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How to Plan a Covid-Safe Birthday Party for Kids in Sydney?

Find out which one you like the most!

Celebrating your kid’s birthday at home during a pandemic can be very disappointing.

But keeping the dire situation and social distancing norms in mind, you have limited options.

Considering the current state of the world, we must celebrate birthdays differently.

It’s time to get creative and ensure that the kids have fun.

And while someday soon we’ll get back to grand celebrations, isolation is the need of the hour.

With that in mind, here are our favourite ways to celebrate a Covid-safe birthday party for kids in Sydney.

Top 15 Ways to Celebrate Your Kids Birthday During COVID

Here's how to make celebrating your kid’s birthday in isolation fun...

  • Order a COVID-19 Birthday Box.
  • Decorate your front yard.
  • Host a drive-by birthday party parade.
  • Host a virtual birthday party.
  • Decorate the house.
  • Host a virtual scavenger hunt.
  • Host a baking competition.
  • Organise a neighbourhood scavenger hunt.
  • Camp in the backyard.
  • Create a video collage.
  • Throw an escape room birthday party.
  • Throw a fancy dinner party at home.
  • Plan a movie night at home.
  • Pamper your kids with spa day.
  • Throw a video game party.

Order a COVID-19 Birthday Box

Gif via giphy.
Gif via giphy.

Birthday in a box celebration is an excellent idea for a COVID-safe kid’s birthday party, and several local companies in Sydney deliver custom orders.

Schedule a Birthday in a Box with custom surprises based on your child’s preferences.

You could order a surprise box for adults to ensure you don’t miss out on the fun.

Decorate Your Front Yard

Gif via giphy.
Gif via giphy.

There’s no better place to throw an epic birthday party for kids than home.

Rent a huge sign wishing your child, and throw in a custom note requesting your neighbours to honk twice when they pass the house.

Your kids will love the attention, and this could become a thing even after the pandemic is gone.

Host a Drive-by Birthday Party Parade

Gif via giphy.
Gif via giphy.

Ask your friends and family to drive by the house waving, honking, and blowing bubbles as they pass.

They can even toss birthday presents onto the lawn if they wish.

Get in touch with people and arrange a time to host a local parade.

Take your kid out to the property and let them enjoy the sight from a safe distance.

You could involve the neighbours too if they’re willing to join.

Host a Virtual Birthday Party

Gif via giphy.
Gif via giphy.

Host a meeting on a video conferencing platform like Zoom or Google Hangouts and ask your friends and family to join at a specific time.

Make sure everyone has a dessert handy, and ask them to sing along and eat their “cake” with your child.

You can even host virtual games during video calls and turn the  event into a grand birthday celebration for your child.

Decorate the House

Gif via giphy.
Gif via giphy.

Make giant banners, posters, or signboards at home and put-up streamers, balloons, and anything else that you can think of.

Involve your kid in the process so that they’re excited about their birthday.

Once the celebrations are over, keep the decorations up for a couple more days to prolong the ambience.

Host a Virtual Scavenger Hunt

Gif via giphy.
Gif via giphy.

If you’re hosting a virtual birthday party on Zoom, sign everyone up for a virtual scavenger hunt.

These games are fun for all and can be played at home.

List everyday items lying around the house like an apple, a pen, an old birthday card, etc.

And the first person to return to the screen with the listed item earns a point.

Host a Baking Competition

Gif via giphy.
Gif via giphy.

Try this with your teenage kid only if they have a knack for baking.

Gather their friends around and host a baking competition at home.

Have the families judge every pastry or cupcake from afar.

The birthday boy/girl is the winner.

Organise a Neighbourhood Scavenger Hunt

Gif via giphy.
Gif via giphy.

If your kid has friends in the neighbourhood, you can organise a local scavenger hunt.

Share clues and take the kids out in search of gifts hidden on the driveways.

Hints like “they were on your cricket team last year” or “you carpooled to kindergarten together” can help recall memories and give you something to chat about during the hunt.

Camp in the Back Yard

Gif via giphy.
Gif via giphy.

Pitch a tent in the backyard or inside the house if you want, dim the lights, and share scary stories over microwaved dinner.

If the weather is nice, you can build a small fire outside.

As your child about their favourite memories and plan future birthdays in a world without COVID.

If you’re not much of a nature lover, pack up and head home before dinner.

Create a Video Collage

Gif via giphy.
Gif via giphy.

Ask your family and friends to send video messages wishing your kid for their birthday a few days in advance.

Compile the videos into a collage, or ask a tech-savvy friend to help you out.

Play the movie in the middle of celebrations and watch your kid light up with joy as they see and hear people they know wishing them on their birthday.

Throw an Escape Room Birthday Party

Gif via giphy.
Gif via giphy.

Escape rooms offer unlimited entertainment for players within a controlled and COVID-safe environment.

Entermission is one of the best birthday party venues in Sydney and provides a range of games for kids’ birthday parties.

Pick a room your child likes and gather their friends around for a birthday party they’ll remember forever!

Book your slot here.

Throw a Fancy Dinner Party at Home

Gif via giphy.
Gif via giphy.

Invite your kid’s friends over for a fancy dinner party and ask attendees to put on their best dress.

Set the table, light candles, use cloth napkins, use proper manners, and play music to set the mood.

Even if you’re ordering pizza, the right ambience makes it special.

Plan a Movie Night at Home

Gif via giphy.
Gif via giphy.

Invite your child’s friends over for dinner and movie night and let them stay up late.

Line up their favourite movies and play them back-to-back.

You can also host a Netflix party, synchronise video playback, and add a group chat.

Grab a bowl of popcorn or your favourite snack, and join your kid on a movie marathon!

Pamper Your Kid with Spa Day

Gif via giphy.
Gif via giphy.

Whether you’re 16 or 80, everyone likes pampering.

Treat your child to a rejuvenating face pack, do their nails, give them a fancy haircut, or a cosy massage.

You can also add a touch of makeup to make your kid feel extra special.

Don’t forget to play some relaxing music and mix some fun mocktails while you’re at it.

Throw a Video Game Party

Gif via giphy.
Gif via giphy.

If your child loves to play video games, you can host a video game party with their friends.

Find out which games your kid love and let them have a go.

Fortnite and Minecraft have communities for social interaction.

You can create custom rooms for closed groups and invite your kid’s old friends to a happy reunion.

Are You Ready to Celebrate Your Kid’s Birthday in Style?

There are several ways to have fun during a pandemic. And we’ve listed the top COVID-safe kids birthday party ideas to help you host an epic party.

If you like to stand out from the crowd, throw an epic birthday party at Entermission – the #1 escape room in Sydney

Are you looking for unique adult party birthday ideas in Sydney? We’ve got you covered.

You can also read our blog on unique birthday party ideas for kids for more ideas.

If you like this post and would love to read more, check out our blogs page.

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