What to do When You’re Stuck in an Escape Room

Just like in real life, things will not always go your way inside an escape room. What are you going to do about it?

If you’ve played one too many escape rooms, you know that getting lost is a part of the deal. There are situations where you’ll be staring blankly at the clock, tugging on locked doorknobs, walking around in circles, and seeking answers desperately. What you do in moments like these will decide whether you escape the room or fail.

Escape rooms can be thrilling when you’re on a roll. But the minute you stop finding new clues or fail to connect the dots, the situation takes a turn for the worse. And as you fail to make headway, distraction and disappointment aren’t far behind.

Whether you’re an amateur or an escape room veteran, you’re bound to get stuck at a certain point, and that can be frustrating. The trick is never to lose hope and keep soldering on. If you can survive the setbacks, you can turn the tables in your favour and get back on track with renewed fervour.

And on that note, here are the top seven things to do when you’re stuck in an escape room.

Top 7 Things to do When You’re Stuck in an Escape Room

These are the escape room best practices that can lead you out of tricky situations. Take note.


Teamwork is one of the most crucial factors for beating every escape room. Since escape games are designed to be group activities, it’s impossible to succeed if you decide to head solo.

Communication plays an essential part here. And once you find a clue or come across a new puzzle, call it out for the rest of your team. Make sure that you’re heard, and be sure to listen to what your teammates have to say.

If you’re stuck, huddle around and remind each other of individual progress, the puzzles deciphered so far, and the available clue. This way, it’ll be easier to move forward and gain a fresh perspective on complicated puzzles.

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Examine the Room Again

Good escape room practices include searching every corner of the room, including shelves, under objects, inside books, lockers, and everything else that you can get your hands on. But in all the excitement, it’s easy to overlook a spot.

If you think you’ve searched every corner of the room, think again! You can retrace your steps or make a fresh start. Look back at the puzzles you’ve solved and search for new connections to unsolved mysteries.

Maybe you’ll find a hidden section of the wall that opens, a hidden drawer, or the missing piece of clue that you need to solve a puzzle. Pay attention to the smallest detail as you might encounter the biggest clues.

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Take a Quick Break

Escape room puzzles are designed to test your memory, patience, perseverance and stress you out. If you’ve been working on solving a mystery for a long time, it’s easy to lose focus. Instead of burning out, take a quick break, gather your wits, and tackle the challenge head-on.

You can ask your teammates for a different perspective or help them out for a change. Walking around the room also helps lend a new angle. The trick is to take a break once in a while without quitting.

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Analyse Unused Clues

If you’re sitting on a bunch of new clues, take a minute to organise your resources. Think about how they can fit together, what locks they might open, or where you found those clues. Organising the clues is a crucial task that amateurs usually ignore. And that’s one of the biggest blunders that you can make.

If you’re struggling with the code to open a combination padlock, try rearranging the new clues. It’s possible that you aren’t using the right tools for the job. If something isn’t working straight away, try something new.

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Connect the Storyline

Every escape game follows a plot. If you can join the dots early on, you’ll find it easier to hunt for clues. Think about the storyline, the characters, and the probable props, and suddenly your goal seems plausible.

The key to solving any escape room is piecing together the narrative. Once you join the dots in the plot, you know why you’re looking for what you’re looking for. Remember this tip at the beginning of your game and note down the critical narratives early on.

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Ask for Hints

There is no shame in seeking help when you’re stuck. That’s what the gamemaster is for! They’re responsible for ensuring you have an excellent experience. And feeling helpless as the clock ticks isn’t the kind of memory you want to take home.

Hints are simple solutions that nudge you in the correct direction. So, if you’re having trouble uncovering a problem, you can always turn to the gamemaster for help. Every room gets a few freebies. So, use your lifeline when you have to!

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Bring on the Positive Vibes

At the end of the day, escape games are fun group activities. When doubt begins to creep in, remind each other of the puzzles that you’ve solved together. If you’ve managed to hang around till now, you can stick around till the end.

Encourage each other as you focus on the achievements. A little positivity can go a long way when you’re in desperate need of good vibes. Remember that no room is unbeatable. You only need a bit of courage to find your way in the dark.

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Gif via giphy.

Ready to Tackle Your Next Escape Room Challenge Head On?

Escape rooms are an excellent way to blow off steam. But just like in real life, you can get stuck sometimes. The trick is never to lose hope! If you follow these steps closely, you’ll beat every escape game on the planet. Don’t believe us? Try for yourself!

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