


And for our finale, a last stop on the creature trail – with penguins this time! Young or old, who doesn’t love some adorable tiny penguins? You could go to Phillip Island to see the fairy penguins or head to St Kilda at sunset to watch them settle in for the night.

On a side note, bucks parties at Philip Island are a blast! Explore other Melbourne adult parties.

So bundle up in a blanket, take some binoculars and go birdwatching to celebrate your special day!

So, what did you think of our 12 activities to do on your birthday in Melbourne? They’re fun, inclusive, and cover a whole range of ages and budgets. Let us know which ones you tried out! And, of course, we hope we’ll see you soon at Entermission Melbourne.

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