7 Best Escape Room Venues in Melbourne

Ever thought of getting trapped for fun? No, I’m not pulling your leg.

But I’ll tell you what will pull you in — the sheer adrenaline rush of solving mind-bending puzzles and riddles.

Whether it’s your birthday celebration, a corporate event, or just an adventure time with friends, escape rooms are the jam!

Let’s deep dive into the best escape rooms Melbourne has to offer.

1. Woodbury Escape Rooms 

Woodbury Escape Rooms is a horror themed escape room venue in South Melbourne Vic, offering challenging and goosebump-worthy escape room gaming experiences. Put your thinking caps on to solve themes like “Wanted,” “The Curse of Kidd Island,” “Little Playful Things and “Leaper.” They also host special event celebrations available for hire. 

Woodbury escape rooms

This image has been taken from the FOR Melbourne LOVERS Website: https://www.formelbournelovers.com/en/best/top-rated-escape-rooms-in-melbourne 

2. Entermission Virtual Escape Rooms Melbourne 

You can never be bored when in Melbourne, but in case you are, find us at Entermission VR Escape Rooms for an immersive game of challenge and adventure. Melbourne’s only escape room party venue for Virtual Reality Games consists of real-life special effects with multi-player experience using the latest technology and VR Hand Tracking. Suited best for kids, families, and team building activities, we offer several themes to choose from! Head to our website to explore more and our escape room venue to experience the best of the immersive VR escape room games!

We also have gift cards to gift your loved ones an incredible adventure ahead!

Entermission virtual escape

3. Containaphobia Escape Room 

Located in Geelong, Containaphobia is not for the faint-hearted. A newly opened horror-themed escape room filled with intricate, creepy scares and hair-raising riddles yet sophisticated and elaborate enough to keep you entertained, and you will wish to come back for more scares! The escape room venue is open to all but a particular theme named ‘Mayhem Manor’ is strictly for people above the age of 16. Prepare your crew to challenge yourself for 70 minutes.

Containaphobia escape

This image has been taken from the Containaphobia Website: https://www.containaphobia.com.au/ 

4. Ukiyo Melbourne 

Located in Brunswick, VIC, Ukiyo Melbourne is a story-driven escape room rather than haphazard puzzle hunting. Their team consists of local artists and experienced designers who have contributed to amazing set designs with carefully curated audio-visuals enchanting you through their art of interactive and immersive storytelling. The escape room venue regularly updates their rooms for new experiences. Themes include ‘Deep Space,’ ‘The Crumbling Prince’ & ‘A Japanese Escape Room’ with many variations and versions.

Ukiyo melbourne

This image has been taken from the Ukiyo Twitter Site: https://twitter.com/UkiyoAUS 

5. Escape Room Melbourne 

Escape Room Melbourne, or ERM, is Australia’s first escape room game with the Original Escape Room game located at Flemington, VIC. After you have completed the mission, head over to their other themes located on Yarra Street, South Melbourne. You have 70 minutes with your team from 2-6 to unwind the mystery! Are you ready?

Escape room melbourne

This image has been taken from the Escape Room Melbourne Website: https://escaperoom.com.au/rooms/escape-room/ 

6. The One Room Escape 

Located on Glen Waverly, VIC, The One Room Escape provides escape game room adventures, board games, team building experiences, and other corporate or personal special events. Their storytelling contains surprising and shocking twists and turns to keep you entertained and focused throughout the game! You have four themes to choose from, and they are open from Wednesday through Monday. 

Explore places to celebrate your birthday parties in Melbourne.

One room escape

This image has been taken from The One Room Escape Website: https://torx.com.au/games/return-to-thebes/ 

7. Trapt Bar & Escape Rooms 

The first escape room in Melbourne with a private bar. Located on Lonsdale Street, Trapt Bar & Escape Rooms offer 5 different themes to choose from, free board games and gift vouchers. Inclusive of all age groups and sizes, the escape room venue regularly updates its rooms and offers “pop-up escape room experiences at the bar for the puzzle hungry.”

Trapt bar

This image has been taken from the Hidden City Secrets Website: https://www.hiddencitysecrets.com.au/melbourne/trapt-escape-rooms-bars-melbourne-cbd/ 

Escape rooms range from easy to difficult, allowing everyone to participate. The average escape room takes about an hour to complete. However, there may be escape rooms in Melbourne that take more than an hour. 

Also, check with the escape room for age restrictions. If you have children, choose rooms that will be easy for them. A minimum of 2 people are required to play an escape game. 

Escape rooms are the new age fun for any special events giving you a sense of thrill and a party room! Feel the thrill of the unknown as you and your squad enter a room filled with puzzles and challenges. Solve them all, and you’ll make it out alive! 

So gather your friends and family and prepare to embark on a journey like never before. Who knows, you might even discover a hidden talent along the way! 

For more escape room venues in Melbourne, explore this article. 


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