4 VR Escape Game Themes In A Post-Covid World

The lifestyle changes imposed by the pandemic inspire several challenging escape game themes.

What’s common among the following lines?

  • Eerily deserted streets as the city goes into lockdown.
  • Vaccines face numerous challenges.
  • Hilarious Work From Home fails go viral.

They’re all the kind of headlines we’ve become accustomed to seeing ever since the damned pandemic took control of our lives.

They reflect radical changes in the way we live and concerns we share, imposed by the pandemic, and some of which might become permanent.

Inspiration for VR escape game scenarios

I know.

You hear ‘VR escape game’, you think of something like fighting killer robots in space, right?

But, everyday, real world situations can spark VR escape game scenarios that are just as stimulating.

Virtual reality can simulate difficult situations, that would be difficult to replicate in real life.

Here are 4 VR escape game themes for the post-covid world.

Shopping list challenge

One of the more infuriating experiences at the initial stages of the lockdown was crowds piling into shops and markets, fighting with the staff (and with each other), and stockpiling their carts with huge amounts of supplies that most of them clearly didn’t need.

Scenes like this were all too common.

Coronavirus market stockpiling
Image courtesy au.news.yahoo.com.

A VR escape game could be themed along these lines, wherein you have a shopping list that needs to be completed.

The supermarket is overcrowded, and the staff are completely unable to help anyone.

The shopping items are being depleted at various rates.

Can you fill your trolley before the shop runs out of what you need?

Create a vaccine

By now, it is widely known that all the steps currently being taken – lockdowns, testing, financial aid – are just supporting measures, to help get us through the crisis.

The crisis will end only on the development of a vaccine for the new coronavirus.

I know what you’re thinking.

Creating a vaccine? That’s already a very popular escape game theme!

Coronavirus vaccine challenges

Creating the vaccine is only the first step in developing the vaccine.

Subsequent challenges are:

  • Regulatory approval – Getting the vaccine approved by various regulatory agencies.
  • Mass production – Manufacturing the vaccine at the scale required for national, and the global, population to be able to access it.

VR can simulate situations related with these challenges, and create a new kind of escape game based on creating a cure.

Work from home!

Working from home has become the norm now, and may remain a norm even after the pandemic is over.

However, as we all know, working from home comes with its own set of challenges.

From fashion faux pas, to other people intruding into the shot, to connection problems, home may not be the oasis of peace for uber-productive work that many people think it to be.

An escape game could very well be designed around, say, a television host who has to be ready to face the camera within one hour.

Meet the relatives

Family get-togethers became physically impossible under lockdown and stay-at home regimes.

On the other hand, such a moment of crisis is exactly when family visits can prove exceedingly useful at making people feel comfortable, and clearing away the tension wrought by the pandemic (of getting infected, of losing jobs, etc).

An escape game can be created based on a scenario of a lockdown being lifted for one hour, and within that hour, you have to visit your relative(s).

To sum up, a lot of escape game designs are possible based on the situation we faced during the covid-19 pandemic.

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Do you have any other suggestions?

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