All the games at stake in the Biggest Online Escape Room Giveaway

You could win SEVEN of these games absolutely free of cost for yourself and your friends.

By now, I think you have heard about the Biggest Online Escape Room Giveaway and all that it promises.


Fill up a form to enter, collect bonus points by getting referral signups, and have a shot at being one of the THREE people who win an all expense paid GLOBAL online escape game package.


So, the next question is...what actually is at stake?

Which online escape rooms could a winner of the giveaway win?


Here’s a comprehensive list of all the games at stake in the Biggest Online Escape Room Giveaway.


Which will it be - travelling back to the 80’s, or facing off against an elusive assassin?

Timeline - Save The Future

entermission hosted online game timeline
Timeline, a.k.a. Save The Future at Entermission.

Get ready for a retro ‘80’s experience as you travel back in time to locate a formula that is the only thing that can save the world in the present from collapsing into total chaos.

You have one hour to locate the formula; after 60 minutes, there will be nothing more anyone can do!

CIA Taskforce - Outwit The Assassin

entermission hosted online game cia taskforce
CIA Taskforce by Entermission.

Stuck in a room with your team, you can’t remember how you came there. All you can see is a timer counting down 60 minutes.

It looks like you’ve been captured by the feared assassin known as The Gamer.

Can you turn the tables on the assassin, and find a way out of the room before time runs out?

Wild Goose Escapes

From recovering urgently needed evidence to trying to enter a secret society, you’ve got 4 great choices at Wild Goose Escapes.


wild goose escapes online game framed
Framed at Wild Goose Escapes.

Framed for a crime he didn’t commit, your friend is on death row.

Evidence proving his evidence exists, but a bomb has been planted to destroy the evidence within 60 minutes.

Can you beat the bomb and recover the evidence that can save your friend’s life?


wild goose escapes online game timeline
Timeline at Wild Goose Escapes.

The world is in chaos.

Some Weird Science is needed to set things right.

Travel back in time - to the ‘80’s - to find a Weird Science fix for the chaos.

You have 60 minutes to find it, otherwise the world will collapse into permanent chaos.

CIA Taskforce

wild goose escapes online game cia taskforce
CIA Taskforce at Wild Goose Escapes.

You’re a team of CIA agents tracking a notorious assassin known as The Gamer.

However, it seems that you’ve been trapped inside a room by the assassin.

Can you face off against the assassin you’ve been chasing, turn the tables, and find your way out?

You have 60 minutes.

Order Of Illusionists

wild goose escapes online game order of illusionists
Order of Illusionists at Wild Goose Escapes.

You have just ONE chance to prove yourselves worthy of entering the Order of Illusionists.

ONE HOUR to pass the series of tests created by some of the best magicians ever, to be accepted into the Order.

Can you do it?

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Fox in a Box Chicago

Find yourself in a ‘ticking time bomb’ scenario in a 1970’s Cold War setting...literally!

Live Remote Bunker

fox in a box chicago live remote bunker
Live Remote Bunker at Fox in a Box Chicago.

At the height of the Cold War, a double agent has mysteriously vanished.

Worse, a devastating nuclear weapons launch has been initiated in his secret bunker.

Can you direct an agent from Q Branch through the bunker and disable the launch before it’s too late?

Get a taste of the live remote game.

Hourglass Escapes

A classic horror movie franchise, a haunted ship, or a battle against ancient pharaohs...which will it be?

Evil Dead 2™

hourglass escapes remote game evil dead 2
Evil Dead 2 at Hourglass Escapes.

Pay homage to the classic horror franchise Evil Dead as you try to return the Evil Dead to their own realm and save your associate from being sucked into a ghostly vortex forever.

You’ve got 70 minutes to do it!

The Ghostly Galleon

hourglass escapes remote game ghostly galleon
Ghostly Galleon at Hourglass Escapes.

While exploring the Bermuda Triangle you’ve been sucked into the wreck of the Ghostly Galleon and connected to the spirit of the Banshee Buccaneer!

You have 70 minutes before your souls are lost forever!

Can you escape?

Rise Of The Mad Pharaoh

hourglass escapes remote game mad pharaoh
Mad Pharaoh at Hourglass Escapes.

Examine the artifacts and a sarcophagus as you try to put an end to the Mad Pharaoh’s reign of terror and save Dr. Carter!

You have 70 minutes before Dr. Carter is doomed.

Can you do it?

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Prison Escape

Designed by professionals drawn from the fields of ‘game design, theater & storytelling’, this is a unique experience that will see you interact with multiple characters.

Prison Escape Online

prison escape online game
Prison escape online game.

Yuri Koblenko has been unjustly imprisoned in the ‘de Boschpoort’ prison.

It’s up to you and your team to interact with inmates and guards as you try to mastermind an escape.

You have 45 minutes. Can you do it?

See for yourself what this online escape game is all about.

Fuzzy Logic Escape Room

From finding out what happened to the animals at the vet office to gaining access to a VIP backstage tour, there’s a lot of unique games for you to check out here.


fuzzy logic online escape superheroes
Superheroes at Fuzzy Logic Escape Rooms.

The Superhero Task Force is depending on you to save the city of Megatropolis.

You have 60 minutes.

Can you do it?


fuzzy logic online escape villains
Villains at Fuzzy Logic Escape Room.

Revel in your dark side in this counterpart to Superheroes.

Can you assemble your destructive plans for Megatropolis before the chemical compounds disintegrate?

You have 60 minutes.


fuzzy logic online escape playground
Playground at Fuzzy Logic Escape Room.

Prove yourselves worthy of joining the Super Kids Squad by completing your tasks before everyone goes home!

You have 60 minutes.

Vet Office

fuzzy logic online escape vet office
Vet Office at Fuzzy Logic Escape Room.

Animals have gone missing from the vet office.

Authorities suspect you; but you are innocent.

You have 60 minutes to unmask the real perp and save yourselves from arrest. Can you do it?

Saving Sherlock

fuzzy logic online escape saving sherlock
Saving Sherlock at Fuzzy Logic Escape Room.

Yes, THE Sherlock Holmes!

He has been framed for a crime he didn’t commit; and Dr. Watson is counting on you to recover the evidence needed to prove his innocence.

You have 60 minutes.

Concert Quest

fuzzy logic online escape concert quest
Concert Quest at Fuzzy Logic Escape Room.

A big short DJ is giving one final concert.

As a huge fan, you’re desperate to get a backstage tour.

You have 60 minutes to prove yourselves superfans to be allowed to have a VIP tour.

Can you do it?

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From a mysterious research facility to a fairy tale wonderland, there are all kinds of surreal experiences waiting for you at Gamescape.

Save Xmas!

gamescape online escape save xmas
Save XMas at Gamescape.

Will Christmas as we know it survive?

It depends entirely on whether your Fellowship can track down the Gremlin and convince him that Christmas is worth saving!

Projekt XD

gamescape online escape projekt xd
Projekt XD at Gamescape.

Why did three scientists go missing at the Spider Tech research facility?

What is Projekt XD?

A team of intelligence agents from WISE, you have 60 minutes to go through the facility and figure out where the Projekt XD blueprints are.

In Wonderland

gamescape online escape in wonderland
In Wonderland at Gamescape.

Can you and your team help recover the magic crystals that the imps and trolls have hidden away, without which the world is becoming sadder and sadder?

You have 60 minutes to make the world happy again!

Anatomy of Crime

gamescape online antomy of crime
Anatomy of Crime at Gamescape.

A suspected serial killer had been arrested but identical crimes kept occuring, so he had to be released.

Lead a team of criminologists through the suspect’s apartment and find out what is going on. You have 60 minutes before he realizes what you’re doing, and vanishes!

Can you do it?

Check out all the online escape rooms for yourself.

And those are all the online escape rooms that are at stake in the Biggest Online Escape Room Giveaway.

Just as a reminder, here’s how the giveaway works:

 - Head over to the escape room giveaways website to sign up for the giveaway.

 - Find out how you can win bonus points by doing things like visiting partner escape room websites, getting referral signups, etc.

 - The sweepstake will take place at 10:00AM Central Standard Time on Tuesday, February 16th, 2021. Details are available on the official giveaway Facebook group.

 - Three winners will be chosen via random draw.

 - Each winner will be entitled to one online escape game at each partner escape room.

And now you know all the online escape game options you will have, if you win.

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