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Why Entermission Virtual Reality Escape Rooms are Great Fun for Families

Finding the perfect family activity can be hard work. No one can decide on a restaurant to go to for dinner, there aren’t any good movies at the cinema and the older kids don’t want to stay home and play board games anymore. Luckily, Entermission Sydney Virtual Reality Escape Rooms provides the perfect solution for a great family experience. Entermission brings you a 60-minute multisensory experience that uses wind, heat, vibration and scents to immerse you in the amazing world of next-gen virtual reality escape adventure. You’ll laugh, you’ll scream - and most importantly - you’ll have a great time together with your family!

Create lasting memories together

Taking some time out to enjoy quality time with family is super important. Entermission Virtual Reality Escape Rooms is the perfect family activity for creating unique experiences that you’ll be able to look back on for years to come.

No distractions

Nowadays, it’s so easy to be distracted by our smartphones, tablets and televisions. No matter the occasion, it seems there’s always a device or screen to interrupt family time. And it’s not just an issue for kids and teens – us adults can be swept away by the lure of our devices too. The great thing about virtual reality escape rooms is that you’ll be totally immersed in the experience with your family with no room for distraction!

Communication is key

For 60 minutes, you’ll enter an entirely new reality with your family. And better yet, the only way to escape will be by communicating with your family members and working together to win the game! Whether you’re battling enemies by shooting lasers from your hand, flying through space, finding secret passwords, piecing together puzzles or uncovering the deepest, darkest secrets of a maniac’s mind – you’ll be able to do it together.

Encourage active involvement

You can’t do it alone! To escape the virtual reality room, you’ll need the help of the whole family. Entermission Sydney Virtual Reality Escape Rooms are designed for 2-6 players per game (which makes it the perfect sized activity for families!). The kids, parents, and possibly even grandparents, will need to put their heads together to uncover clues, defeat enemies and ultimately solve the game.

Perfect for the whole family

Entermission Sydney Virtual Reality Escape Rooms are not just for children! It’s a great family activity to have enjoy together, and we regularly get multiple generations (kids, parents and grandparents) enjoying the experience together.

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Accomplish something together!

There’s no better feeling than accomplishing something together as a family. You’ll be able to reminisce for weeks afterwards about your epic virtual reality adventure when you defeat the challenges and escape the virtual reality room.

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