Top 15 Kids’ Birthday Party Venues In Sydney

We get it – it can be hard to plan a child’s birthday party. As they grow up, they all develop their own interests. As a parent, it can be hard to figure out exactly what they’ll love.

But don’t worry – we’ve got your back. 

We’ve come up with a list of the most happening venues to celebrate kid’s birthdays in Sydney – and that’s not even the best part. We’ve grouped them based on your kids’ interests – so you know exactly what to find where and when!

Here are the top 15 kids’ birthday party spots in Sydney:

For the Adventurous Ones:

Entermission Sydney

Attraction_18747_main_5fd7e9ea0e140. Jpg

Adventures, puzzles, tasks, and challenges – all in virtual reality! That’s what you get at Entermission Sydney

It’s a virtual reality escape room venue that lets a player visit many different fictional worlds and figure their way out of a safe, supervised locked-room environment. Players must take on certain challenges and find their way back to the ‘real world’. 

The venue has a special provision for birthday parties. This package provides access to a team VR adventure, a party room with VR headsets and Nintendo switches, and pictures of your day. That’s along with yummy snacks, a cake and endless drinks!

Are you looking for the perfect kids birthday party venue in Sydney? Look no further than Entermission Sydney, a virtual reality escape room venue that offers a unique and exciting experience for children. With a variety of fictional worlds to explore and challenges to overcome, Entermission Sydney provides a safe and supervised environment for kids to have fun and celebrate their special day. Book your tickets today and give your child a birthday party they’ll never forget.

It’s all done in age-appropriate groups, and in a covid-safe manner as well. 

So get your tickets right here today.

Laser Warriors

This one’s for the intense play-fighters! Laser Warriors organises outdoor laser tag for your kid’s party – which means they bring the fun to you. 

If your child is an adventure seeker, Laser Warriors is the perfect Sydney birthday party venue for them. Offering outdoor laser tag at a location of your choice, Laser Warriors brings the excitement to your child and their friends. With a variety of games to choose from, including Capture, Battle Royale, Zombies and Domination, your child will learn the value of teamwork while having a blast. Book now to give your child a birthday party they’ll talk about for years to come.

Their crew can set up the pitch for a massive laser battle in parks with permission, or in your very own backyard. 

The birthday kid can run around with their friends and not only overcome exciting challenges, but also learn the value of teamwork. 

Some of the games they provide include Capture, Battle Royale, Zombies, and Domination – as well as the usuals such as Capture the flag. 

The experience is safe and secure as there are no pellets flying around, as in paintball, and it’s supervised by professionals at all times. 

Visit here to book.

For the Nature Lovers:

Wild Life Sydney Zoo

Wild Life Sydney Zoo will give your child an introduction to many of Australia’s iconic native animals. Exhibits include a Kangaroo walkabout, mingling with wallabies, hanging around with koalas and meeting platypuses! You can also visit other enclosures to find wombats, crocodiles, Tasmanian devils, numbats, and the world’s happiest animal – the quokka! 

The website has a helpful section that shows you how to best plan your day at the zoo. You can choose different experiences, such as Breakfast with Koalas, a wildlife tour, and even a private dining experience (I wonder what’s for dinner!) There are also separate tickets available for kid’s birthday parties. 

So head on over to the website to book your tickets.

SEA LIFE Sydney Aquarium

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Image Credit:

Time for some underwater magic! The Sea Life Sydney Aquarium 

Different exhibitions include exploring Day and Night on the Reef, exploring with penguins on Penguin Expedition, checking out some pointy-toothed friends in Shark Valley, and hanging out with dugongs at dugong island. The aquarium is also home to 

It’s infotainment at its best – your child and their friends can learn about the beautiful world of the sea and how we can conserve it, while having the time of their lives.

Passes of different values are available depending on how many exhibits you want to visit.  And there are plenty of foods, drinks and gifts available. 

Visit here to get your tickets.

Ku Ring Gai Wildflower Garden

How about some land exploration now? Head to the sprawling Ku Ring Gai Wildflower Garden. It consists of wild, peaceful bushland spread over more than 100 hectares.

There are different programmes and events that you can plan your day around – including activities for kids. These include Wild Birthdays, Nature School and Nature Play. 

There is also a library with a host of resources, and lots of events about sustainibility and Aboriginal heritage. Your child can learn about the world around them from talented educators in a beautiful setting.

And the best part? The events are paid, but entry to the park is free! 

Check out the programmes here.

Calmsley Hill City Farm

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Have you ever been to a farm, just to pet the lovely animals there? Well, now you can! 

At Calmsley Hill City Farm, you’ll be able to interact with the farm animals. You can hand-feed them, take tractor rides around the farm, learn how to milk a cow, watch how to shear a sheep, follow around the farm’s work dogs and even learn how to wield a whip a la Indiana Jones! 

Fresh-from-the-farm takeaway food is available at the Farmhouse Kiosk. Amazingly, the grounds have free electric BBQ’s so you can have your own barbeque picnic right there. 

As with all the venues we’ve discussed, this one too has special packages for birthdays.You can even add goodies like gifts for each child and have one-on-one time with the animals for small additional fees.

Check out this page for all the details.

For the Gamers and Playtime-lovers:

Ultimate Sydney

Where can you go for your kid who is a ball of energy? Ultimate Sydney, of course! This vast venue has Interconnected Trampolines on which you can play dodgeball and other games, a Massive Foam Pit with a Climbing Wall, spin bumper cars and what is said to be Australia’s Largest Indoor Play Centre. 

There are various packages available, from ‘Simple’ to ‘Ultimate’, and some pretty amazing food, from the mandatory cake to various platters, pizzas and garlic bread. 

And if the grown ups get tired – there’s a chillout zone for them!

Head here to book your tickets.

Oz Funland

If you’re thinking this is just another Ozzy aka Australian play park, you’ll be wrong. This fun venue is actually Wizard of Oz themed! 

The children can take a metaphorical walk down the Yellow Brick Road straight to discos, Putt Putt Golf, a playmaze, or a bouncy castle. You can hold parties with themes like superheroes and Frozen, in rooms such as balloon room, princess castle and wizard’s arena. You can even opt for music or crafts lessons. 

And if you’re tired, you can relax at the Rainbow Cafe while the kids play.  

But the main attraction here is the immersive Oz Funland experience, available for a limited time on the weekends. Children can go on the Oz Quest through Munchkinland, Cornfield, twinkly Tunnel and enchanted Forest. The show comes live with cutting-edge audio-visual effects, and a talented cast’s singing and dancing! 

Book your dates here.

Manhattan Superbowl

One for the bowling fans – this neon dreamland is said to be Sydney’s only retro-themed Tenpin Bowling Alley. 

There are 24 bowling alleys and the Future Zone Arcade with more than 30 games, including all the classics, like Mario Kart. 

The venue holds kid’s parties with a dedicated host for each group, with customisable menus on offer.

Although we’re talking about the kids here, the venue has plenty to offer for adults as well. It’s the only venue in Sydney that offers both a pub and bowling, with the Newmarket Hotel right next door. Places to get drinks include the Pontiac Bar, the Beer Garden and the Bistro. 

It’s also got a great collection of rare memorabilia, down the nostalgic “Route 66″. 

Check out the packages here.

Monkey Mania

4. Png

Image credit: Money Mania

This fun games venue has multiple outlets in Sydney. Kids up top the age of 12 can jump around in inflatable bouncy castles, foam ball arenas, safe and supervised climbing walls, and even electric go karts in some locations.

There are themed party rooms such as Candyland, Pirate, Mermaid, Space, Magic Carpet, Enchanted Hot Air Balloon, Superhero, Jungle and Dinosaur – phew! 

There is a dedicated toddler’s area for the really, really young ‘uns. There’s aso a delectable collection of nibbles on offer, from burgers to chips and coffee to milkshakes. 

The venue also has a scheme that lets you book first and pay later.

Check the packages at the various locations here.

Planet Mino

And in our final game-venue, we have Planet Mino. This spot has a two-floor kids club with giant slides, toy kitchen supplies, a ball pit, a netted walking bridge, a flat swing, two spinning seats, the hanging octopus, monkey hangers, climbing wall and much more.

But its coolest attraction is an augmented reality wall. Children get to solve tasks or challenges, such as hitting targets with balls, via interactive displays.  

For the younger kids, there is a LEGO zone and designated areas with lots and lots of toys. The Planet Mino cafe has an all-day breakfast option and a kids menu, amidst other yummy choices.

The venue takes safety very seriously, providing anti-slip socks for children at a small price. It also has free Wifi! 

Click here to see the various booking options, Including an option to rent out the entire venue.

Archie Brothers Cirque Electriq

Archie-brothers-cirque-electriq-5-11. Jpg

Image credit: Tot:Hot Or Not

This all-in-one venue has arcades, bowling alleys, simulation rides and even laser tag. What more could a child want?!

This venue also has multiple outlets. They can help you organise stress-free parties by grouping together some activities, food and drinks in various neat packages.

You can grab a mouth-watering sandwich at Rando Sandos. If you want to party while minimising your carbon footprint – their ingredients come from Australian producers and are served in sustainable packaging.

Find one of their locations to book your party here.

For the curious and arty ones:

Artspark Studio

This one’s for the ones that love messing around with colours. Artspark studio holds really unique art and sewing parties for the crafty kids. 

They can learn all about painting and basic sewing. At the end of the party, they get to take home whatever they made.

The venue has a mini farm and children can be taught gardening there, giving them a chance to get their hands dirty to help nurture fresh produce. 

They could also get to pet and feed the venue’s guinea pigs, and find eggs laid by resident hens! 

The whole experience is geared towards teaching them how to care for the Earth and the community they live in, while being oodles of fun.

Book a spot at this unique venture here.

Slime Party

Do you have a young scientist at home? Then this one’s for you! 

Bop Till You Drop holds birthday parties where your kids can put on a lab coat and mess about all kinds of safe, non-toxic slime. 

With all the ingredients provided for, they can create slimy fun with glitter and other textures of lots of colours, under an entertainer’s supervision. Every child is involved in the celebration. 

Each kid can take one home galaxy slime and one fluffy slime creation each – and the music that the entertainer brings with them is free.

Book this unusual party for your little scientist here.

Face Painting

Face-painted-kids-picture-id157639920? K=20&m=157639920&s=612x612&w=0&h=cjm07tn6ooy1ftwh3uiknmcc6vmel4nkxtykxgcro_y=

And finally, an old favourite for children’s parties – face painting! Fly By Fun organises themed kid’s parties. Themes include superheroes, the Transformers, and Count Dracula himself. 

The really young children can choose between Peter Rabbit, Paw Patrol, Mickey and Minnie Mouse and Thomas The Tank Engine and more. 

And what’s a theme party without some whacky and fun face painting?

Children can take part in this and other activities, such as balloon twisting, plaster & canvas Painting, Badge Making, and Sand Art, so that, of course, your child can make the best sand castles ever for the rest of their lives. 

Everything is provided for by the entertainers for all parties. That’s true even for the Science Party with its magic bubbles, volcanoes and lava lamps, the Cooking Party in which they can decorate cupcakes, and the Dance and Sport Parties. 

It’s especially true for the Petting Zoo Party and Reptile shows!

Costumed entertainers are available on hand to thrill your children. They take lots of photos, lead the children in some groovy moves, give out hugs and high fives, sing Happy Birthday and help cut the cake. 

Enquire about their parties here.

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