9 Fun Online IceBreaker Games for Remote Teams

When working as a team, it’s best to get to know your teammates beforehand to strengthen relationships for better communication and results. However, with remote teams, the lack of “face time” can limit results. Virtual icebreaker games for adults can help you to bring your team together and break down the communication barriers between virtual team members to create a more open, connected environment.

Plus, if you are bored with all the online meetings and busy work schedules, icebreakers are a fun way to take the steam off and hang out with your teammates!

We have shortlisted a few crisp yet engaging online icebreaker games for work purposes or team building that you can try with your virtual teams.

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Explore below to find 9 fun virtual icebreaker activities!

Emoji Check-in

Markus winkler wpoaimury unsplash

A simple round-the-table team check-in to see how everyone is feeling today but with a twist. Instead of just saying how you feel or typing it into chat, you pick an emoji that best describes how you are feeling right now, like a personalized reaction button. You can also modify this to check in with your teammates throughout the meeting and have them react to certain ideas and suggestions with an emoji too! A fun icebreaker activity for remote teams!

Two Truths One Lie

A fun group game, great for small groups to introduce new teammates or just to get to know each other better. Each person takes turns to say 3 things about themselves, two of which are true, and one is a lie. The team has to guess which of the 3 is a lie, and the teammate who receives the most incorrect votes wins. This can be done simply by putting the facts into a multiple-choice poll and asking your team to vote for the lie. Once everyone has voted, reveal the correct answer and ask the person who the poll is about to share one story behind the fact.

Entermission Melbourne Online Escape Room Games 

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Show-and-Tell Pexels la miko

Ask your teammates to show pictures that represent them. It can be related to something they love to do, their favourite TV show or even their house pets. This can give you a deeper insight into what your teammates’ hobbies or interests are, and strengthen the bond between everyone.

Picture charades

Similar with show-and-tell, but instead of sharing pictures about yourself, only use pictures to describe the topic of your choice. It can be your favourite movie, place, book etc. You can also play this game using emojis instead of pictures. The only rules are no talking, and the pictures cannot be directly about the topic of your choice.

Ten Things In Common

This is a popular warm-up activity where you go around the team and list 10 things that everyone has in common. It can be about anything, from your favourite colour, appearances, interests etc. There is a lockdown variation where teammates can list 10 items that everyone has in their immediate area, for example a blue book, an IPhone etc. The possibilities are endless with this game!

Family Portrait

Charles deluvio bxqomftvdk unsplashTake a screenshot of the whole team on video chat. Have the team make funny faces, bring in props, use camera filters and other fun things to jazz up the photo. The team can also try to collaboratively form a symbol or picture by linking arms through video. Just assign one teammate to take the screenshot, and direct the rest of the team on how to pose. A few simple shapes like a collective heart or star will look cool on-screen and make nice content for social media if anyone would like to share the cute group photo.

Get physical

Let’s be real, none of us has gotten much physical activity since we have been staying at home for long periods of time. Now is a chance to give everyone a quick energizer by appointing the most athletic teammate to lead a 5-minute stretch exercise through video chat. Just simple jumps and standing up/sitting down would be enough to get everyone fired up and ready to go!

Draw somethingKelly sikkema qvpmsbgohje unsplash

Test your team’s artistic skills by having everyone draw a picture and let the team guess what it is. This can be done the old fashion way, by drawing on a piece of paper and share it with the team through video. Alternatively, certain platforms like Zoom have a whiteboard function where the whole team can interact with. Just pull it up on the screen and take turns to draw on the board and have some doodling fun with the team!

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