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Ranked Top 10 Most Popular Kids Activity by Active Activities

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So, you're looking for something to do with the family? Let's be honest, your family is probably sick of the same old activity family and for that matter, so are you!

Shake things up and try something different. Trust us, your kids will be talking about it all day and weeks to come.

Entermission offers amazing virtual reality escape room adventures. It's the ultimate family activity designed to appeal to a wide audience, be it, young kids, right up to taking the grandparents along for the ride.

We're Dubai's ONLY VR with hand tracking and real-life special effects, where you work as a group to solve the puzzle within your 60 minute time frame. It's full of laughter and 'wow, this is cool' moments.

Not only do we offer our VR Escape Rooms, but we also have our Online Escape Room Experience which is just like a real-life escape room but all online!


The first step in any good family activity is selecting which VR escape room game you would like to experience. We have Space Heroes - which is focused on saving planet earth (which is recommended for your younger groups 8 - 15 years) and then we have Mad Mind - which is all in the mid of a serial killer (15+ age) - See some of the action >

Once you arrive you will be greeted by our team we will get you all checked in, watch the briefing video and the fun of selecting your avatar name begins! Will you play it safe and use your name? Use your nickname or let your family surprise you... which could be scary what name you end up with!

From there, we jump straight into your 60-minute escape room experience - this is where the real fun begins! You have your own private rooms - where you can talk, laugh, help each other out and we encourage videos and photos - so mum, dad or a friend not playing please feel free to go into the rooms to capture the memories.

We also take photos against the interactive photo wall and capture the memories while you are in the VR Escape room. We think this is a fantastic family activity and experience and we hope you will immerse yourself in all the fun as well!

If you're interested in booking, just click here

Our virtual reality games for the family are a great hit as they make you enjoy free time with your loved ones. These games are designed in such a manner that you can be a part of them irrespective of their age. Our affordable prices and wide range of games make it really easy for everyone to have a refreshing time.

Entermission provides incredible virtual reality escape room experiences. It's the pinnacle of creative party ideas and social VR, catering to a wide range of ages, from toddlers to dad's 60th birthday bash. Our virtual reality games for the family are the best option that you can enjoy. Planning out a weekend with your loved ones, or are you looking for a day to spend away from the stress of your job? Then our virtual reality games for the family are the right thing to look for.

We're Dubai's ONLY VR experience with hand tracking and real-life special effects, in which you work together as a team to complete the problem within the 60-minute time limit. It's full of laughs and awe-inspiring moments.

Why to be a part of our games?

Still, confused about whether you need to be a part of virtual reality for a family activity or note? Let's help you out with the endless benefits:

We are continually learning, as the old saying says.

It is in our nature to seek for, find, and uncover facts, knowledge, and information in order to pass on what we have learned to others. This is the kind of information that will impress your pals and help you win the pub quiz on a Monday night. We try to avoid reading vast, lengthy tracts of information in these days of speed and efficiency. Instead, we are immersed in a concrete and immersive scene when we enter an escape room. An atmosphere that invites us to interact physically with current technology, words, and codes. This is a one-of-a-kind interactive learning experience for virtual reality for the family.

It stimulates the senses.

The appeal of escape rooms is that they put you right in the middle of the action. Virtual reality for the family is where you can see, hear, smell, and feel the sights, sounds, and fragrances of this other world. Your senses have stimulated the instant you enter an escape room.

Promotes the development of fine motor abilities

Puzzles have also been shown to aid in the development of Fine Motor Skills. Our knowledge and awareness of the world around us improve as we get older, and interacting with different tasks can help us improve our ability to evaluate distances. Escape rooms convey the physicality of puzzles to you in a tangible and tactile way, bringing them into the 3D environment.

Improves social and communication skills

Humans require a social connection in order to thrive. This is our natural reaction. When faced with a difficult circumstance, we are encouraged to speak with individuals around us in order to overcome obstacles. Teams are put in situations where communication is critical, such as the Mayan escape room experience at Other World Escapes.

Assists in the growth of gross motor abilities

Gross Motor Skills, not to be confused with Fine Motor Skills, are concerned with major motions such as walking, leaping, and sprinting. With bodily motions, however, practice makes perfect (not perfect). Escape rooms, for example, may push us out of our comfort zones while also fine-tuning our gross motor abilities through fast-paced and massive physical motions.

It tells us how much physical activity we should have on a daily basis.

Allowing us to work out in a nice manner. We're all taught that we should do this exercise, but who wants to go jogging or do 500 burpees every day? If exercise is enjoyable, you will want to do it more frequently. The 1-hour of activity you'll get while visiting the Mayan temple might be a great method to strengthen your brain, heart, and muscles.

It improves our memory and ability to recall information.

We all know that as we become older, our memory is put to the test. By interacting with the code, symbol, or language, puzzles and challenges can help you improve your memory recall and retention.

Our cognitive processes are exercised.

It's a fancy word for learning something new. We are briefly removed from the actual world when we enter the unknown of a shrine or a research lab, for example. We are abruptly thrust into a predicament in which we must absorb fresh information about this alternate planet and use it in novel and intriguing ways. This allows us to critically evaluate new information and apply it in innovative ways to attain our objectives. When we overcome a problem, we gain an immediate increase in our capacity to acquire and apply new information.

It helps to create distinct recollections.

We realise we've accomplished something special as we depart our first escape room. We've got to think 'outside-the-box,' and we've had to work together despite all difficulties. As a result, we dwell on both the positive and bad aspects of the event. Then we realise that we have created memories that will last a lifetime. Memories of how we finished the game as a group. This sense of accomplishment is what we take home with us - a once-in-a-lifetime experience with some once-in-a-lifetime people.




We offer a vast and unique game experinces starting from 45 AED up to 165 AED.



We are located at Al Warsan Building, Office 905, Al Barsha Heights.

Sheikh Zayed Road South Bound, Exit 34

Hessa Road D61 West Bound Towards Sheikh Zayed Road

Land Marks: Opposite Dubai American Academy
Near Media Roatan Hotel.


WINNER OF TripAdvisor's Travellers' Choice award! We're in the top 10% attractions worldwide

TC BOTB Winner
vr escape team building


Become avatars with your family in the virtual reality world. See, hear and interact with your family and as a team, find clues, solve puzzles and do things you never thought possible such as flying through outer space and mastering your super powers to complete your mission within 60 minutes.

mc carrs creek reserve


Space Heroes: as a super team you're teleported onto Eden space station to find a way to close the park portal and save earth in 60 minutes and make it back out alive.

See Space Heroes in action >

Mad Mind: as a team of Cyber Detectives you're projected into the mind of a Silent Man, a mad maniac who's in a coma and you have 60 minutes to find the location of the child he's kidnapped and make it out alive before his mind shatters and you along with it.

See Mad Mind in action > 

space heroes 03


From kids (8+) to grown-ups, these immersive exciting games challenging, collaborative puzzles and amazing action thrill all types of groups for an amazing experience.

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No strangers! No separation!

Just your group, having fun, taking pictures and videos all in own your private room - (teams of 2-6). How about going BIG and get that competition going with group head-to-head in multiple rooms.

vr escape family outings


Make sure you capture those memories! Plus our team will take interactive team photos against our Space Heroes and Mad Mind photo walls, depicting real scenes from the adventures.

mc carrs creek reserve


Explore places you could never go to in real life and be amazed at how realistic it feels, which a physical escape room can't replicate.