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VR activities that you just cannot miss

How can you come up with unique gifts for your family these days? It might be challenging to come up with the ideal activity to do with your children. If not properly planned, a family fun night may soon turn sour. But don't worry, we've got you covered!


Check out these 3 never-before-seen VR activities to enjoy with your kids!


VR arcade with a bar (for the adults)

Virtual reality will be a hit with your kids! Redline VR, Chicago's First Virtual Reality Arcade, is now open! Virtual reality allows you to engage in a completely new type of entertainment. In a pleasant and friendly setting, Redline VR provides a range of VR game experiences. Families can reserve a VR headset that can be shared by up to four people.


Each headset features a 100" projection screen that allows you to see and hear what the player is doing while cheering them on! If requested, we provide "no guns" choices for youngsters (6+). Redline VR is especially concerned about the health and safety of all visitors and personnel, mandating masks and employing a UV light for added cleaning. There are a lot of options to try out in the concept. 


Virtual Reality Escape Room

Do you want to take on a challenge? Experiment with an escape room that is entirely virtual reality! To progress through the game, work together with your family to solve the riddles. Virtual escape room Dubai can't compete with the beauty and originality of real-life escape rooms. By far, the most gorgeous and sophisticated virtual escape room ever created is our Alice in Wonderland adventure.


We also offer several escape games that include some bow and arrow action! Our cooperative multiplayer escape rooms last about 60 minutes and require two to six headsets. Furthermore, entering the mission provides a range of difficulty levels for children.

Escape Room Dubai,

Home Rental in Virtual Reality

Are you ready for a relaxing evening at home? Check out the house rental options offered by Redline VR! There's never been a more secure method to play "together!" than now! A three-night rental of the newest Oculus Quest headgear, fully loaded with over $400 in games, is included in the home rental packages. Will a child's birthday be celebrated at home? Rent a second, third, or fourth headset and drop it off at a friend's house for multiplayer fun!


Adults may order quality locally bottled beverages to-go with a Chromecast to see the headset's perspective on their TV. Families can get started right away with pre-installed games, movies, and experiences.



No computer is necessary, andvr arcade Dubai is genuinely an immersive experience for everyone, thanks to Redline VR's straightforward user guide and on-call tech support. Finally, an opportunity to try something different! Virtual reality is the means to give your family a new adventure, whether it's in an arcade or transforming your living room into something beautiful! It's time to liven things up a little and make some new memories!



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