Top 11 Instagrammable Tourist Places in Melbourne

Melbourne City is known for its vibrant culture and diverse architecture combined with stunning natural surroundings, making it the perfect place to click a few shots for your Instagram.

From iconic places to hidden gems, capture the essence of Melbourne and make your feed stand out! Grab your camera and start snapping!

For women travelling to the city, Melbourne is safe for solo female travel. The only thing you need to be aware of is animals.

Get viral-worthy pictures by visiting the top 11 Instagrammable Melbourne tourist places.

1. Princes Pier

Princes Pier is a mysteriously beautiful port. A popular tourist destination in Melbourne with historical significance has become the best tourist spot and a gem for photographers. 

The pier is the best place to capture your mirror images. If you are a blogger or a photographer, go creative with reflective shots. There is a lot of scope for you to go creative with different camera angles. 

The sunset and the sunrise from the port are the absolute best. Remember to carry batteries and memory space, as you might just run off them while clicking the pier. 

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Princes pier

2. Royal Arcade

Royal Arcade is the perfect mix of modernity and nostalgia. It takes you back to the 1920s with chequered corridors, vintage boutiques, high ceilings, glittery murals, arched pathways and the Gaunt’s Clock striking every hour on the hour. 

For bloggers and photographers looking for unique content and pictures, Royal Arcade’s every corner has a story waiting to be told or captured. 

Include the Royal Arcade in your Melbourne itinerary. It has a vibe from the Victorian era! 

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Royal arcade

3. Entermission Melbourne

For tourists in Melbourne City, Entermission is a quirky place to get pictures while indulging in a game of escape room with friends and family. 

Entermission Melbourne provides a host of virtual and physical escape rooms where you will look for clues, solve puzzles and escape a locked room within an hour. Our game guides are super helpful, and our rooms are perfect for a photo session. 

If you are in Melbourne Vic and looking for quirky and beautiful places to capture, visit us at Entermission Melbourne for an amazing Instagram-worthy collection! It is our favourite place to hang out! 

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Entermission melbourne

4. Royal Botanic Gardens

Royal Botanic Gardens is 36 hectares of green land amidst a concrete jungle consisting of more than 50,000 trees and plants, cactus gardens, and calm lakes. 

This is a gem for photographers, boasting a mesmerising collection of Australian native plants and trees, providing the perfect backdrop for any photo opportunity! 

For the travel couple, you can take a romantic stroll through the gardens while you keep snapping the nature. Royal Botanic Garden is a lesser-known tourist place for relaxing and destressing too. 

But do not forget to take your camera! You are bound to be overwhelmed by the scenery. Remember to take time to try out shots and angles, as you will get a lot of classic shots! 

Royal botanic gardens

5. Hot Air Ballooning

A fabulous experience to go hot-air ballooning in Melbourne and a plus one if you take your camera along. Head to the blog to find a few companies that take you high up without breaking your bank account. 

Make memories and capture the view from above. The city from the sky is mesmerising to look at, and imagine YOUR lens will capture the drone view! 

A panoramic shot at sunset or sunrise will get your Instagram post viral! 

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6. Yarra River

The Yarra River consists of aesthetically pleasing banks, melodic sounds, birds, serene water, cafes and restaurants and a breathtaking view of the city skyline.

Every spot is an Instagram-worthy spot. And while you are at it, you can have a nice lunch by the river, or go fishing or simply sit by to take in the environment.

Take a prime lens for clicking better portraits.

Yarra river

7. Eureka 89

Experience Melbourne Central like nothing before! The view from the city’s tallest building is breathtaking. From the 89th floor, the entire metropolis is a photographer’s paradise. 

Capture a panoramic view of the city or snap pictures inside the restaurant. Either way, you can go as creative as possible! The day is equally breathtaking as the night with the city lights. 

Apart from taking great photos, you can also dine in the tallest building! 


8. Ponyfish Island

A bar on a river island! The coolest bar in Melbourne provides a scenic view of the beautiful city and the calm river. 

It has an Instagrammable nature that makes it every tourist’s dream. With its vast green space, captivating lights, historic architecture and picturesque setting on the Yarra River, it’s bound to make your page stand out from the rest. 

Portrait images will be out of the world. If you have visitors coming in from different cities or states, Ponyfish Island is the best place to go. 


9. Hosier Lane

One of the bucket list fun things to do in the urban art scene in Melbourne is visiting Hosier Lane! 

It is a breathtakingly beautiful alleyway covered in colourful street art, ranging from ear-catching pieces to moving murals. Aspiring photographers and seasoned Instagrammers flock here daily to take pictures and get creative with their shots. 

If you are in Melbourne and you love art or not, head to Hosier Lane to get a few creative artistic shots for your Instagram! 

Hosier lane

10. Anchorage Marina

A photography session is never over without visiting the port in Melbourne. The marina has sea masts, windmills, boats, sea animals and a lot of sea traffic. 

Most of the view can be documented. For aesthetic shots, try different angles and try to be as much creative as you can be. 

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Anchorage marina

11. Great Ocean Road

Australia’s favourite spot! The famous 12 Apostles, along with a fantastic coastline, beaches and amazing views, the Great Ocean Road is a naturally photogenic place. 

For photographers and bloggers, explore the area before you choose a spot and snap a thousand pictures. Every place deserves to be clicked, especially the beach. 

For tourist places near Melbourne, Australia, you can also take a day trip from Melbourne to the Great Ocean Road! 

Great ocean road

Other instagrammable restaurants in Melbourne include Melbourne Sky Bar, AC/DC Lane, rooftop bars, and Queen Victoria Marketplace are worth Instagrammable too! Luna Park, Brighton Beach, Federation Square, art galleries, Eureka Skydeck, Albert Park, Royal Exhibition Building, State Library, Flinders Street Station, amusement parks, and beach boxes are also some of the instagrammable places in Melbourne.

Make sure to explore the place you are visiting, as every nook has the capacity to make a fantastic shot!

Edit your pictures a bit, play with warmth and saturation, and lo! Your picture is ready for your Instagram feed.

Tell us in the comments below what you did and which place suited you the most. Tell us if you have discovered a new place.

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