10 Great Teenage Birthday Party Ideas in Melbourne

With the great years of adolescence comes great angst and, therefore, a great inability to be impressed by anything. Sounds familiar? If you have a moody teenager at home, it certainly will!

As no one knows better than the parent, you need a LOT of imagination (and organizing prowess) to throw a teenager a birthday bash they consider cool enough to invite their friends too. Cakes, balloons, and party games just don’t cut it anymore. And, of course, everything needs to be picture-perfect for TikTok and IG – yes, even for your teen boy who pretends he doesn’t care about social media.

So we’ve decided to chuck a teen birthday party ideas list at you for inspiration! There’s something here for everybody, from the action lovers to the athletic ones, to the artsy ones, and the quieter, homey ones.

Here are 10 teenage birthday party venue ideas in Melbourne:

1. For technology lovers: VR Escape Room


Got a high-energy kiddo with an equally lively group of friends? Why not go for a virtual reality escape room birthday party venue in Melbourne Central?

With the help of a headset and a controller, this technology lets you step into a realm of infinite possibilities – and we at Entermission Melbourne offer teen birthday party venues consisting of indoor virtual reality escape rooms!

We have six virtual reality escape room adventures, as part of which your child and their friends can take part in various tasks and challenges. The goal is to figure their way out of a safe, supervised, and virtual escape room within a set time limit. The games can be held at our Melbourne Vic venue or in your own home, with our friendly staff and experts guiding you every step of the way.

You can go through the looking glass in Alice, trek in a tropical rainforest in Jungle Quest, or do battle with a very clever supervillain in Mad Mind. For horror lovers, there’s Sanctum, and for sci-fi lovers, there’s Space Heroes. And if you love a good war game, we have Mission Sigma. In short, no matter what your favourite fictional world is – you’ll find something for yourself and your guests here!

It’s a safe, accessible, and affordable way to make all sorts of experiences available simultaneously to any group size, no matter where they are or what sort of accommodations they may require. And with our amazing party hosts, you can vouch for fun teenage birthday party activities Melbourne!

We even have a special birthday party package that includes games, snacks, and, of course, cake! There are different packages depending on how many people are there in your group. And if you want to go old-school, we’ve got the arcade games as well as Nintendo Switches for you to do so. You can take a look at our birthday packages here and at all our exciting missions here. We also will help you click great birthday snaps for your safekeeping! 

The whole package is cool enough even for your teen’s keen judgment – after all, the statement ‘I had a virtual reality birthday party has a great ring to it! And it is already becoming the best birthday celebration in Melbourne Vic!

You can also buy Entermission gift cards for a friend’s upcoming birthday experience or for their kids’. Entermission gift vouchers make amazing present ideas.

Book online or contact us to get started on your big day special event with an escape room adventure! Head to our facility for an unforgettable experience!

For birthday parties during the Melbourne winter, a teen group party at Entermission will be the best party idea for a virtual reality experience!

2. For the Quiet Homey Ones: Backyard Bonfire Party


Friends, music, and a bonfire under the stars – what a simple recipe for lifelong memories, making it one of the amazing teen party venues perfect for an outdoor birthday. It’s an especially great idea for summer and autumn. You don’t even need all that much: just your garden or backyard, a fire pit, some outdoor seating with plenty of blankets, cushions, and, of course, the all-important fairy lights, candles, and tealights for decoration, and lovely homemade food and drinks. (Have the s’mores, cake, and finger food ready!)

If the kids can play instruments, we’d encourage you to ask them to bring them along, whether they’re guitars, ukuleles, keyboards, or even kazoos! Nothing like a backyard jam session to lift the spirits. And, of course, if you have a projection screen – or even a flat light-coloured wall – bring out the projectors and the movie tapes! They make one of the coziest teenage birthday party ideas in winter!

By the way, for all birthday celebrations in general but this one in particular, we’d highly recommend having adults at hand, with fire extinguishers and first aid kits – safety first.

3. For the Outgoing Ones: Karaoke birthday party


Do you have a loud set of teens who love to make themselves heard? Get them a mic and a karaoke machine, and let them have at it! Celebrate your birthday in Melbourne loud and clear!

You can set this up in your home or reserve a local karaoke place. If it’s outside, check out the birthday party packages, or make sure to arrange for food and cake either at the birthday party space, if it’s allowed or at an event space nearby.

If it’s at home, we’d suggest you go all out with a fog machine, disco lights, a centre stage area with spotlights, and a giant projector screen displaying the lyrics. Decorate the ‘stage’ area with curtains, and get lots of floor cushions so everyone can gather ’round. You could even ask the kids to dress up like their favourite singers. Keep the food and beverages coming. And, of course, you can’t forget the Bluetooth speaker and a YouTube playlist of your kid’s favourite karaoke songs!

Explore cake shops for a teen birthday party in Melbourne.

4. For the Social Media Enthusiasts:

Instagram/Tiktok-themed Birthday Party


Got a click-happy teen whose social media savviness outdoes most professionals? Why not set up a social media-themed birthday party celebration for them? It’s all the rage nowadays, anyway!

The first step to a successful social media-themed birthday event space is a photo corner, and it’s always better if it’s DIY. Set up a background with colourful patterned fabrics, sparkly tassels, or florals – and don’t forget to put the birthday kid’s name on it! Make sure you light it well from the background and the foreground and have lots of props like feather boas, party hats, pretty masquerade masks, and even goofy masks such as those fake glasses-nose-moustache ones. We’d also suggest having an official Polaroid camera on standby so that you can take lots and lots of pictures. You could even have a ‘Tiktok booth’: an area with a ring light specifically where people can recreate their favourite Tiktok trend of the moment.

The food could also be themed, with printable social media icons and logos on cupcakes!

Discover more teenage birthday party themes.

Explore teenage girl/boy party food ideas.

5. For the Adventurous Ones: Faux Fear Factor Party


Have you heard of the TV series Fear Factor? Yes, we’re referring to that very same show! While we would not suggest bringing snakes, scorpions, cockroaches, bees, and the other horrifying things we’ve seen on the show into your home – we would very much recommend freaking your young guests out with faux versions of these, especially if they enjoy some fun spooks.

How to make a faux version of the show, you say? Some simple DIY is the answer. Instead of real live wriggly worms, use candy worms that the kids need to scoop up in their mouth and transfer from one bowl to another, with their hands behind their backs. What’s more, fill the bowls with either chocolate pudding or jello, making it a tasty dive but a messy one! You could also keep a bowl of hard-boiled eggs and hide a couple of raw eggs amongst them. Have the kids crack the eggs on their foreheads, and there will inevitably be one kid who ends up with an egg on their face! Our personal favourite, though, is the mystery box. Cut two holes to fit two hands on one side of the box, and for extra fun, cut out the opposite side of the box entirely so the audience can watch. In the box, put in fun things that feel awful to touch – this includes dried cereal, hair, mashed-up fruits like bananas, cold spaghetti, and so on. (Sorry for the nightmares!) The kids must put their hands in through the holes and guess what they’re touching while the audience watches.

In this way, you can set up a series of tasks that get progressively more difficult until there’s one winner left. But remember, it’s a party – so don’t make it too tough! Make sure everyone can participate happily, and allow them to opt-out whenever they want.  We can guarantee you that the kids will talk about it for years!

More ideas on setting the party food for teenagers.

6. For the Athletic Ones: Paintball or Lasergun Party


These are birthday idea classics for a reason, and they’re tailor-made for teens bouncing with energy. You could opt to go to a party room where all safety protocols will be followed, and you’ll pay an all-in-one cover charge for equipment and setup. You could follow that up with informal dining at a teen-friendly diner or pizzeria.

You could also set up a course in your own backyard, with lots of boxes to form places to hide behind. But make sure you have all the safety equipment – from goggles to chest and knee pads and helmets. Also, ensure you vet the company from whom you rent or buy the paintball equipment to check that they do not malfunction often. In fact, there are even companies who will come and set up the paintball experience in your backyard. Have plenty of food ready, though – we guarantee you the kids will be ravenous after this!

7. For the Chilled-out Ones: A Pool Party


Have access to a pool in your home or in the community? Why not try for a pool party, especially if all the guests can swim? This makes an amazing birthday location for all pool lovers!

Make sure to book the space beforehand if it’s at a community centre or hotel. Set a fun dress code – how about ‘Caribbean Cool’? – and have the theme reflected in the decorations, with refreshing watermelon margaritas, fruit skewers, mocktails in coconut shells, and lots of tropical accessories such as paper garlands, fake palm trees, and lanterns. Don’t forget the inflatables for the water, a lounging area with poolside chaises and plenty of shade, and have the music on blast at all times!

Remind the guests to bring their own bathing suits, towels, and bathing supplies if they need them, and depending on when the party is happening, sunscreen. We’d also suggest hiring lockers or arranging for a secure place for the kids to leave their keys, phones, and wallet.

You could also bring along a ball to play pool, volleyball, and other teenage party games, but ensure that everyone is safe and comfortable with it. And always have an adult supervisor on standby.

8. For the One Who Needs Pampering: A Spa Party


School can be stressful, and we all need some RnR sometimes. Why not treat your kid with a spa party birthday? You can either get professionals for the process and go the whole nine yards or make it a fun thing with an at-home spa. To get the right ambience, place some scented candles around a spacious room, turn down the lights, and put on some gentle music. Have the essentials ready: soft face towels, aromatic oils, face masks, face creams, tools such as jade massagers and cooling globes, and bowls of warm water to wipe off the masks and creams. You can have the classic cucumbers for eye relief and even get the kids to join you in making homemade clay and honey masks. Also, have a nail polish, manicure, and pedicure station at the ready – and don’t forget the hair brushes and hair ties.

We’d suggest keeping the food light and simple – some cool, refreshing drinks to go with it!

9. For the kids-at-heart: Neon Disco birthday party


A really great birthday idea! Ever seen the really cool pics of people at Coachella with neon outfits, makeup, wigs, or accessories? Why not bring that vibe home for your kid’s birthday if that’s their thing? All you really need are glow stick bracelets and glow-in-the-dark face paint, which you can distribute as soon as the kids come in. Set up the ‘disco’ area with a disco ball and disco lights, and we’d add a fog machine for good measure. The food station could even have neon glasses and plates – and the music has to be popping!

10. For the Ones Who Can’t-Wait to Grow Up: A Dinner Party


And our coup de gras – a formal teenage birthday dinner idea. Many of our kids will go away to college as they grow older, where they’ll need to know how to navigate semi-formal situations exactly like these. So why not make a night of it? You can hold it at a fancy restaurant, of course – or you could hold it at home, catering the experience yourself. Ask your child’s friends to dress up in evening gowns and tuxedos, hand out some champagne flutes with sparkling juice, and let the gourmet dining experience begin!

Explore the best birthday dinner venues in Melbourne.

That’s our top ten birthday party ideas to impress your teenager. What do you think? Why not tell us in the comments below?

And don’t forget to visit us at Entermission, the best teenage birthday party venues Melbourne, to turn your child’s birthday into a special day!

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