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This is what you may have missed out on, if you are an only child!

Do you do outdoors everything you do at home?

Guys in check shirts are trustworthy. Gif courtesy giphy.
Guys in check shirts are trustworthy. Gif courtesy giphy.

I’m gonna take that as a no.

And that’s a big difference between an online event, which you take part in from your living room, such as a hosted online escape game...

People are less formal, more themselves, and act on impulse.

Things like siblings being siblings and doing sibling things occur naturally, and make for amazing moments during gameplay.

...and an in-person event, especially one that occurs away from home, such as a VR escape game here at Entermission Sydney.

Here are 8 examples of online escape game things only siblings will understand…

That’s MY clue!

After years of…

siblings are always saying it's theirs
Image courtesy

...the next step is obviously claiming ownership over clues found in our hosted escape game.

It might be they think the clue looks familiar, or seems easy to understand, or it seems especially important, and they want to be the one to announce what it means, and how to proceed.

That’s not it, you dunderhead!

What’s a sibling relationship without competing over who’s cleverer - and including a few appropriately framed insults?

name calling is part of siblinghood!
Image courtesy

Which is why a reference to the other as a ‘dunderhead’ while telling them they don’t understand how to proceed is classic online escape room siblingness.

Just wrote a part of your best man/woman speech!

If we’re talking about Cain-Abel or Mary and Anne Boleyn type siblings…

  • the former were brothers in the Bible, who fought over who God favoured more
  • the latter were sisters in Medieval England who fought over the affections of King Henry VIII’s a sure bet they won’t be queuing up to be the best man, err, best PERSON at the others’ wedding, isn’t it?

Luckily, we don’t get many of those kinds of siblings at our hosted online games.

The kinds of siblings we get would mostly be only too happy to be the best person(s) at the others’ wedding(s).

And with a best person comes a best person speech.

A sample of a best man speech. Gif courtesy giphy.
A sample of a best man speech. Gif courtesy giphy.

A globally recognized tradition wherein the bride/groom is ‘roasted’, to peals of laughter from guests.

Many siblings prepare for this very special moment for years.

And, what better source material for such a speech than that moment from the escape game when their sibling couldn’t remember who George Washington was?

Devil horns in the post-game photo…

...if they happen to be at the same location.

What better way to be a sibling than to flash devil horns behind them in the post-game group photo?

Being uber-analytical in their approach to the game

It grows into you, if you’re a sibling.

uber analytical siblings
Image courtesy

How else are you supposed to have made sure the chocolate that was meant for all of you was divvied up fairly?

“That’s MY shirt!”

Clothes are yet another field  of constant intrigue between siblings. Whatever your sibling has looks better than anything you have...and you MUST sneak it away from them, and wear it yourself.

All the better if you’re rocking it right in front of them, online…’cos they can’t get to you.

They start speaking in an unknown language

Sibling Language isn’t a myth.

It’s real, and this screenshot PROVES that (screenshots are always authentic)!

sibling language
A snippet of Sibling Language. Image courtesy

And so when during an online escape game, our Adventure Master hears people who look similar saying things like...

Weeeego. Dabbbo?

...they know they’re dealing with siblings.

And, finally…

Age no bar

lifelong sibling antics
Image courtesy

While all these might sound like they apply exclusively to younger individuals, the truth is siblingness is eternal.

So, it’s not all that uncommon to see grown adults display symptoms of being siblings.

Are YOU a sibling?

What are some of the things you’d do with your siblings if you happened to be on the same team in our hosted online escape game?

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