Have you entered the largest escape room giveaway ever?

There are THREE spots to be won and thousands of people participating, so make sure you sign up as soon as you can!

From a laptop in your living room, you team up with people who’re in another city (or even country), to…

  • Break out of a prison.
  • Take part in a military mission.
  • Fight against supernatural entities.

How does that sound?

An excellent idea for your next get-together with family and friends?

That, my friend, is a remote escape game.

And that’s what we’re giving away in our Biggest Online Escape Room Giveaway.

Remote escape rooms? Is this like a 2-D click and point game?


It’s nothing of the sort.

You’ll take part in an actual escape game; only this will be over a video call. You’ll be able to interact with the entire room - opening drawers, manipulating puzzles, and so on - through your computer.

How does a remote escape room/game work?

The basic idea is the same as work from home - members of the team log into a video call, which is hosted by the escape room.

  • In a live-actor remote escape game, an actor with a microphone and a camera (providing you a live feed of the game) will be inside the actual room. You can communicate with the actor, telling them how to proceed.
  • In a live 3D remote escape game, you’ll interact with a 3D simulation of the escape game via your mouse and keyboard.

As the entire game takes place online, people can join up for a game from different locations, which is a big advantage if you’re faced with movement restrictions like we saw in 2020 and even in 2021.

What exactly does the giveaway involve?

THREE spots - each for SEVEN online escape games - are up for grabs.

To enter the giveaway, all you have to do is fill up the form on https://escaperoomgiveaways.com, and you’ll be in the running.


You can also hedge your bet by earning bonus points.

Explain the bonus points system

You can earn bonus points by:

  • Liking and sharing our social media page.
  • Liking and sharing our escape room partners’ social media pages.
  • Getting referral signups from your friends.
  • Tweeting about the giveaway.
  • Visiting our online escape rooms page.

And many more activities...

Can we use the vouchers to play any game we want to?

You can use your winning voucher to play one game at each escape room partner.

And in each game, you can get your friends along.

Exact details will vary from partner to partner.


Finally, please note that your voucher will expire 6 months from the date of issue.

For a detailed list of participating escape room brands and the escape games on offer, head over to the giveaway website!

How would we redeem our vouchers?

Our giveaway partner seoorb.com who is the host for the Giveaway will be coordinating and sharing all the gift vouchers to the winners within a week of the announcements, with the subject line Your global online escape rooms package.


You need to claim the giveaway within 1 week of the announcement by replying to the above mentioned email about your victory. In case you fail to reply within a week, a new winner will be randomly selected and allotted the giveaway.

What is the timeline of the giveaway?

The giveaway website, https://escaperoomgiveaways.com, is already live.

We will start accepting entries from Sunday, 01/02/2021, at 10:00 AM Central Standard Time, and it will run for 14 days.


The giveaway will end on Sunday, 14/02/2021, at 10:00 AM Central Standard Time.


We will select winners via a random draw in a Facebook Live event on Tuesday, 16/02/2021, at 10:00 am CST.  Details about the event will be released soon.


Take me to the giveaway.

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