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Strategies for Getting Ready for Your Next Escape Room

There is no way to prepare for escape rooms because they are a unique experience, right? Wrong! Even if we make an effort to place people in strange situations, there are always recurring features that you can recognize to point you in the direction of the next move. Every escape room is unique, which is why they’re so amazing if you visit one in VR arcade Dubai.

5 best tips to beat any Escape room 

This is the definitive guide to escape rooms. Follow this tried-and-true advice for a sure-fire victory to sharpen your problem-solving abilities and destroy any escape room in your way! One can also look for an escape room Dubai offers.

  1. Stay Concentrated

Most of your mental energy may be consumed in the escape room, and you can get irritated if you don’t find a hint or solution. You can feel as though you are spinning out of control due to the timer. Don’t give in to the impulse to leave or stop. Instead, collaborate with your teammates and practice techniques to maintain your composure. Move on and look elsewhere if you can’t locate a clue someplace.

  • Communication Effectively 

For teams, connectivity is essential. You’ll finish the game more quickly if you can listen to each other’s viewpoints and share the information you discover.

The majority of tour guides concur that teams that communicate and listen to one another have the best odds of succeeding in the escape room.

  • Stay away from the rabbit hole 

There are frequently numerous items in a room that has nothing to do with puzzles. Avoid interpreting any literature you may find or labels put on other products too literally. It can be useful to quickly check to see whether anything is concealed on goods, although most of the time, they can be ignored. A cursory glance through a book to determine if there is anything inside or inside the cover should be sufficient.

  • Request hints as necessary

There is no shame in asking for hints if you run into a brick wall or are unsure about your next move. Nothing is worse than being so frustrated that everyone loses their sense of interest in the game. Necessarily keep in mind that a hint is not always the entire solution, so make sure that everyone on your team hears the suggestion as precisely as possible. If only one individual gets the clue, they will frequently summaries it and omit crucial information.

  • Pay close attention to the introduction

There will be some sort of introduction given to you before (or right when you enter the escape room). It might be a little film to set up the plot, or it might just be a quick introduction from your game master. Do not ignore this material because it frequently contains crucial hints in these introductions. Pay close attention to any important details that can come in handy later. Even seemingly unimportant elements can offer crucial hints.


Escape room games are becoming more and more popular in every part of the world. No matter if you have tried one already or just heard about it from a friend, it’s without a doubt one of the best activities to do as a team-building exercise.

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