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How do escape games ensure safety and provide a thrilling experience?

With time, almost everything around us is changing quickly. The gaming experience has been taken to a whole new level where you can experience it with your family and friends. Today is a time of virtual reality and escape rooms where you can come and play games for the best and most thrilling experience. Enterthemission is one of the best places that have the best escape reality rooms in Dubai. You just need to choose the game and, surely, you have the best gaming experience of all time. Once you enter here, you will forget about all your worries and enjoy yourself to the fullest level.

The team of Enterthemission is making every possible effort to provide the best of the thrilling and entertaining experience to every person that visits them. All the safety measures are properly undertaken so that no person gets into trouble during the game. This way no compromises are made on the health and safety of the person. Especially after the outbreak of the pandemic, the team has even become more conscious of safety measures.


Certain steps taken for the safety of people visiting escape rooms are stated below:

  • Deep cleaning: Almost every day, hundreds of people visit the escape room just to have their part of the fun. So the managing team of the escape room needs to take some strict preventive measures to deal with pathogens in the air and even on the surface of the room. The deep cleaning process is undertaken in the room multiple times so that all the viruses and bacteria can be killed. The cleaning team pays extra attention to high traffic areas.
  • Disinfection: After the outbreak of a pandemic, it is very important to disinfect almost every surface with sanitizers. Over the years, sanitizers have become the best invention so far and also helped the people to handle the coronavirus. The cleaning team takes different techniques to disinfect the surface and all the equipment used in an Escape room.
Escape Room Dubai
  • Gloves and face masks: Before the person enters the escape room, he/she needs to wear a face mask along with gloves. Customers without these two gears are not allowed to visit inside the escape room. If you forget to bring them along with you, you can easily get the mask and gloves complimentary at the entrance. This provides maximum protection to all the customers that visit the escape room.
  • Temperature scanning: Another important measure taken by the managing team is to check the body temperature of each person entering the room. The temperature will state that the person is physically fit and can go inside to experience the adventure.
  • Game timings: The escape games timing has been increased so that the cleaning staff gets proper time to clean all the surfaces. This way, the safety of the people playing the game inside escape rooms is made sure.

You can get to have the best experience of the escape room Dubai at Enterthemission.

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