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While there’s nothing wrong with asking questions, these ones just don’t fit into any logical VR escape game conversation.

Are they going to hike the tax on beer, AGAIN?

Are they cancelling Neighbours?

Are they finally running out of Kiwi jokes?

How can I get her/his number?


Only four of the very many important questions we ask of ourselves, and others, every day.


We're a questioning people.
We're a questioning people.

All extremely important issues that need to be discussed and questioned thoroughly, no doubt.

Asking questions is a part of our lives.


However, everything depends on the time, the place, and the context.

Would you…

  • Ask your colleagues whether the boss is getting thin on top while you’re inside the office?
  • Ask your spouse who has the better job?
  • Try to get a guy’s/girl’s number at a funeral?
Gif courtesy giphy.
Gif courtesy giphy.

Most certainly NO, right?


Some questions just CAN’T be asked in some situations.

For example, discussing the boss’ thinning mane would be completely kosher in a private Facebook group that doesn’t include the boss…

You don't want to face THAT, do you? Gif courtesy giphy.
You don't want to face THAT, do you? Gif courtesy giphy.

…but it would be highly un-kosher to try that stunt in the office.

A VR escape room

virtual reality escape room
A shared experience for the entire group to enjoy.

A VR escape room is a shared, participative VR adventure game.

You must work together with your group as a team to crack the game and find a way out, within 60 minutes.

Finding a way out?

Can you find it?
Can you find it?

Usually, a VR escape room game will place you in a thorny situation that you need to escape, or resolve in some way.

For example, you could be asked to go aboard a space station, and close a dangerous portal.


Gif courtesy giphy.
Gif courtesy giphy.


I know...a great addition to your Sunday night out plans, right?


Along the way, you could be met by killer robots which you’d have to fight with, using lasers.

You could also have to use your telekinetic powers to move objects out of the way, to move onward.


NB - All of this takes place in virtual reality; you don’t gain telekinetic powers in reality, just so you know.


You will also need to use your observational and logical thinking skills to spot clues, and solve riddles, to find the way forward.

A shared experience

Gif courtesy giphy.
Gif courtesy giphy.

A VR escape room is designed to require extensive teamwork.

It’s a shared experience.

Everybody in the group MUST take part, if you want to find your way out within 60 minutes.

In fact, VR escape rooms are often used to host corporate team building events.


And that is what makes these 5 questions...not belong inside our VR escape rooms.

Why did we invite him?

Gif courtesy giphy.
Gif courtesy giphy.

Like I said, a VR escape room is supposed to be a shared activity. Everybody in the group must participate.

Need I explain further why a question like “why did we invite him?” doesn’t belong in a VR escape room game?

I’m bored. Can we take a break?

No danger of that happening here. Gif courtesy giphy.
No danger of that happening here. Gif courtesy giphy.

You can certainly catch a break if you want to; but the clock WILL keep ticking.

If you feel nauseous we encourage you to take a break.

However, a break certainly breaks the magic of the VR experience, and your team mates may not take too kindly to you catching a random break just because you want to.

Also, I’m pretty sure you’ll NEVER get bored while playing ANY of our games.

When are you due?

Gif courtesy giphy.
Gif courtesy giphy.

Women who’re expecting have certainly enjoyed our VR escape games (but we do advise caution on their part).

It’s just not a good idea, in general, to keep asking someone how far along they are. They might be tired of being asked that.

Oh my gosh, that was amazing! Can we kill that robot again?


The best way to experience a VR escape game is to keep moving forward till you escape.

Redoing a challenge you’ve already completed may not be the best use of your 60 minutes.

This room looks too small to simulate a space station!

Gif courtesy giphy.
Gif courtesy giphy.

As I said before, the entire game takes place in the VR world.

The real-world room only needs to house chairs for you all to sit in, and the VR setup.

The room that you see in real life may bear NO resemblance at all to the world you’re expecting to experience in the VR escape game.


And those are the 5 questions that don’t belong inside our VR escape room.

Gif courtesy giphy.
Gif courtesy giphy.


On the other hand, here is one question that you should DEFINITELY ask yourself.

Is your weekend planned?

It isn’t?

How would you like to blast killer robots while saving Earth this weekend, then?

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