5 Virtual Gaming Birthday Party Venues in Melbourne 

Make your next birthday celebration one to remember. Up for a game night on your special day? 

Step into a world of virtual reality gaming to celebrate your birthday in a whole new way in Melbourne. From multiplayer games to interactive experiences, virtual gaming is perfect for kids and adults alike. 

Are you ready for an unforgettable birthday bash with Melbourne’s virtual gaming party venues? 

Then dig in! 

1. Zero Latency VR 

With facilities at North Melbourne & Docklands, Zero Latency VR offers private event rooms and sessions that can be booked in advance for your birthday party. 

At the VR event venue, you are transported to an alternate reality where you can move without hesitation or tripping over obstacles. From many virtual reality experiences to choose from, the VR room offers action, adventure, and mayhem. 

Pack your bag, put on your VR headset, and pick up the gun; this birthday, get ready to knock your enemies down. Invite your friends and celebrate with cake and confetti. 

Plus Feature: Zero Latency is the world’s greatest free-roam virtual reality gaming arena. 

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Zero latency vr

This image has been taken from the TripAdvisor Zero Latency Website: https://www.tripadvisor.in/Attraction_Review-g255100-d8639901-Reviews-Zero_Latency-Melbourne_Victoria.html

2. Entermission Virtual Reality Escape Rooms Melbourne 

Hiya! Find us and celebrate birthdays like never before. 

Located in Melbourne CBD, at our facility at Entermission VR Escape Rooms, you are immersed in the world of escapes comprising action-packed themes like adventure, mystery, wonderland, and murder, among many others. 

Through the latest VR technology, you are virtually locked in a room with your squad, where you have to find and solve puzzles to get out of the room within a particular time limit. With Nintendo Switches, VR headsets, and VR hand tracking, celebrate the best birthday with us. 

We have various birthday party entertainment packages to choose from, and according to the size, you can also opt for a full venue hire. You can also choose an intimate indoor birthday party with us. Get in touch with us to book your room in advance for our event planners to set the stage for you and other birthday party decorations. 

So what are you up to? Book your private party rooms with us. Invite your squad and get ready to escape the boredom of a monotonous birthday and into virtual reality fun! Call us today to book your birthday room! 

We also provide online hosted escape rooms and other escape room board games. We also offer fun team building activities for adults, students and youngsters. If you know any VR enthusiast whose birthday is upcoming, then gift them an Entermission gift certificate

Explore VR games to play at Entermission Melbourne – Runaway Train, Manor of Escape, Space Station Triberia, Dragon Tower, Mission Sigma, Quest of Thrones, Christmas, Chernobyl, and other VR games.

Plus Feature: Melbourne’s only party venue with VR Hand Tracking Escape Rooms. 

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Entermission virtual

3. Extreme VR

Extreme VR is a mobile VR hire available nationwide. Their facilities are available for hire for birthdays, corporate events, or any specific event or purpose. 

Their packages include everything necessary to run the event smoothly, from delivery and installation to VR gadgets and on-site technical support. Mobile VR hires for rental include interactive gaming, 360 VR theatre, sports simulator, and TV and touchscreens. 

Their virtual reality party games range from rugby and soccer to speed racing and memory games. They comprise flexible packages, professional services, and an extensive range of virtual reality entertainment. 

The games are fun and suitable for kids and adults alike. And hence, on your next birthday, choose to hire VR entertainment from Extreme VR to celebrate your birthday bash in style. 

Plus Feature: VR Gaming at your fingertips! 

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Extreme vr

This image has been taken from The Japan Times Website: https://www.japantimes.co.jp/news/2016/11/20/business/tech/believe-not-virtual-realitys-takeover-now-underway/

4. Virtual Reality Melbourne

Suitable for ages 7-17, VR Melbourne consists of 8 VR stations, flight 737 simulators, and more than 20 gaming themes. They also provide different packages based on the number of guests and hours. 

You can play as an individual or with multiple people and survive that zombie attack or save a flight from getting crashed. Your kid’s virtual birthday party will be the topic of discussion for quite some time. 

Packages include 8 VR stations with Nintendo Games room, 2 party hosts, and an additional VR escape adventure that is upgradeable with additional fees. 

Plus Feature: VR Station with a private party room! 

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Virtual reality

This image has been taken from the VR Melbourne website: https://virtualrealitymelbourne.com/

5. VR World

With its affordable party packages, VR World has taken the VR world by storm. A VR arcade in Carlton, the facility consists of many VR arcade games, VR zombie survival games, VR laser tags, and VR escape room games. 

All of the above contains a particular time limit for the games to be played and completed. They consist of free parking and are open only on Saturdays and Sundays. 

From many awesome games to play with, your kid and their friends will hit the virtual party jackpot and will leave with a lasting memory. Enquire now

Plus Feature: A VR arcade with VR escape rooms! 

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Vr world

This image has been taken from the Visit Melbourne Website: https://www.visitmelbourne.com/regions/melbourne/see-and-do/leisure-activities/virtual-room-virtual-reality-escape-room 

Virtual gaming offers a unique and exciting way to celebrate your or your kid’s birthday! And with a wide range of virtual gaming experiences, they make it perfect for a get-together with friends and family! 

Prepare your guestlist and get ready for your big day. Cut a candle-lit cake along with a sumptuous meal accompanied by refreshments! And from all of us at Entermission Melbourne, we wish the birthday person a very happy birthday! 

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