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Things to do in Melbourne on a lazy day in

By Entermission Adventure Masters | 9 May 2021

Do you ever have one of those days where you are bored out of your mind but you are just too lazy to go out? Well, same here. That is why we have gotten creative by relocating our activities online to help stave off our boredom but still getting that quality home-time we desire. Here…

Virtual Ice Breaker Ideas

By Entermission Adventure Masters | 6 May 2021

When working as a team, it’s best to get to know your teammates beforehand to create a strong bond for better communication and results. However, with remote teams, the lack of “face time” can limit results. Virtual icebreakers can help you to bring your team together and break down the communication barriers between virtual team…

Tricks to become a Zoom Master

By Entermission Adventure Masters | 24 April 2021

As COVID-19 has forced people to adopt the stay-at-home policy, what were previously in-person social hangouts have turned into virtual video group-chats. As a result, social video platforms have all become an essential tool for millions of people to stay connected virtually from home during this pandemic. Since Zoom has become one of the most…

New Routines for A Pandemic

By Entermission Adventure Masters | 17 April 2021

Words of the year 2020 would be something along the lines of ‘Stay home. Stay safe.’ or ‘Staying apart keeps us together’, which is not something you would expect to start off the new decade. Covid19 has really turned our lives upside down as we head towards a new normal, a COVID normal. We all…

Movies to watch in 2022

By Entermission Adventure Masters | 11 April 2021

Lockdown is finally over!! Time to go out, enjoy the outdoors and meet friends in person again. And what better way to start the new so with a day out with mates or family to the movies. Time to grab the popcorn, snacks and soft drinks to the theatres for a good watch! Here is…

‘How-to’ guide: hosting virtual events

By Entermission Adventure Masters | 3 April 2021

Many of us have suffered the effects of Covid19, with all of our social plans out of the window due to lockdown, isolation, restrictions and social distancing. These have been uncertain times, but that shouldn’t stop you from hosting an awesome party. In fact, your party doesn’t have to be a physical party, especially if…


VR Arcade @ Entermission

By Entermission Adventure Masters | 5 February 2021

VR Arcade: Best Games Here is the list of our favourite VR games you can play at our arcade right now! First Contact – This game is a magic box full of toys and a robot guide; make a new friend, then touch, tap, bounce, hold and throw things, and play together. Echo VR –…

Hosted Online Escape Room VS Virtual Escape Room

By Entermission Adventure Masters | 28 January 2021

Entermission Melbourne recently released their brand new Hosted Online Escape Rooms for you to get your escape room fun from the comforts of your home. Only $35 per person, you can bring all your friends and family together, get all your brains working and teamwork going to solve puzzles and challenges, complete your mission and…

Australian Open 2021 – what to expect as tennis fans

By Entermission Adventure Masters | 19 January 2021

For the first time in over 100 years, the Australian Open will be held in February at Melbourne Park from 8 to 21 February. This follows the delay from the original start date on 18 January to allow players travelling from overseas to have adequate time to undertake a mandatory quarantine for 14 days. Spectate…

date nights at entermission melbourne

Date Night at Entermission Virtual Reality Escape Rooms

By Entermission Adventure Masters | 16 June 2020

Thinking of fun and creative date night ideas is no easy task, particularly if you’re trying to impress someone special on a first date! And if you’re already in a long-term relationship, thinking of a new date night activity to keep the fire alive isn’t easy either. Going out for dinner and watching a movie…

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