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How Are Family Nights Made Enjoyable With Escape Room Activities

In recent years, escape rooms have revolutionized the scope of family night activities, providing the ultimate interactive experience of playing games for family members of all ages.

There are many lovable things about experiences with escape rooms. Firstly, and most crucially, they are collaborative adventures for the complete family. The experience is similar to combining cooperative board games and adding role-play elements. The highlights are surely the immersion and teamwork.

Escape rooms also appeal naturally to the love for solving puzzles and logic games. Also, while solving puzzles during standard logic games is most enjoyable, solving a mind-boggling puzzle with the help of the whole family within the limits of a timer and a critical situation is an activity of a much higher level.

In certain senses, escape rooms have become the next stage of the evolution of the traditional activity of family board games. Just that instead of playing a game of Monopoly or Cluedo, the complete family has the chance to get involved in a higher visceral activity like virtual reality for family activity. Every family member has to pitch in and stay active mentally and physically.

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Following are some tips to make family nights enjoyable with escape room activities:

They must not be too scary

Most escape rooms involve a slightly scary storyline behind them. The premise is that one should try to escape from a scenario that is at least a bit dangerous or threatening.

Having said that, while it is great for an escape room to include an ideal quantum of tension and drama, you should take care that it does not scare your kids to an excessively unhealthy degree.

Thankfully, escape rooms can afford the opportunity for testing waters before diving in, and in case of any ambiguity, it is possible to contact a member of the production team to clear the air in advance, like whether the game is suitable for the ages of your kids.

Generally, the awareness and intuition about the sensibilities of your children will prove much useful. For instance, a game about pirates could be much fun for a family, but this is not the case with the story of a crazy serial killer.

They must be comfortable to navigate

A feature of most escape rooms is that they typically involve entry into highly customized settings, which might be great for general immersion but be the wrong experience for your complete family.

As for the right escape room, you should ensure that it will offer the right level of excitement and thrill and should not terrify family members, especially kids. Mostly, this will involve the discretion and awareness of a parent. 

For instance, a dimly lit room for the game might be unsuitable for a child who is afraid of the dark and also for an elderly member with poor eyesight. The solution is to transform the room of your home into a perfect setting, adjusting both familiar and unfamiliar elements.

Contribution of the whole family

An escape room that is compelling for adults but impossible for the proper involvement of kids is of no good. In order for the experience of escape rooms to be family-friendly, it is vital that all members of the family can pitch in to jointly solve the puzzles and feel valued in the overall process of problem-solving. So, one can go in for fun family VR games.

In sum, escape room games are great for family nights, provided that you select those activities that are suitable for the whole family. This way, you can ensure that all will fall in love with this engaging and rewarding family activity.

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