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sydney covidsafe activities

Things to do in Sydney during the covid pandemic

By Entermission Adventure Masters | 31 August 2020

Which activities in Sydney easily allow you to follow covid-related health and safety precautions?

lockdown activities vr escape room fans

4 Lockdown Activities For VR Escape Room Fans

By Entermission Adventure Masters | 17 August 2020

4 thrilling team-based activities that will attract wholehearted participation from fans of VR escape rooms.


6 Unusual and Exciting Hen Party Ideas in Sydney

By Entermission Adventure Masters | 27 July 2020

All these hen party ideas are easy to organize, and awesome to take part in.

coronavirus vr escape games

4 VR Escape Game Themes In A Post-Covid World

By Entermission Adventure Masters | 2 July 2020

The lifestyle changes imposed by the pandemic inspire several challenging escape game themes.

5 ways to tell you have an aussie friend

5 Ways To Tell You Have An Aussie Friend

By Entermission Adventure Masters | 5 June 2020

Here’s the ultimate guide to settling the question – is he/she Aussie?

reality tv virtual reality

Go ‘Authentic’, Or Go Virtual?

By Entermission Adventure Masters | 3 June 2020

Has the trend towards ‘authenticity’ stopped in its tracks? Or, was it never a trend to start with?

covid lockdown new normal

5 Lasting Effects Of The Covid19 Lockdown

By Entermission Adventure Masters | 12 May 2020

These would have been considered unthinkable even a couple of months ago.

3 top lockdown movies

3 Movies To Watch While You’re At Home

By Entermission Adventure Masters | 11 May 2020

5 movies that you must catch up on while you’re at home, waiting for the lockdown to be lifted.


Why Entermission Virtual Reality Escape Rooms are Great Fun for Families

By Entermission Adventure Masters | 27 March 2020

Finding the perfect family activity can be hard work. No one can decide on a restaurant to go to for dinner, there aren’t any good movies at the cinema and the older kids don’t want to stay home and play board games anymore. Luckily, Entermission Sydney Virtual Reality Escape Rooms provides the perfect solution for…

co void


By Entermission Adventure Masters | 19 March 2020

We are a registered COVID-Safe business. We take the safety of both our customers and our team members extremely seriously and we have strict hygiene measures, social distancing and temperature checks to help limit the spread of COVID-19 (Coronavirus). Our adventures are conducted in private groups with friends and family, meaning you only ever play…