7 Ultimate Teenage Birthday Party Venues in Melbourne 

Ditch the typical birthday party ideas and decorations, and get ready to throw your kid the greatest party of all! 

Get out of the house or stay indoors; here are 7 fun teenage birthday party venues in Melbourne. 

Explore below! 

1. Off The Street Hip-Hop

A trendy and quirky birthday party idea

For teenagers who love to dance, Off The Street Hip-Hop is a one-hour workshop including entertainment, games and prizes. The workshop offers a hip-hop artist from whom the kids can learn all about dance skills. 

Most recent dance trends are taught from recognisable and popular videos, films and TV series. They offer different birthday party packages, including an online workshop as well. They provide both female and male artists. 

For a birthday party venue hire, call them beforehand so they can set the centre stage for you! 

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2. Fairy Park

For outdoor birthday party ideas for teenagers – kids get to dress up in themes! 

Fairy Park is a big outdoor park consisting of curved footpaths to the top of the hill with fairy tale scenes all along the way. Simply enter through the entry gates by paying a nominal entry fee and grab a spot on the picnic grounds. 

You can get your own cake and food and book a table for 40+ aged people. The picnic grounds can shelter up to 100 people in one sitting, with loads of things left for you to discover. BBQ tables are not included. 

For a relatively cheap and outdoor birthday party venue, The Fairy Park is the best place to take your teenager and their friends! 

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3. Entermission Virtual Reality Escape Rooms

If your kid loves a little adrenaline rush, book your indoor birthday party celebrations at the Entermission Virtual Reality Escape Rooms

We offer many themes, from horror to science fiction to adventure and mystery. We provide immersive and interactive virtual reality escape rooms where you and your squad will be locked in a virtual room, and to get out, you have to solve a series of puzzles. 

The entire virtual reality escape room experience is available in various packages for birthday parties. You get a VR headset, controllers, and a party host to help you throughout your adventure. You are also provided with a private party room where you can party and cut your birthday cake while hanging out with your buddies! 

Entermission Melbourne invites you to enjoy a multitude of games, from Runaway Train, Manor of Escape, Space Station Triberia, Dragon Tower, Mission Sigma, Quest of Thrones, Christmas, Chernobyl, to other captivating VR experiences.

Head to our facility at Level 1, 164 Bourke Street Melbourne Vic 3000, for a thrilling birthday adventure. Call our event planners now!

Here is why you should have a VR escape room birthday party

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4. Fizz Kidz Parties

A simple teenage birthday party idea.

An indoor entertainment centre, Fizz Kidz, offers a range of activities for kids and teenagers, especially those up to the age of 14 years. 

The indoor fun centre offers a range of interactive play areas, games and activities with amenities like food, water and washrooms, among many others. 

There are 2 birthday packages to choose from and three steps to follow. Choose your party time, select your day, date and time, and confirm your number of party guests, party food, and what they would like to make. 

Bath bombs, bubble butter, bath crystals, lip-balm scrubs, and expert slime are a few to name among many others. The kids will be taught how to make these while still having fun. At the end of the day, you get to take your creations in a goody party bag! 

Birthday parties at Fizz Kidz are fully supervised by trained staff, making it a safe and enjoyable place for kids to celebrate their special day. 

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5. Go Karting at Auscarts

For racing teenagers, Auscarts is a go-karting venue located in Melbourne. It features a range of go-karts for riders of all ages and abilities. 

If your teenager loves speed, give them a chance to experience the excitement of go-karting. It is a fully indoor centre, open all year round, and features state-of-the-art safety systems for a safe and enjoyable experience. 

Head here to view their birthday party packages

6. Mini Golf / Paintball / Karaoke

Putt-putt, or miniature golf, is a fun and enjoyable activity that involves hitting a small ball into a hole using a putter. They are often designed with various obstacles and hazards, making it difficult for kids to navigate the ball. 

Popular mini golf centres in Melbourne consist of Holey Moley, and Albert Park Mini Golf, offering party venues to celebrate your kid’s birthday bash. 

Paintball is an outdoor adventure game involving players shooting paintballs at each other. Many teams fight against each other to eliminate teams or to capture a flag. This high-energy and physically demanding activity requires a good fitness level and coordination. 

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When all fails, Karaoke is the way forward. Take your kid and their friends to the nearest karaoke centre and leave them. You could book a place with them to keep them safe while still having fun. The kids will enjoy singing and dancing for hours; that is all they are looking for. 

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7. Workshops

When you are done and dusted with all the above events, or your kid loves to learn new and fun things, attending a workshop is the way forward. 

From making beauty products and painting to baking and making artistic miniatures, Melbourne has many things to do for your sweet 16 birthday party. Head here to view the different kinds of workshops available in Melbourne

This is a fun and entertaining way to get your kids to learn something new! 


Melbourne has a wide variety of quirky venues that are perfect for celebrating a teenager’s birthday. So you will never run out of options. 

Other party venues to consider are – laser tags, indoor skydiving, disco party ideas Melbourne, and VR Arcades, among many others. 

It is only a matter of fact of which venue you will choose depending on what your teenager will love! 

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