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Broad Appeal & Proven Content

Entermission provides social VR adventures designed to appeal to a wide audience, from kids (8+) to grown-up gamers. There are immersive exciting games with challenging, collaborative puzzles and amazing action for all types of groups. It's perfect for fun with friends and family or unique team-building with squads of coworkers. This is proven, crowd-pleasing content that will attract the largest number and range of guests so you can maximize your revenue.

Great Reviews from Thousands of Guests

For more than 18 months, Entermission adventures have been running at a location in Sydney, Australia with incredibly high ratings. The average rating on TripAdvisor is 5/5 for 175 reviews, the average on Google is 4.6/5 (118 reviews) , Facebook is average 5/5 from 120 reviews. Entermission games are viral experiences! Your customers will tell their friends (and the world!) about their amazing adventures, reducing your ultimate marketing spend and increasing profitability.

Mind Blowingly Unique Adventures

Entermission's adventures combine elements of escape rooms with the immersion and excitement of virtual reality for mind-blowingly different experiences unlike anything your guests have done. The thrills appeal to newcomers or veterans of VR or escape rooms. And there are elements that are completely unique. Imagine flying through a space station, trying to escape from an explosion or floating through the twisted mind of a madman. Experience it now. Enter the Mission!


Our Cinematic Games

Entermission launches with two great games, which have already been wowing crowds in initial locations.

Space Heroes

Your guests explore a sabotaged space station with their friends. Players experience zero-gravity flight, shoot lasers, fight against hostile robots, and use telekinesis, all while collaboratively solving puzzles and working to save Earth.

Mad Mind

Players become a team of detectives from the future sent deep into the memories of a maniac to investigate the mysterious kidnapping of a child. Players need to work together to solve diabolical and dangerous puzzles and uncover all of the secrets held in the mind of a madman.

New Games Coming!

New Entermission adventures are on the way! We also have experiences and games based on popular movies and TV shows in development. We want guests everywhere to play in their favorite worlds and experience cinematic-level storylines as their favorite characters.