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Best Ideas to Organize a Surprise Birthday Celebration for Kids in Dubai

Birthdays are one of the most exciting things for kids. It’s all about indulging in cakes, chocolates, celebrations, and, most importantly, gifts. Parents are accustomed to giving physical presents to kids, such as toys, clothes, cycles, books, games, etc. But if you wish to do something different for your kid’s birthday, giving them experiences is a better and unique gift. 

Why not try some adventure this birthday?  

There can be nothing more special for kids than spending quality time with parents, friends, and family. What’s more fun than planning a great birthday for your child personally? An intimate yet fun day out with your kids will surely be memorable and exciting. Dubai has several options when it comes to interesting and safe activities for kids. 

Here’s a look at some activities for your kid’s birthday party:

  • Smash Room Dubai

If you are looking for something fun and stress-relieving, the smash rooms are a great choice. It can be a substitute for a short meditation session or a relaxing and rejuvenating day at a spa, just that it is more interesting yet relaxing! You can vent your anger and frustration by smashing things out. The smash rooms are one of the best places in Dubai for processing repressed emotions. It is a mental and physical relief. Smash rooms are perfect not just for kids but also for adults. You will be amazed at how amazing it feels to break everything away around you. 

  • Escape Hunt Dubai

Escape hunt is yet another amazing experience gift that you can give your kids or any other loved one. It offers an adrenaline rush as the activities span over a few hours and are full of fun and adventure. 

Their team ensures that each visitor has an enjoyable, unique, and diverse experience. 

  1. Kids’ activities

There are several indoor activities for kids that are perfect for a school trip, family day out, birthday party, or staff outing. 

  • Social parties

If you are bored of conventional celebrations and wish to enjoy thrilling games, escape hunt offers the best choice. Solve the puzzles with your friends and family, break free, and then celebrate in the amazing lounges. 

  • The Void

If you and your kids are into virtual reality, the void is the perfect destination for VR gaming birthday party. It offers one of the most spectacular and immersive VR experiences allowing you to travel to your favorite character, favorite film, and experiences that seem impossible. For the tech-savvy generation, the virtual reality birthday party can be fascinating. 

  • Flip out Dubai

It is one of the biggest trampoline parks in Dubai, with exciting activities such as foam pit, parkour, 3D wall running, and dodgeball. The younger ones will have a blast here as they can team up with other kids while doing all the flips and tricks. 

  • TEP Factor

It is one amazing place that offers 21 challenges that test your fitness, skills, and logic. It is one of the best places for adventure lovers. 

These are some of the top destinations in Dubai that are perfect for planning a fun-filled birthday for kids. 

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