Using Your Phone in an Escape Room: Tips and Guidelines

Unless you’ve been living under a rock these past few years, you have heard of escape rooms! You know, where you’re locked in a room with a group of friends, and you have to solve a series of puzzles to make your way out before time runs out. Sounds like fun, right?

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Now! Getting back to the subject at hand: Using your smartphone inside an escape room! In this blog post, we’ll dive into the ins and outs of using your phone in an escape room. We’ll discuss the benefits, drawbacks, and guidelines for phone use in various types of escape rooms, so buckle up and get ready for an information-packed ride!

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Can You Bring Your Phone into an Escape Room?

Do they take your phone in escape rooms?

The answer is… it depends! Some escape rooms have strict no-phone policies, while others allow you to bring your phone in with you. It’s best to check the specific rules of the escape room you plan to visit. At Entermission, we encourage players to carry their phones and click sneaky pictures during the experience.

Are you allowed your phone in an escape room?

In some cases, yes! Some escape rooms allow you to use your phone as a tool to help you solve puzzles and make your way out of the room. However, it’s essential to use your phone responsibly and within the game’s rules.

Using Your Phone in an Escape Room: Benefits

Time management

Having your phone with you can be a great way to manage your time during an escape room. You can keep track of the time you have left to escape and set reminders for clues or puzzles you need to revisit later.

Documenting clues and puzzles

Your phone’s camera and audio recorder can be valuable tools for capturing essential information about the room. You can: snap photos of complex clues or puzzles for future reference and record your thoughts and observations to keep your thoughts organised. Just don’t share the information publicly, as that will ruin the experience for everyone else!


Sometimes, a little outside help can go a long way. You can use your phone to Google unfamiliar terms or concepts to gain a better understanding of the clues or reach out to friends or experts who might be able to offer some guidance.

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Using Your Phone in an Escape Room: Drawbacks


The biggest downside to having your phone in an escape room is the potential for distractions. Notifications, calls, and social media can easily pull you away from the task at hand.

Limited battery life

Nothing’s worse than having your phone die in the middle of an escape room! Make sure you’ve got a full charge before embarking on your adventure.

Interference with the game

Using your phone can sometimes spoil the fun or disrupt the flow of the game. Be mindful of your actions and avoid seeking out spoilers or hints that could ruin the experience for yourself and your teammates.

Tips for Using Your Phone in an Escape Room

  • Review the rules and policies beforehand
  • Set boundaries with other team members
  • Use the phone as a tool, not a distraction
  • Keep the phone on silent or Airplane mode
  • Practice discretion when using the phone
  • Have a backup plan in case of technical difficulties

Guidelines for Phone Use in Different Types of Escape Rooms

Escape room phone policies vary by location. Some places may allow phones, while others strictly prohibit them. Be sure to check the specific rules before your visit. In traditional escape rooms where phones are allowed, using your phone for time management, taking pictures of clues, and recording audio notes can be helpful.

In virtual escape rooms, phones can be beneficial for communication with team members, researching clues, and navigating the digital environment. However, using your phone may also lead to distractions or technical difficulties. For a seamless virtual escape room experience, it’s best to put your phone on silent or Airplane mode to minimise distractions.

Can You Take Photos in an Escape Room?

Photo policies differ among escape rooms. Some establishments, like Entermission Sydney, allow photos, while others may prohibit them. Always check the rules before snapping away! If photography is allowed, use your camera to document complex clues or puzzles that might be helpful later. Remember to respect the privacy of other participants and the game itself. Be mindful of flash photography, as it can be disruptive to the experience. Additionally, avoid posting spoilers or sensitive information about the escape room online.

Can you drink in an escape room?

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Ready To Put Your Puzzle-Solving Skills to The Test?

Using your phone in an escape room can be both beneficial and challenging. It’s crucial to understand the specific policies and guidelines for each type of escape room and use your phone responsibly and creatively.

Remember to always respect the rules and your fellow participants. With a bit of discretion and ingenuity, your phone can be a powerful tool in solving the mysteries of the escape room. So go ahead, unleash your inner Sherlock Holmes and have a blast!

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Do They Take Your Phone in Escape Rooms?

Well, my friend, this depends on the escape room you visit. Some establishments may have a strict no-phone policy, while others might be more lenient and let you bring your trusty device into the room. At Entermission, we encourage players to bring their phones and click a sneaky photo or two during the experience. So, it’s always a good idea to check the specific rules of the escape room you plan to visit, just to be on the safer side.

Can You Bring Your Phone into an Escape Room and Use It During the Game?

In some cases, yes! If the escape room allows phones, you can use your smartphone as a tool to help you solve puzzles and make your way out. But hold on, cowboy! Remember to use your phone responsibly and within the game’s rules. Don’t be “that guy” who spoils the fun by looking up answers or posting spoilers online. Be a team player and use your phone as a helpful companion rather than a cheat sheet.

Are You Allowed to Take Photos in an Escape Room?

Now, this is a tricky one. Some escape rooms might permit photo-taking, while others may prohibit it to prevent spoilers. So, before you go all paparazzi on those puzzles, make sure to double-check the escape room’s photo policy. And if you’re given the green light, snap away, but always respect the privacy of your fellow participants and the game itself. After all, nobody likes a spoiler, right?

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