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The Top 5 Advantages of VR in Escape Rooms 

One of the most sought-after solutions for group entertainment today is escape rooms, and this has proved excellent for business for escape room proprietors.

Owners of the escape room Dubai are experiencing a sharp increase in their income as more people collaborate to decipher clues and unravel riddles.

But the idea of an escape room has changed, just like any other industry.

A new type of escape room has been created thanks to technology, allowing for more participants, a more comprehensive range of experiences, and a much more compelling experience than the classic escape room.

What exactly are VR escape rooms? 

VR escape rooms fuse the concept of an escape room with those of a virtual environment and its benefits.

These VR escape games can be acquired directly or through franchising or licensing. They take users to distinct worlds where they would play just as it is in actual escape rooms. Virtual reality escape rooms, however, provide the additional benefit of sensory inputs, including scent, heat, and wind.

Otherwise put,

  • Compared to actual escape rooms, VR escape rooms could recreate game circumstances in much more depth.
  • Even more challenging to produce in a conventional escape room, these can imitate circumstances and sensations as zero gravity.
  • In comparison to a standard escape room, they can provide a considerably more realistic feel thanks to the added advantages of haptic technology and sensory input.

It’s a safe assumption that even the conventional escape room participants will be interested in VR escape room adventure.

Well, let’s look at certain particular advantages of including virtual reality in your escape room.

Three characteristics of a VR escape room form the basis of these advantages: 

  • More effective use of space than a typical escape room.
  • Experiences that are superior and much more diverse than those of an escape room.
  • Gaining an advantage in the market.

How to incorporate VR into an escape room

Here is a quick guide to incorporating escape room virtual reality:

  • Choose a VR game developer or distributor you wish to buy from first. Remember to ask the creator or distributor how much space the VR escape games would demand. For instance, six people can fit 170 square feet during Entermission games. Ft.
  • Find a spot like this on the escape room’s site and convert it to a different room next.
  • Third, prepare a list of such necessary VR hardware & accessories, along with a thorough installation plan. For instance, one primary server would be needed for the VR escape game(s), and it must be housed in a space with good ventilation to minimise overheating.
  • Then follows the need for staff and then sanitary protocols.
  • One gaming master should typically be able to manage several VR escape situations at once.
  • Hardware pieces like headsets ought to be cleansed after each and every session because they come in and out of direct touch with players.


VR escape rooms such as Entermission Dubai are a thing of the future.

They are superior to standard escape rooms in several ways, including:

  • Improved use of available space.
  • Expanding the number of players per unit space.
  • Assisting you in using all open space on your property.
  • Providing players with more varied as well as detailed experiences.
  • Providing a greater rate of return for your investment.

You may incorporate VR into your current escape room setting, and they are comparatively simple to put up. This is a lot preferable to having to find a brand-new location from scratch.

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